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The Role of Water Purifiers and Their Maintenance

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It is great news that you are using a water purifier in your space. You have to ensure that your family is safe and healthy. Dirty water would always trigger dangerous health issues. You have to ensure that you take the precautions so that nobody falls sick because of dirty water.

It’s not just about buying the purifier

You know to buy a water purifier is not sufficient. You have to maintain it properly to make sure that harmful contaminants don’t contaminate your drinking water. One of the most vital steps for the maintenance of your water purification system is to change the filter infrequently. 

But the question here is how often should you actually change the filter?  And even if the need arises when should you get the task of Water purifier repair done?

A filter is the best defense system of your water purifier, filtering harmful pollutants from polluting your drinking water. It is the reason it is essential to maintain and change the Smart RO filter on time. 

It is suggested to change your sediment, carbon and DI cartridges every six to eight months and RO membrane every two years. While it is a good recommendation, it can be deceptive as well. The rate at which cartridges get tired depends on the level of impurities present in your supply tap water and how much water you do filter by making use of your RO purifier.

Change it as per your usage

Consider changing cartridges on the basis of the gallons of water that have passed through them. In case you make use of your RO purifier to generate large quantities of pure water, the cartridge is probable to get exhausted within three months. 

In case you don’t change it, the filter gets soaked by contaminants. These contaminants and dirt pass into your water in case not changed on time. In turn, these are absolutely harmful to health.

For your information, RO water purifiers could have three to twelve stages of purification, and hence, it is vital that you schedule your filter change when it is due for replacement. In an ideal sense, you should replace your filter every six months or after purifying three thousand gallons of water.

Sediment filter

Upholding your sediment filter is also important. It helps you drain out the sediment, filth and slit. A clean sediment filter guards the RO membranes from dirt. In case you don’t change this filter, the dirt is going to reach the membrane and soil the water that passes through it. This filter has to be changed at least once a year.

Carbon filter

The carbon filter is helpful in eradicating chlorine and other damaging contaminants. It is also responsible for eradicating all sorts of odors from the water. You should get your carbon filter replaced at least once in a year.

RO membrane

The membrane of the RO system is semi-permeable. In case you take great care of the sediment and carbon filters, the membrane would just need to be changed after you have consumed 4 - 6k of water volume. 

It could be higher or lower and it depends on the TDS of input water. The replacement schedule shall be based on the consumption of water in your space or household.

Check for drips and leakages

In case you notice any types of drips or leakages in your RO system, make sure you call an expert or professional immediately to fix it. 

In case you don’t fix the problem right away, it might cause serious damage to your water purification system. The sooner you get the issue fixed, the better it would be.

Annual maintenance is also important

Even if you don’t really use your RO filter much, you must call a professional to replace the filters every year.  These professionals would do the proper cleaning and replacement of parts and fix the issues of drips and leakages.

The good news is that your RO purifier is going to function well for years to come if you maintain it in a proper manner. Don’t even try to replace any of the filters on your own. 

It is better if you always hire professionals for maintenance jobs. Always take a contract from the brand and not from any of your local service provider to get the job done right at the first time. It really makes a great difference.

Isn’t it too costly?
You know what if you think about the hospital bills, the treatment costs and the medicines; you might find the rates and prices of water purifiers and their maintenance negligence. Moreover than anything these purifiers don’t eat up your income in bulk. 

One you use them you are going to find effectivity in affordability. The cost of these purifiers is always reasonable if you look at the results they cater you.

How to choose a right purifier?

It is true that every water purifier company out there is claiming that they are the best. But do you think what they are saying is true? Don’t forget that these companies have blanket statements to make. 

You have to evaluate the value and effectivity of products before you spend on them. What you can do is you can do your homework.  
You should:

-          Find out the type of water you have in your house or space. Is it too hard or soft?

-          What is the source of the water in your space?

-          Do you think that the water is heavily polluted?

-          What is the pressure of the water you get in your space?
Once you have these things in mind you would be able to make a more sound and sensible decision.

Do the comparison

Comparison is always the key to effective results. You need to find out the worth of different service providers. After all, when you purchase a water purifier it is not a day today affair, it becomes a life time facility for you.

Thus, since you know a lot about the maintenance of purifiers and how you can make a right choice; you should get a water purifier right away.

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