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Tips for Creating an Ultimate Chill-Out Working Space

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Offices everywhere are experiencing a revolution as more and more workplaces shift from having a sterile, dull environment to sporting a more relaxed atmosphere. Not only does it make their working space hipper and cooler, but it also allows them to increase overall productivity as well as employee satisfaction. If you want to make your own office more chill than it currently is, too, then follow the pointers dished out below.

Let Your People Be Flexible

More likely than not, most of your employees will spend the majority of their work hours stuck behind a desk and connected to a computer. But just because they’re in the office and have to obey the regulations you set there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let them be as dynamic and elastic as if they’re at their homes. Believe it or not, flexibility in the office can increase work efficiency and productivity. In fact, it’s one of the things often noted in freelancers working from home.

Bring Your Home to Work

So if you want a more relaxed office for yourself and your team, best give it a homey feel. The more similar the ambiances between the home and the workplace are, the warmer and more welcoming the latter will be―and the more productivity will increase. Start by adding furniture usually seen at home, especially sofas, carpets, plants, and what-not. Oh, and make sure some of the stuff you get is made of wood. Lots of people dig it more than glass; they think it looks and feels more comfortable and cozy. Don’t worry about finding the right things, though; there are lots of office furniture supplier in the Philippines and elsewhere for you to check out.

Install a Relaxation Room

But in case making your workspace homey isn’t enough, you can always have an extra room built for laying back and chilling. A separate breakout space gives you and your employees a spot to relax and unwind, allowing all of you to temporarily get away from the more-often-than-not-stressing environment of the central workplace. It doesn’t have to be a large room; it just needs to be soothing and closed.

Add Something Fun

Sometimes, though, soothing isn’t enough, and you and your workmates might end up looking for a couple of entertaining things to do. That’s why you need to have a few knick-knacks in your relaxation room and elsewhere to ease the tension. Things like dart boards, board games, or even a pool table can do wonders for your well-being at the office. It not only lets you relax, but it also builds camaraderie between you and your teammates, improving communication, teamwork, and productivity.

And Don’t Forget the Office Kitchen
The office pantry and kitchen is also a place where employees go to if they want to unwind. So if you want your workplace as a whole to be more welcoming and cozy, avoid having a kitchen that’s imposing and lifeless. Add friendly furniture like a dining table and chairs, a microwave, a coffee maker, and what-not. And make sure there are loads of snacks and beverages; it’s hard to chill without something to eat and drink.

Got Anything to Add?

Aside from these tips, there are many other ways to spruce up your working space and make it more relaxing and welcoming. If you know any of those unmentioned office hacks, please share them with us on the comments section below.

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