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4 Best Fishing Destinations in Ouray, Colorado

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Are you looking for the Best Fishing Locations in Ouray? We have got you covered. Ouray has some of the best fishing destinations in the world. It has scores of pristine mountain streams, lakes and rivers. So, when you search for the best place for fishing you are likely to get a wide range of answers.

But, before we start listing the best locations, there is one question that needs to be answered right away.

When Is The Right Time To Go Fishing In Ouray?

·  Fishing is one of the best adventures in Ouray and is usually a year-round activity. Each season carries its perks and downsides. Although summer tends to be the busiest time of the year.

·   By the winters the crowd usually drifts away. However, winters is a great time too for fly fishing, when snow is melting thus making the ice fishing most favorite adventure in Ouray, Colorado.

Now, let’s find out some of the Best Fishing Locations in Ouray:
1. Gunnison River
Gunnison River is a proud river and we assure that you will never have to regret your decision when it comes to fishing. It offers the best fishing shots. Ever wondered at the best part? The fishing sections are in Black Canyon in Gunnison National Park adds beauty to the whole view.

#ProTip: You need to be very careful while driving on the windy and sleepy roads up to the canyon. 

2. San Miguel River
San Miguel is a small tranquil, free running river that offers a year-round fishing. It gives you really ample fishing opportunities for both the beginner angler and the expert. There is a great mix of industrial water and allows easy access. 

This river is filled with stoneflies and caddis making the fish willing to eat nymphs and dries with only a little encouragement. Moreover, this gorgeous river flows right through the town of Telluride making it a great place to fish while in the area. The best time for fishing is in this river is from late March to October making it possible to ski and fly fish on the same day.
3. Spinney Mountain Reservoir

This fishing destination is a real Adventure in Ouray. It does not only offer an immense fishing opportunity, but it also has eye-catching scenic and shorelines views of the lake and neighboring landscapes. 

It is one of the most preferred destination for anglers to flock towards Spinney Mountain Reservoir because of it provides great opportunities like belly boating, fly-fishing and trolling options.

And, it constantly offers trophy trout, walleyes, and salmon. Even though the reservoir provides great fishing opportunities throughout the year, the best time to fish is during peak summers.
 4. North Platte River

This river is considered a legendary fishing destination in Colorado. As it begins in the grassy meadowlands of North Park and flows to Wyoming. But, the Colorado section of the North Platte River is a more popular fishing destination than the Wyoming section. 

It is essential to know that some sections of the river can only be reached by raft or kayak adding to the adventure of fishing in this destination. North Platte River has some of the best trout in the West.

There are a plethora of fishing spots in Ouray, Colorado but the rivers mentioned above are just like cream on the cake. Ouray is full of great fishing waters; you just have to make sure you are prepared well before you hit the ground.  Start planning your summer vacations and make your kids feel loved this summer by offering them a best trip.

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