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Liza Soberano Loves Sinigang So She Is a Filipino

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"Liza Soberano should hire someone to manage her twitter. Don't be a bare minimum Filipino. Just cuz you love Sinigang doesn't make you a Filipino. You need to listen and look at your privileges as a half-white Filipino. The PH media obviously prefer half-whites over brown-skinned."

Finally, Liza Soberano stars as Darna....ooopppsss. It's a different TV series? What happened to Darna? She would rather eat Sinigang than swallow a stone?

Seriously, let's be totally honest here, it is funny how Philippine media creates shows to "celebrate our culture" but simultaneously taints it by glorifying eurocentric standards.

First it was Marian Rivera with Amaya, and now it's Liza Soberano/Enrique Gil for Bagani. The TV series also has Makisig Morales, Sofia Andres and Matteo Guidicelli.

Liza is playing the role of "Ganda" while her love team partner Enrique is playing "Lakas" in the new pre-colonial teleserye.

To say the least, I'm disappointed with Liza's acceptance of the role and her most recent statement — but hey, she looooves sinigang, right?

Though I have to say that only Liza can make the descriptive name "Ganda" an understatement, I do not have the same comment on Enrique because his moves in the teasers were sort of lame.

But the main issue spreading around these days about the teleserye has confused Liza. She is missing the point on why she is being bashed. It's not about who your parents are or whether or not you like Filipino food. It's totally about something else that would have made the portrayal of the roles more culturally accurate.

What does it even mean to be Filipino anymore? brown? adobo? Tagalog? when convenient? I don't know, I'm not sure.

When foreigners think of a Filipino, they'll never think of someone who looks like Liza because she isn't the accurate physical representative of Philippine culture.

People would say even our national hero, Jose Rizal, is not a pure-blooded Filipino. They will say being a Filipino is not merely skin deep, its about what you do for your country; “Ang mamatay ng dahil sayo.” We do agree that "More than our bloodline; it’s really our heart, that matters."

But again, we are not questioning how Filipino you are but what would make their characters look and feel more authentic since they are representing Filipinos from Philippine culture.

How about a show that reflects the present and true lives of Filipinos? Oppressed and taken advantage of its own government. That would be more realistically acceptable.

By the way, do Liza Soberano fans actually believe that she's good at acting? Come on guys .... let's not fool ourselves. She's shit at it compared with the really good actors. Her greatest asset is mostly her face.

However, Liza Soberano though half-American, she took Tagalog lessons to get more roles. Its only been 3 years since Forevermore but her Tagalog is so much better than those other half-Filipinos who have been in the industry longer. You have to give her credit for the effort and discipline.

Also, if you were the producers and the network, you would go for something sure and promising. They invested much so what do you expect, they would go for the most talked about personalities. Showbiz-ness is business.

Lastly, they are not forcing you to watch Bagani. So if you don't like them, feel free to switch channels starting March 5. And if you are against their skin color, nationality and the features of their faces, they are also not forcing you to accept them.


And who says were not _______? My Father is _______. I was raised by _______ since the age of 4. I looooove ________ i think thats as pinoy as pinoy can get.

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