Friday, January 12, 2018

Harnessing the Full Potential of Social Media for Business - Tips You Cannot Ignore

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Today Messenger apps are quite popular in the world. Studies have shown that nearly 60% users have seen an increase in their business in the past few years because of their using messaging services for their business. Almost 50% people said they preferred to message a business center rather than call them. More than 45% people felt they would prefer to, instead, shop with businesses which allowed messaging services. In this article, you will learn about ways in which you can use Facebook messenger app for your business and generate good revenues.

1. Present your contents

The easiest and simplest way you can deliver your contents to your followers is via email. However, research has shown that using messenger is a more advantageous alternative. You can skip sending your readers to fill out the form and instead directly give them access to your content via messages. Readers will appreciate this because they will feel they do not have to spend their valuable time in filling out forms. Using this strategy will give you more clicks and views, studies had shown that an increase of over 200% in view rates and 600 % click rates are registered when customers received contents directly via messengers. So if you use this tip, you are likely to get more people to see your content, which will generate in creating more subscribers and consequently more revenues.

2. It is free

Messenger is a free app, and it will continue to remain free regardless of the fact how many messages get sent. It is also easy because it creates a direct communication between your business and the reader. You can use chatbots to send your messages. Remember to give an element of personal touch to the messages you send.

3. Give your followers relevant content

You can use messenger to help followers get content that is relevant to them; this will generate in your followers getting more interest in your messages because they will know that contents sent by you are useful to them. Messenger chatbots are quite efficient in helping followers find those articles which they have interests in and would love to read. This is very helpful for your content marketing as it will provide non-intrusive ways for you to present relevant and personalized contents to your followers.

4. Engage your participants in events

You can send your followers important information regarding events which they have signed up to. You can engage them in debates and competitions and memes. This practice will generate an element of interaction between you and your audience. The target here is to make your messages feel interesting to the reader so that would look forward to them. This will also allow them to share exciting contents which will help you in getting more exposure to other people and thus you will get more followers.

5. Promote your business through personal messages

Understand what your followers need and send them personalized messages about how you can provide the products or services which would serve them well. Generate trust between your company and your followers.

Messenger for marketing via social media is an upcoming concept and with proper techniques and patience, you can use it to great advantage to boost your business.

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