Monday, April 3, 2017

Kymco Noodoe: Experience the Ride of the Future… Today

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Every once in a while, an idea comes along that changes everything. With Noodoe, owning a scooter takes on a whole new meaning.

Noodoe is a revolutionary smart scooter experience from KYMCO for the new Internet era. The newest Kymco ride puts the rider at the center of everything and makes every moment – from when you approach your Kymco, through the journey, the parking, when you return, even stopping at a red light – an amazing and more-fun experience. It’s a brilliant interplay of technologies and human needs that elevates your every interaction with your scooter into a heart-winning experience.

Kymco knows you are unique and you have different likes and desires. They believe your scooter should let you express yourself. Noodoe takes self-expression to a whole new level via a cloud service that gives you countless personalization choices. Choose from an amazing selection of Noodoe dashboards on the Noodoe cloud and put the ones you like onto your KYMCO for your own enjoyment. Kymco built Noodoe to make your riding experience distinctively personal. 

Noodoe lets you take self-expression to the ultimate level by designing your own one-of-a-kind dashboards. You can publish them to the Noodoe cloud to share with the world. People can simply admire your creations or actually install them onto their scooters. Your fans can follow you, and you can follow others, too. Just imagine how cool it is to have your own designs appreciated and actually used by people around the world!

Getting From A to B Will Never Be the Same Getting From A to B Will Never Be the Same

Smarter Personal Transportation with Ride Mode
On the fully personalizable Smart Dashboard, Ride Mode gives you the weather report as you begin your journey, guides you safely to your destination with Smart Compass, shows you what’s around, reminds you how fast you’re cruising, and of course displays the time to help you be punctual.

Never a Boring Red Light with Stop Mode

Stop Mode makes red lights into a great way to catch up on all the important things happening in your life. It alerts you if you missed an important call, lets you glance through messages and social updates from your friends, and brings you breaking news and other notifications in real time.

Your Scooter and Phone… Smarter Together
Magic happens the instant your phone connects with your smart scooter. You can create your one-of-a-kind smart scooter experience right from the Noodoe app on your phone. You can easily find your scooter when you park it in a crowded lot. And you can connect, interact and bond with other riders who’ve also entered the new era in personal transportation.

Full Control at Your Fingertip 
The Noodoe control switch is seamlessly integrated into the handlebar for easy access when riding. Effortlessly switch from checking the weather to viewing the smart compass while on the move, or scroll through your notifications when at a red light.

Take the Lead with Smart Compass 
You ride with confidence, when you ride with Smart Compass. Whether you’re exploring new routes, in a hurry to get home, or on a fun trip with friends, Smart Compass gives you the information you need when you need it, to make every ride an awesome adventure.

See and Do More with Discovery Compass
The Discovery Compass displays all the spots worth checking out nearby so you can plan your next pit stop or explore the world around you

Get There with Confidence with Destination Compass
The Destination Compass shows you how to get there faster with direction and distance information to your desired destination

Ride with Your Crew with Group Compass
The Group Compass displays the relative locations of your fellow riders and helps keep the group together.

Locate Your KYMCO Instantly with Find My Ride

Never lose another second hopelessly wandering a crowded scooter parking lot. Noodoe automatically memorizes your scooter’s location when you park and guides you back to it in no time.

Make It Yours with Photo Frame
Let your KYMCO greet you with your favorite photos right on your dashboard. You can even let your VIP friends send you pictures for your KYMCO. It’s just another small magic touch that makes your ride truly yours.

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