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Find Yourself a New PC Love this Warm and Fuzzy Season

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We had sort of a Speed Dating event during Microsoft's Find Your New PC Love event held on November 22, 2016 at the Happy Garden Cafe at the Sunshine Place along Jupiter street in Makati city.

The event was all about an effort to inform us that there are new PC devices that support Windows 10 and takes advantage of the new technologies available, plus the participation of leading laptop brands namely Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer and Asus.

We have to admit that our beloved PCs, whether it's a laptop or desktop eventually becomes slow and troublesome after a few years of usage. There will come a time that we need to replace them with a new faster and more powerful model using the latest technologies available. This means we would have to let go of the old and welcome the new especially when the old is no longer working as it was originally bought or if there's a new machine that can provide more convenience to us.

I have a lot of stories to tell you about the event but since I'm sort of busy right now because of weekend events, I couldn't work and edit on the videos I took at the event. I usually write, edit and/or upload videos during weekends but since I needed to attend  events happening on both Saturday and Sunday, I've also posted the press release for the meantime so you get to hear about the news already, and will embed the video(s) about my actual experience as soon as I get some time to sit down and work on it.

The event was made more fun because of the amazing product trainers who did 3 minute elevator pitches to us who were formed into groups of three. They try to impress us with the features and specifications of the laptops from different brands within the allotted time which would show who among them were able to tickle our fancies or able to persuade us to finally leave the old and get a new one.

After all, relationships should sometimes be ended when it gives us nothing but stress. Like marriage which has a divorce or separation option, turning our backs on our beloved PCs or laptops may hurt quite a bit because of the many years we've been with them. Somehow, there's already a sentimental value attached to our relationship with our current gadgets, especially when it's the only one we've been using,

So who among the 5 were able to persuade me? Well I could say it was probably the one who somewhat made me win in the Instagram "Hugot Lines" contest, but it could also be the one who said a lot of hugot lines as well instead of just talking about the hardware specs. Sometimes, you also need to have a good branding or marketing strategy or lines that would entice your customers so you would stand out among the rest.

But we all have to remember that no one would stand out if all were good enough to promote their product. Since all brands had their pros and cons, I would say the winner would be the one who would be able to provide for your needs.

As I know, not all of us have the same requirements since some would prefer a laptop  that is light and thin enough to conveniently carry around, or some would prefer the powerful ones for gaming or video editing, while others would settle for just the average PC that would let them write on the MS Office applications and browse the Internet to check e-mails or social media accounts only.

Of course, the best decision maker is the price or affordability of the product. Nothing beats a good laptop with an equally good price tag.

The event was hosted by popular FM DJ Chico Garcia, and talks from Cian O'Neill -  Chief Operating & Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft Philippines, as well as Paulo Del Rosario - Windows 10 Business Group Lead for Microsoft Philippines who both I have recorded on video their individual messages.

Editing and uploading the videos from the event is sort of a challenge with the slow Internet connectivity in the Philippines, so better just watch out for them in a few days at our official YouTube channel at

Photos are also available at our official Facebook page at

I promise to update this post to be supported by the videos taken using my Sony mirrorless camera and GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

Below is the official press release from the event:

Modern devices running on Windows 10 and featuring the latest Intel Core processor give you the kind of PC you deserve

Do you feel stuck with your (old PC) relationship? Do you wish you can take it along with you but it’s bringing you down for being bulky, heavy and restrictive? Do you feel sore when your PC lags in performance because it does not sport the latest Intel chipset?

Being in a stale relationship sets you back in life – just like staying with your old PC device. It’s time to put your personal computing experience back to life! Discover the excitement of finding a new PC love and let Microsoft and Intel Philippines help you find devices that keeps pace with your lifestyle, lets you express your creativity, that are mobile and loves to travel around with you.

Here are just some of the lovable features that you can find in these modern devices:

Familiar experiences – With the Start Menu everyone is familiar with from the previous Windows UI experiences, Windows 10 also includes new features such as a faster, more accessible and more secure Microsoft Edge browser and live Tiles.

A new touch – Beyond keyboard and mouse, Windows 10 Ink lets you write your device on as if on paper, create sticky notes, draw on a whiteboard and is easily integrated into Microsoft Edge and Office.

Be in a secure relationship – Windows 10 is the best, most secure version of Windows ever that helps set users’ minds at ease, including Windows Hello, Windows Defender and Family feature to keep everyone safeguarded

More than just a good looker – Powered by the latest Intel Core processor to unleash creativity and productivity with amazing speed and performance, these devices stay with you on even hard-core tasks such as gaming, designing and video.

New, modern devices – Windows 10 hybrid 2-in-1 devices are flexible, portable and are compatible with your lifestyle and everyday needs.

Don’t you think it’s time to move on and get the kind of PC you deserve?

Visit now to find out more!

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