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Ed Stafford Marooned Again in Palawan on Discovery Channel

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Adventurer and survivalist Ed Stafford is back, pushing his survival skills to the limit and pitting himself once again versus Mother Nature in the brand new second season of MAROONED, premiering August 30, 8:10pm on Discovery Channel. Watch as Ed tackles six new challenges in which he is left high and dry in some of the most inhospitable and extreme environments – equipped with nothing but an emergency phone, medical kit and his camera to record his adventures.

Shot in remote locations ranging from the arid and rocky Gobi Desert in Mongolia to the tropical jungles of Guatemala and the Namibian bushveld, each location presents a unique and deadly test as Ed strives to not just survive, but thrive in some of the world’s toughest environments.

Having become the first man to walk the length of the Amazon in an incredible 860 day feat featured in Discovery Channel series WALKING THE AMAZON, and having spent 60 days alone with just a camera on a desert island for NAKED AND MAROONED, Ed is back again, putting his life in danger as he proves to himself that he can devise a plan to survive in any environment.

Helen Hawken, Vice President Production & Development at Discovery Networks International, commented: “This new season captures Ed doing what he does best – pushing his survival skills to the limits in his true inimitable style. Despite crossing the Amazon and spending 60 days alone on a deserted island, Ed still manages to prove that he can survive and even thrive in even more inhospitable terrains than ever before.”

MAROONED is produced for Discovery Networks International by Tigress Productions. For Discovery Networks International, Helen Hawken is commissioning editor and Tom Gorham is executive producer. For Tigress Productions, Dick Colthurst is executive producer and Tim Walker is series producer.

Marooned With Ed Stafford 2 – Series Description

On the back of his incredible 860-day feat traversing the jungle featured in Discovery Channel series Walking the Amazon and 60 days spent alone with just a camera on a desert island for Naked and Marooned, Ed Stafford faced eight of the world’s toughest environments in Marooned and is now back with this all-new second installment of the series.

In each self-contained episode of Marooned, Ed goes into isolation for approximately 10 days in a remote and potentially deadly location. He’s completely on his own – unless extreme circumstances take hold. All he’s got is a camera to capture his adventure and his survival know-how.

There are critical things every survivor must master in their first few days, starting with water, shelter, food and fire. Ed must rapidly assess his situation and draw up a survival plan that takes him beyond the basics to being in control of himself and his environment. No two episodes are the same as Ed confronts challenges unique to each environment that require him to use every survival trick in the book.

Each location – Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, Guatemala and Namibia – arid rocky desert, tropical jungle, and unique African forest – is difficult and dangerous in a different way and requires Ed to adopt different strategies in each place.

Episode Descriptions

Philippines – Tuesday 30Th August (PH 8.10pm)
Ed is in The Philippines, on Coron Island, attempting to survive on a secluded beach. The seashore is covered in litter, potentially useful for survival but a depressing reminder of the state of our seas. Ed hasn’t been abandoned on an island since his ordeals on Naked and Marooned and when he gets seriously ill, he starts to struggle with ghosts from the past.  Lying on his sick bed of palm leaves, Ed realizes that if he doesn’t push himself to find water and food quickly this survival mission is over. But hemmed in by towering granite cliffs he’s concerned there may be no water to be found.

Argentine Patagonia – Tuesday 6th September (PH 8.10pm)
Dropped deep in the foothills of the Andes in Argentine Patagonia, Ed faces extreme exposure to both intense sunlight and freezing temperatures as the southern hemisphere unleashes a torrent of meteorological abuse at him. Making camp in a mountain river valley, he subsists on a diet of wild woodland salad, tadpoles and ant eggs before getting to grips with tickling trout in the fish-rich waters. In a final demonstration of thriving, he builds an automated fishing system and creates a living larder to keep his food source alive in preparation for a final evening mega-meal.

Norway – Tuesday 13th September (PH 8.10pm)
Ed changes course and heads north towards the Arctic Circle being dropped on top of a snow covered mountain in the western fjords of Norway. This is the first time Marooned has ever been to a truly cold location. The conditions are so extreme/cold that Ed is compelled to wear clothes, but as usual takes no food, tools or knife. Before entering isolation Ed undergoes special ice training to prepare him for the dangers that lie ahead.  He faces a new set of challenges having to build a shelter that will protect him from the inhospitable weather and battling to keep his fire alight on the sodden ground.  He’s under constant risk of hypothermia and the rising spring tide threatens his home.

Talent Biography: Ed Stafford

Ed Stafford is the Guinness World Record holding first man to walk the length of the Amazon River, a journey documented in the Discovery Channel series Walking the Amazon. Ed is an established adventurer and survivalist for Discovery, presenting – and self-filming – flagship series such as Marooned and Into the Unknown.

Born in Peterborough, England, Ed was adopted as a baby by his parents Jeremy and Barbara Stafford. Educated at Stoneygate School, Leicester, Uppingham School in Rutland, and at Newcastle University, Ed earned a position in the prestigious commissioning course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and was commissioned as a British Army Officer in July 1999.

Ed went on to command platoons in the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment, gaining his Northern Ireland medal in 2000 for his tour of Crossmaglen, South Armagh. Ed’s happiest military years were spent as an instructor at RTC Lichfield where he oversaw several hundred Army recruits through their basic training. Ed left the military in 2002 as a captain.

After leaving the Army, Ed used his leadership and outdoor skills as an expedition leader with the former charity Trekforce. He led groups of volunteers on community and conservation expeditions into the jungles of Belize, Guatemala and Borneo, and was eventually promoted to Country Director of Trekforce in Belize, overseeing all in-country operations.

Following a role as a United Nations contractor advising UN electoral workers on planning, logistics and security during Afghanistan’s first ever presidential elections, Ed decided to return to expeditions. Ed took on a new challenge – setting up extreme cold weather expeditions in Patagonia, Argentina, for the expedition company GVI. Ed was Director of Programmes in Argentina and ran the Argentinian branch of GVI, carrying out scientific research projects and Northern Ice Cap traverses in Chile.

In 2007, Ed was offered work with the BBC’s Natural History Unit. Ed was contracted to fly into Guyana and manage the construction of a filming base camp in the heart of the Guyanese rainforest. Ed managed 35 Amerindians over this construction period then became the camp’s logistics manager when the film crew arrived nine weeks later to start filming Lost Land of the Jaguar, in which Ed appears briefly giving a safety brief to the presenters in the opening program.

In Ed’s first program with Discovery, Walking the Amazon, he took on an 860-day trek along the Amazon River. This was the longest jungle expedition ever attempted and the first time in history that anyone has walked this entire route. His Guinness World Record breaking feat made headlines the world over and was described by Sir Ranulph Fiennes as ‘truly extraordinary…in the top league of expeditions past and present.’  It shifted Ed’s focus from managing and leading teams in dangerous environments to using his expedition skills to educate people about environmental matters and to inspire others to achieve the seemingly impossible.

In 2011, Ed was awarded ‘European Adventurer of the Year’ in a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden; and in 2012 he received the ‘Charlie Burton Award’ from Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Transglobe Expedition Trust for outstanding bravery. He was also made a trustee of the same trust. Ed is an ambassador for the Scouts and a global ambassador for Land Rover.

Ed’s second series with Discovery, Naked and Marooned, saw him push his limits even further, spending 60 days alone on an island with only his bare hands to keep him alive. The first series of Marooned saw Ed face challenges in some of the most remote locations and extreme environments this planet has to offer; and he’s back for a second installment, in which he’ll once again push himself to his limit and beyond.

Interesting Trivia

Season 2 by the numbers: 9,600km journey on foot took 859 days to complete.
First cold weather experience on a survival show

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