Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Perks of Playing DotA 2

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Being addicted to online games mostly is bad in so many obvious ways. We should remember that too much of everything is always not good. Play the games as if they are one way of socializing and not as an addiction. Though some have made gaming a career, if it's too excessive, it also becomes a burden to a healthy life.

If you want a game that you need to put a lot of effort into to really master, if you have 4 reliable friends to make a team with and if you want to be rewarded for your hard work by real excitement of well deserved victory, go for DotA (Defense of the Ancients) 2. The game will take you on a journey through hell. You will be owned hard by teams that play tighter, gank better, and every little mistake will cost you the game. But beating the other team, punishing their own mistakes and breaking through their base will be huge satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment!

There are some noted advantages of playing online games like the popular DotA 2 which is said to have some notable benefits. But again, we should take into consideration that exercising your brain should not reach the point of killing your body.

DotA 2 is both beautiful in its form and exhilarating in its execution. Combined with quality enjoyment with friends, and you have a respectable hobby.
Here are some of the cognitive benefits you gain when you frequently play DotA 2:

1. Faster and Accurate Response - Ability to respond faster and accurately to received visual and audio information. Players are able to think and move fast, all the time. It improves your critical and strategic thinking abilities.

2. Better Decision Making - Ability to make a choice by ruling out possibilities. Players know how to plan well before executing. They know which skills to improve first to maximise productivity. They can handle frustration, ignorance and plain stupidity with aplomb.

3. Increased Spatial Awareness - Ability to be aware of oneself in a space, understand and remember the relationship among objects. Players know that they are only as strong as you can be, great tools take you to the next level. Players also understand the importance of the little things that lead to success.

4. Improved Team Building - Interpersonal relations and team communications. Players understand the importance of a “team” and the need for different roles. The game demands a cohesive and unified group of players whose individual skill must blend together to score victory.

5. Perform Multi-tasking - Ability to perform two or more tasks simultaneously. The players do a lot of studying and adapting, over and over again.

6. Hand-Eye Coordination - Ability to direct hand movement though coordinating the visual information.

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