Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jessy Mendiola: Haters Gonna Hate FHM's Sexiest Woman for 2016

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"It’s sexist to judge women for what they enjoy and police how they behave because it doesn’t fit with your standards of humility. Constructive criticism does not involve taking a poop on someone because you don’t think they’re being humble enough. To quote feminists: a woman does not need to be modest in order to be respected and modesty alone does not equal beauty." - Irish Maureen Manuel

Am I the only one here who sees that there's nothing wrong with Jessy Mendiola's statement? She was treated like sh*t by her bashers and when she finally had the chance to fight back so now she's the mean one? Oh common!

Who says Jessy Mendiola is not sexy enough to openly brag about it. We were never deceived by shots taken at deceptive angles nor filtered and manipulated to look a lot more "fitting." Our Jessy deserves the win as FHM's Sexiest and even though some would want to claim being a lot more sexier, the people who voted have spoken otherwise.

Why would we stop her from being confidently beautiful enough to shout it out loud and proud?

"Please stop calling her arrogant or needing a dose of “humble pie.” There’s nothing arrogant about her comment, you have just been brought up to HATE and condemn proud, confident, and sexually open women." -Sittie Ryza Dy

Marian Rivera may have won 3 times in the number one spot, making her a hall of famer, Angel Locsin, Sam Pinto, and Katrina Halili, all won twice, but still why would we hate Jessy for proudly claiming his win? let humility aside for a moment because this is her big moment to shine as the sexiest of 2016.

Defending herself isn’t bad at all, that’s what we all do. We build something good from the stones being thrown to us, at least women do. She got hurt from the rumors her haters and bashers threw at her, so she stood up and made them hate her even more. 

“I’m not the only one who is being bashed. I’m not the only one who is being hated. But hell, I’m the sexiest woman right now and I’m just really happy.” - Jessy Mendiola

Everyone is hating on her because of this statement. Lol you dont even know what she is going through. She is in a very tough business and you know-it-all people seem to know everything about her to be able to say all these things about her. She was voted. Can she not be proud for winning? Can she not be happy for this?

Sexy doesn't just mean big boobs, flat tummy, and small waist and thighs. You don't have to body shame her or anyone. She is sexy and confident. She worked hard to get that body. Not skinny, she looks very fit actually.

I love how she is promoting a healthier and more beautiful body image. Ang tunay na sexy, may curves on the right places. Her muscles makes her even more beautiful. Congratulations Jessy! You deserve it!

There's that saying you cannot please everybody in this world. Bashers will always find something to say not good to someone they don't like. Telling somebody names like fat, patatim or whatever will not make the situation better. Stop the body shaming.

We love you Jessy. Haters gonna hate. Hypocrytes are just there. Theres nothing wrong with the real you. At least you are confident. You are inspiring!

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