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SMX Culinaire and its Gastronomically Delightful Dishes from Top Caterers of the Country

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All events that become successful are those that were well-planned and critically thought of. The nitty gritty details all sum up to a glamorous experience if all aspects of an event were carefully selected among the best or most worthy choices. Thus, even the venue where the event is to be held needs to be equally top caliber. The venue is one of the most important considerations when planning for your next event so that it will be truly perfect.

Thus many of us are highly particular of where we hold our events. There may be several choices, but not all could be well appropriate for our needs. Choosing the right venue is a very important decision for us who value the success of our events.

SMX recently hosted its first Culinaire event for the year and shined the spotlight on 11 of its top accredited caterers who featured the best of their menu selections. The festive event happened on May 19, 2016 at the Function Room 5 of the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex in Pasay city.

When they say the best, they really meant it. We do not often get the chance to dine with so many choices and peril at the thought we won't be able to try everything they served beautifully presented all around the venue. It was a fabulous feast night to remember and we wished that we had a bigger belly to put all of those gastronomically delightful dishes in.

The night started with some special treats as prizes were given away to a few lucky winners who are going to bring home GCs from some of the top restaurants. My friend and I were among the ones going home later with some GCs from restaurants. But we knew that was just the beginning of the splendid night when after the raffle, the host started singing "Rather Be," then followed by another one who came out from the crowd, then out comes another, then a mob singing performance...they all led us towards the entrance of the Function Room 5 signalling its opening and our entrance to Culinaire!

So happy to be among the lucky winners. I won a 2k Gift Certificate from Via Mare restaurant so you would definitely see me one of these days dining at the said restaurant.

Above is a short video of what transpired during the night of Culinaire which also includes the closing remarks of Agnes Pacis, VP for Sales and Marketing of SMX Convention Center.

The room was filled with tables and seats all dressed up uniquely by their designated caterers who had the liberty to creatively design their own table setup and arrangements. In the middle of the room was an elevated platform to function as a stage. We sensed that this will be a truly awesome night for foodies like us.

Each caterer were then introduced, starting with Juan Carlo The Caterer, and then Event Shaker Mobile Bar, and continued until all 11 caterers were introduced to the amazed crowd. This night is like no other!

When we thought all that singing was over, we were surprised the music still continued with a few more minutes of singing and dancing at the center stage. This time, there were a lot more people involved. Wow! This must have taken the organizers a lot of time to prepare and cue all of these people for their performance on stage. Later, we even saw some of the crew joining the revelry.

Finally, we were given the go signal to try out the many dishes around. Where to start? It was a dilemma, but since we were seated at the Juan Carlo spot, that was the first stop of our gastronomic exploration. I must say I had conflicting thoughts whether to pick all food choices one caterer at a time, or select just a couple from each caterer all throughout the venue. Hahaha! It was such a difficult decision-making process but I ended up picking the dishes that I rarely encounter.

"There is a saying that the shortest distance to anyone's heart is through the stomach." shares Agnes Pacis. VP Sales & Marketing SMX Convention Center, during her closing remarks. Indeed, there is a lot of truth to that saying. With SMX having high standards in the selection process of their caterers, we are assured that our stomachs will be pampered to the highest level.

Overall, we would say it was a very successful and engaging event. We met a few people who we shared contact details with that night and we discussed mutually beneficial opportunities together. So aside from the satisfaction we got from all the culinary treats, we see a future partnering with like-minded individuals whom we shared a foodie bonding time together that night during Culinaire.

Aside from being an appreciation night for both the caterers and the clients, Culinaire was also held to showcase all SMX Convention Centers and Trade Halls as premier event venues in the country that are equipped with extraordinary facilities and excellent service from very competent staff. Under the flagship of SMX Manila are SMX Aura, SMX Bacolod, SMX Davao, Mega Trade Hall, and Cebu Trade Hall.

"If you gave me a chance I would take it

It's a shot in the dark but I'll make it

Know with all of your heart, you can't shame me
When I am with you, there's no place I rather be"

So what are we waiting for? What else would we be looking for? Everthing is here at SMX! Let's make a memory at these SMX venues by holding our events there so we can be assured that we get top quality venues that would be totally pleasing for all our valued attendees. There's simply no place we'd rather be! You may also see other best caterers options.

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