Thursday, April 16, 2020

Gartner Master Data Management

Wazzup Pilipinas!

As you see that the going Corona Virus crisis affects each individual and businesses all over the world. It doesn't stop me from doing business anywhere. 

As long as I have internet, I think nobody can stop everybody from being effective. Its a lockdown here in Manila with more than 4000 cases as of today. 16 of April, with more than 300 deaths in the country. 

We are right now statistically no 1&2 country in Asia with the number of cases reported. Which is the worst, like the US and Italy in which we cannot be proud of.

But anyways, working remotely in a hotel here in the Central Business district of Makati City, Philippines. Analyzing the data and news can be very tough. So how can businesses take advantage of every situation as the top loser or winner of this worst health disaster.

Anyways, reading various business reports of Profisee Data Governance  Management as mention by Slobodan R. In the comment above is very useful. What I mean is that data and analytics nowadays is very relevant. For instance this Covid19 crisis. 

For sure this will paralyze the entire Tourism and Travel industry. But not for Pharma or drug even mask industry. We can make a spike even in start up company. Mostly for the vaccine that can be doubled a dozen times. The food logistics in the City is the essentials amid of this crisis.

Master Data Services MDS is a microsoft solution for definite mastering of data. Database admins encounters a highly problematic challenges. As MDM guide and explains the solutions functionality in the organization. 

So what about the MDS or Master Data Management? It is the management of non transactional data within the organization.  Like the list of your products, services and employees. Which varies in every organization.

Most of businesses are into buying and selling of products and services.  MDM is all about managing the relationship between these transactions. The after transaction must be coded securely and properly.

For example a typical retail store has a certain products inventory. As well as database of registered customers. As what kind of Food or Clothes does John or Julia bought yesterday.

MDM is composed of business policies, process how the data is updated and tools that facilitate these processes. All companies must utilize this tool to implement and formalize the process. 

As far as new history, when companies uses technology like computer application to manage information. It made their task easier as it loads relevant data and results of dataset. So they could perform search or generate result as response to a quick data search or manage applications.

When data is loaded into application records will then sort or added into a masterlist. In the efforts of making it easier and cost effective to manage data.

ERP or the Enterprise Resource Planning systems were created. To help combined the data into the system. As this was designed to manage problematic domains of a larger organizations. 

Profisee is a Master Data solutions company that enables organizations grow your data that we live everyday. 

As customer is their number one priority, their technology understands complex and costly company data management. By delivering a high value innovative solution to its global costumers.

With a culture of work life balance, this virtual workforce company value high energy, integrity and trusted collaboration with different company's and partners.

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