Thursday, January 16, 2020

Best Historic Places in the UK

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If you've ever been to England or thinking of visiting it in the undecided future, visiting the enormous number of historic places present in the UK would surely be in your to-do list. And why wouldn't it be? as England is a country that holds some of the most historic places on the planet. This is because England, as we know it today, has its own share of uprise and downfall of a lot of different cultural periods, each differing from the rest. From the prehistoric era to the Norman Invaders, England has had its share of various influences.

That being said, if you're ever in England and done with playing all the slot games in the popular UK casinos or their sister sites , you might as well visit some of the best historic places in England, which are described as follows:

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is an old castle present in Kent, England, and is termed as the Loveliest Castle in the World. Leeds Castle was originally built in 1119, constructed first as nothing but a stronghold fortified by Robert de Crevecoeur, during the time of the Norman Invaders. At that time, it was meant to be the military post, however, in the 13th century, King Edward I laid his hands on this Castle, and admired it as one of his favorite residences. In the 16th century, Henry VIII used it as a mere dwelling for his first wife.

Since 1967, Leeds Castle has been open to the public, and hosts a beautiful aviary and a maze, with an interesting dog collar museum. Guided tours for students, kids, and the elderly are available too.


Often called one of the many wonders of the world, Stonehenge is one of the best known prehistoric places in Europe to visit. Stonehenge is present in Willshire, England and consists of a ring of standing stones, each about 13 feet high and seven feet wide.

What began as a simple earthwork enclosure, Stonehenge was built in several stages, and it is proved to have been built by Celtic high priests who had unearthed primitive graves at the site. A must-visit historic place if you're ever in England.

Warwick Castle

Warwick castle, an originally built castle that was developed from a wooden fort, was built by William the Conqueror in 1068. Warwick Castle has served as one of the stronger strongholds in the War of Roses and during the English Civil War, playing a very vital role in British history.

Warwick Castle remained a prominent seat of the Earls of Warwick until 1978 when it was opened to the public for tourism, offering a sheer number of activities and things to do. Aside from children's activities and elderly pondering of the castle's dungeon, the Warwick Trebuchet and living quarters of the Countess of Warwick, a full visit can easily last up to 4 hours.

Beamish Museum

Beamish Museum is another lively and open-air historic place on our list of the best historic places to visit in England and is termed as a live museum as it engages tourists to visually feel and relive the history. Beamish Museum provides one of the best on-hands experience on the cultural development in Northern England during the industrial revolution, whilst also explaining how and what changed during each period of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian. The Beamish Museum offers a great tourism service, with the best food and the complexities of the British history, and a must-visit historic place.

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  1. The UK is a very interesting country in terms of architecture. I recently visited it for the first time and had a great pleasure from this trip. Thanks to the fact that I had a car that I rented for a few days in the country, I went on a small road trip around the country and was able to visit many interesting places. I really liked Leeds Castle, it's very beautiful and I definitely want to go back there one day