Thursday, October 5, 2017

Bloggers That Share Fake News: You Give Blog a Bad Name!


There’s no such thing as absolute freedom, Mocha. Your freedom ends when it infringes on the rights of others. You can't separate your nonsense individual perspective, to your duty to serve the people.

Communications Assistant Secretary Margaux "Mocha" Uson says she is not required to be fair in her social media posts even after she entered government service because she is a blogger.

Opinion-based po ang blogging." says Mocha. But, Mocha dear, you're not just a mere blogger anymore. You're now an ASec. of the PCOO.

Saying "She's a victim of fake news" and then saying "I invoke my right to self-discrimination" is fairly consistent.

It’s very sad that Mocha, who allegedly spreads fake news, earns a lot more than the teachers who dedicate their lives to educate us.

As a blogger, I'm insulted by Mocha's assertion that bloggers make up facts.

Antonio Trillanes, Bam Aquino, Grace Poe and even Nancy Binay looked good when they were questioning Mocha. There were a lot of quotable quotes that emerged.

It's simple, really. Mocha is not a journalist, so therefore her articles are not news. Take them with a grain of salt. Be a smart reader. Articles written by bloggers like Mocha are like opinion pieces written by columnists. They are not news items. They can be biased.

Fake news is not just mere lying. It masquerades as truth by using and distorting a time-honored genre of truth-telling: journalism.

Mocha is a victim of fake news by mainstream media? That may be too hard to accept but there could be some truth to that statement too.

But are journalists really sharing real news? No matter how you look at it, everyone could never be in exception of being biased, and partisan to certain parties or ideals. Journalists or media  also receive special perks, privileges, freebies, etc., when covering events or featuring certain brands. This is outside the advertising options available on traditional media.

The best example is when a certain brand made a raffle draw where all three reporters of the top TV networks won the main raffle prizes. I don't need to say that the raffle draws were rigged. It was very obvious.

Why are brands doing it, and why are media men accepting this culture? So both parties could get favors. Thus, the spread of "fake news" when "bribes" in the form of tokens or complimentary gifts, or even thanksgiving parties, are offered to media.

"Blogger and Journalist are entirely different. When you are a journalist it is a must to get both sides of the stories while as a blogger you are showing your perspective on the scenario. However each and every blogger should have the strong basis on their opinions. Fake news happens when a journalist or blogger twisted the story and/or showing some chunks of the reality to make it on their favor." - Justine Lee

How to avoid being a victim of fake news?

1) Check if the facts stated match with other reputable sources...

2) Don't fall to confirmation bias (if an article or statement supports your opinion, you don't bother fact checking it anymore)

3) Avoid "hyper-partisan" media because they tend to exaggerate their fanaticism towards their alliances

4) If you did not personally see it, always give it the benefit of the doubt

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