Thursday, September 17, 2015

Brokers Can Start Receiving Inquiries Through SMS

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In an effort to make its service more efficient for licensed real estate professionals, global property portal Lamudi Philippines ( is launching an SMS service that will have brokers receiving text messages from prospective buyers directly to their mobile phones. This service allows brokers to receive SMS notifications one hour after property-hunters have inquired about their properties through the Lamudi website.

According to Lamudi Philippines managing director Jacqueline van den Ende, the first hour after a potential buyer inquires is a very important window in sales. “In order for real estate brokers to successfully close this sale, they must reply to a customer inquiry before another seller does.”

In fact, as study conducted by U.S.-based CRM platform Salesforce, online customers who receive a reply one hour after an inquiry are 60 times more likely to convert than those contacted after 24 hours.

Called the first-mover advantage, a seller who replies to an inquiry the fastest can earn a potential buyer’s loyalty. This is really important in e-commerce, said van den Ende, as online customers are generally not loyal. “Research shows that even through a customer is going price-shopping online, a sense of loyalty drives them back to the vendor who responded to them first.”

In addition, online sellers who can provide responsive customer service are able to create strong social and psychological bonds with prospective customers, and this tends to override offers from other competing service providers, said van den Ende.

Lamudi’s SMS service works as follows: licensed real estate brokers must register their mobile number by logging into their account. After Lamudi has validated their mobile number, brokers will start to receive text messages once prospective buyers inquire about their property. This SMS service is free of charge for all registered Lamudi brokers.

To know more about Lamudi Philippines’ SMS service, real estate brokers may inquire through +63977-3751134 or +63920-6336615.

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