Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Alcatel Flash 2: The Power of Green Launch on September 22

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Alcatel Flash is about to launch a brand new 5-inch smartphone today, 22nd September 2015. The images released doesn't reveal the specification or pricing of the new smartphone version, except that it has a 5-inch display size. The teaser announcements also teased about the device's photography ability by prompting 'redefine photography with leading edge camera technology.'

Along with the launch, Alcatel Flash’s brand color is renewed to “Green”, relating to a “Green” key iconic feature of the new model.

There will be one poster being released daily to unveil the product feature and we sincerely invite you to keep an eye on us to obtain the latest information.

With us, you can feel Refreshed, Excited, Energetic and Natural - the “Green Power” of life!

Want to know more? Please stay tuned with us: http://live.AlcatelFlash.com

"The image shows the back of the phone featuring an updated design with more angular corners and subtle curves on the sides. Some hardware buttons can be seen on the left, which could be the power button on the top, volume rocker in the middle and a camera button a little farther. The camera could be upgraded with better optics, as that’s the only thing visible on its back. What seems a little odd is that the device could sport a 5-inch screen, being more compact than the other two phones. The tagline reads “The Power of Green”, which could mean anything really, of course it could make reference to the color of the phone as the whole image is made with green hues, but green could also mean that the phone is more eco-friendly than some of its competitors." - Android Headlines

The Power of Green – Alcatel Flash 2 is Coming Soon