Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Geeks on a Beach 3 Holds Pre-Event Press Conference at Crown Regency Boracay

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Geeks on a Beach (GOAB) 2015 just had a pre-event press conference for selected members of the media who are there right now to cover the 3rd run of GOAB - an event where startups with possible world-changing ideas are given an opportunity to pitch to a group of investors from both local and international. This is their chance to impress a potential source of funding if they can give a convincing presentation. Of course, it is not just the presentation skills that make a successful startup become noticeable. It is also the idea, the ability to implement in a global scale, the strength of the team, and the growth and profitability, among many other factors, that gives a startup an advantage.

The pre-event press conference was composed of Earl Valencia, Presoident and Founder of Ideaspace Foundation; Tina Amper, GOAB Founder; and Paul Pajo, Chief Developer and Evangelist of Smart Devnet.

The three shared how GOAB came to materialize out from a discussion during lunch time. It was Tina Amper who took the idea seriously until she suddenly saw herself  collaborating with other people to make GOAB possible.

The primary seeders of GOAB is the PLDT Group from which Ideaspace is a part of, together with Smart Telecommunications and other related companies run by the same group of companies.

The first GOAB was also done in Boracay which was followed by the second run in Cebu. GOAB has returned to Boracay to again change some people's lives similarly to what happened to some of the startups who were part of the first two GOAB. Tina Amper relates the success stories of Zipmatch and Innovantage who eventually got their funding resulting from the GOAB events.

The three shared very interesting thoughts of which we took videos so you can hear the for yourselves. I'll upload the videos soon when there's a good Internet connection around.

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