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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Lost in Darkness

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Everything that is opposite is complementary. One cannot exist without the other. Balance is the maintenance of good to control evil to avoid it being too much or too less.

People often make illusions to themselves either by pretending to be another person or believing to be what other people told them what he or she is. You must believe in yourself in order to avoid this illusion.

The greatest illusion is being divided. We must remember that we are all one and connected. No matter how many countries there are or different groups of people present, we are all humans. No matter how many species of animals or plants there are, we are all living things. We live in the same universe created by God, therefore we are a part of the same whole.

Success can only be achieved through many failures. Facing your fears could help improve yourself.

Below is our short story for the day. Read with delight.

One misty night, I was standing in the midst of nowhere. There was nothing but cold and darkness. The only source of light that I have is the stars above. The stars seem to be weak, cowardice and lifeless. They barely even glow because of the mist that was covering them up.

I was standing there for minutes now because I really don’t know where I should go and what I should do. I thought about starting to travel but the darkness was just too huge. Suddenly, a cold gust of wind passed through me and I felt a sudden shrivel within my spine.

“Go into the darkness” I heard a sudden whisper.

“Go into the darkness” said the mysterious whisper, which I thought could be the wind.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am you.” It replied.

“Who am I?” I asked, trying to remember who I am.

“Go into the darkness. Venture the Sea of Chaos, the Void of Delusion and the Mountains of Pride. At the summit of the mountain, you’ll find what you are looking for” the cold wind whispered as it passed through my ears.

“What am I looking for?” I asked with discombobulated thoughts.

“You are looking for who you are” the wind replied.

“Who am I?” I asked again.

“You will soon know. Just be patient, and follow the right path” the wind said, its voice becoming fainter each time it spoke a syllable

“How am I supposed to know which path I should take?” I shouted.

The wind did not reply anymore. I was left there all alone again, standing in the midst of darkness. I decided to travel to where the wind said I should go. I was about to venture into the twilight when suddenly I heard another voice, coming from the stars.

“Follow me, you need help” said the stars, with a weak and shivery voice.

“I don’t know if you can help me. The darkness is too enormous for you to guide me with your timid glow. I can lead myself out of this” I replied to the stars.

“If you need help, just follow me” the stars replied with a voice starting to perish.

I started to travel through the darkness. It was taking a while to walk. There was neither wind nor sound. Even though the stars are my only source of light, I could still see the misty fog. I know for myself that I haven’t been in this place before, but everything is so familiar.

As I kept walking I suddenly felt another cold wind. This wind is different from the other one, expressing a very dark aura. It showed a sense of fear in front of my face. My soul started to moan with cold and dreadful thoughts, showing all of my fears and apprehensions. I can feel that something is coming, trying to cause malevolence and havoc. I saw a cloud of darkness closing in. It was a huge smoke, even darker than the darkness that surrounds me. I started to run away from the darkness. I ran as fast as I could, but the clouds of darkness are catching up. It was trying to conjure something from me. I was running for so many hours. My feet felt so numb and I don’t know if I can go any further. Even though I was so tired, I kept running and I never dared to stop. I really wanted to stop, but something tells me that if I stop it would annihilate me.

I kept on running when suddenly I was at the edge of a cliff. The cliff was highly elevated and below it is a red sea full of chaotic waves. No, I can’t jump there. It’s too high. But I have no other options. Just then when I was about to jump, I heard the stars murmuring something.

“Follow me through the clouds of darkness, let me help you” the stars whispered.

“No, the clouds would swallow me” I said with fear.

“Follow me, please” the stars said.

“No, you can’t help me” I screamed at the stars.

I jumped into the sea of chaos. As I plunged in it, the sea was torturing me with hatred, envy and deceit. I was drowning, drifting away from my conscious self. All of a sudden, I saw a man hurling a net towards me. Last thing I knew, I was entrapped in a net and the man was chanting something to me. I’ve never felt so weak and this made me unconscious.

I woke up with a jolt, remembering all of the nightmares that I had when the ocean almost swallowed me. I remembered almost being eaten then saved by a man. Just when I thought about the man, I saw him stirring the wheel on his ship. The man is quite stubby with dark blue tied hair and light blue skin. He has lots of curly blue beard and green eyes that were strong yet tranquil.

“Good thing you’re awake after jumping on that cliff” the man said with a sarcastic grin.

“Uuummm, I’m in the Sea of Chaos, right?” I asked.

“Well what do you think?” He said.

“So, who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Aaru” he introduced himself.

“Hello Mr. Aaru” I greeted.

“I have to land you somewhere ashore or else the ocean would get into you unless you’re strong enough.” He warned.

“If the ocean would get into me, how could you survive in an ocean this chaotic? And how long have you been travelling here?” I asked.

“I’ve been voyaging through this Sea of Chaos since the beginning of time. I’ve always kept chaos at bay by using this pendant that I have here.” He showed me a pendant which appeared to be a bisected gold sun and silver moon that is joined together.

“So, how do you use that pendant thing?” I asked

“This pendant is just a representation of light and darkness. I use it to control the tides of the sea, neither making it too much or too less. More or less chaos would cause imbalance.” He explained.

“I always thought evil should be eliminated in order to keep peace” I said.

“Light cannot exist without darkness, and darkness cannot exist without light. Opposites are more of complementary rather than opposing and dominance. There are stars no matter how dark the sky is, and there are shadows no matter how bright the day is. No matter how good a person can be, there is still darkness inside of him and no matter how bad a person can be, he still has the ability to love. There is push in every pull, ignorance in every intelligence and good in every evil. Even though these things oppose each other, my job is to keep the harmony between them like an eternal dance” he explained further.

“But why is everything so dark for me?” I asked with a puzzled mind.

“I’m sorry but I don’t have the answer for that question. It will be answered on your way to the Void of Delusion” he said.

“Wait, how did you know that I’m going to the Void of Delusion?” I asked.

“I’ve seen many travelers like you, trying to find who they are” he said.

“So how do I get to the Void of Delusion?”

“You can’t go there without my help. The Void of Delusion is located deep beneath this sea. I’m going to concentrate the energy of my pendant within you in order to protect you from the sea. When I say go, you will jump in the water and swim as fast as you could to the most bottom part of the ocean.” He explained.

“Okay, I guess” I said with a nervous tone.

He started to concentrate the energy of the pendant to me. I suddenly felt so calm and tranquil, like all of my problems suddenly vanished. I found peace and balance within myself.

“One, two, three…Go! Swim!” He shouted.

I jumped into the chaotic waves and swam downwards as fast as I could. I did not feel the sea affecting or perturbing my mind. I feel so calm all along. As I was going deeper, it was getting darker and more stars are appearing in the water. It was quite weird but yes, stars were appearing in the freezing water. I swam even deeper until I reached the point where I was like in the middle of the universe. I can’t feel the water anymore, all I could feel is a…a void. Like there is nothing but empty space and the vast galaxies of the universe. I kept on swimming in the void until I felt a strong force pulling me towards it. The force is too strong that I can’t swim away from it anymore. I saw a nearby star being sucked by the force, that’s just when I concluded that the force is actually a black hole. I tried my best to swim away from it, but my strength was too weak to circumvent the black hole. The black hole succeeded in schlepping me in along with the nearby star. When I was inside of the black hole, I didn’t expect what I saw. I saw nothing but bright light; everything is so luminous that it blinds my eyes. I expected the black hole to be dark and unforgiving. I was exploring the interior of the black hole when I suddenly saw a figure from afar. As I was nearing the figure, I noticed that this figure is actually a lady. The lady is slim with platinum blonde hair and large white eyelashes. She has silver, shiny eyes, a fair skin and a beautiful silver dress with gloves. She has this looks of an intelligent and cunning behavior. I floated into the void and approached her.

“Excuse me miss, where am I right now?” I asked

“You are once in the Void of Delusion, but now you are in the Void of Enlightenment” she said.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“My name is Veda. My job is to void the world with the illusion and misunderstandings that people often make. I represent Enlightenment” she introduced.

“Hello Veda, do you know who Aaru is?” I asked.

“Ah yes, Aaru, a good friend of mine” she said with a smile.

“I asked him a question when I was in the Sea of Chaos on his ship. I asked him why everything is so dark for me, except for now since this is quite a bright place” I stated.

“To answer that question I will ask a question first. Do you truly know who you are and did you accept yourself?” She asked.

“No, that’s why I’m travelling here because I don’t know who I am and I want to find myself.” I said.

“To find yourself, you must first learn about the delusions that are masking you from who you are. Sometimes we make delusions about ourselves because we try to make a better version of ourselves. We think that these delusions are actually better than who we actually are. Other times these delusions are created because other people are telling you who you are. People will keep on telling you that you’re weak, that you can’t do it, you’re a coward. These negative words would be planted in your mind until you tell yourself what others think of you. When we start to make these delusions, we start to drift away from our true selves until they are lost forever. But remember that nothing is too late when you still have a chance. You can still find yourself. Who do you think you are right now?”

“I don’t know but I feel sad and alone. Like I’m lifeless and degraded because everyone seems to be better than me” I said with a frown.

“No, you are more than that. Don’t let these illusions tell who you are. If you keep on obeying on what people tell on you then the mist would just grow larger until it will consume and destroy you” she explained.

“Well, how much can I do?” I asked.

“I’m sorry but I can’t answer that question. You’ll find that answer in the Mountains of Pride.”

“Where are the mountains of pride?” I asked.

“I offer you this knowledge so you would know where you should go” she said then she put a little bit of light on my forehead.

I was suddenly enlightened on where I should go. I traveled in the direction which my mind told me. In that direction I felt a force just as strong as the black hole. I saw light escaping from that hole, which gave me the idea that it is a white hole. I was sucked in by the white hole then all of a sudden it was dark again, with the stars and galaxies being the source of light. I was back in the Void of Delusion. While I was travelling in the void, I saw a familiar planet. The planet was gold and bright, full of pride and success. I started to land on the planet and just when I did, I saw mountains. The highest of them has grey clouds covering it. My mind tells me that what I’ve been looking for is right at the peak of that mountain. I ventured to the golden path ways when suddenly I saw a giant golden statue. The statue seems to be a gladiator with a very muscular body and a face full of hair. When I passed the statue, it suddenly moved and blocked my way.

“Who dares goes through the mighty statue of Mordu!”

“Oh, so your name is Mordu? Hi, I’m friends with Aaru and Veda” I said, just in case he knows them and will let me pass.

“Hmmm, Aaru the peaceful and Veda the wise. You must be on a quest to find something…something a gust of wind tells you to find” He said.

“Ah yes. But how did you know?” I asked.

“Many have ventured here and deemed themselves worthy” He said.

“Well, how do I deem myself worthy?” I asked.

“To deem yourself worthy, all you have to do is to succeed your quest. This place is all about success, pride and goals.” He said.

I started to travel the mountain with Mordu. Just when we were travelling I remembered the question that I asked Veda.

“I just asked a question to Veda that I think you could answer. How much could I do?” I asked.

“The answer is simple. Everything” He said.

“Everything, as in all of the things?” I asked

“Indeed, everything within the limitations of human beings. You could do everything. No one is a loser. It’s just the illusion that makes someone thinks he’s a loser. Everyone is equal, their abilities are just distributed in different aspects. You may think that you suck, but sucking at something is the first thing towards being sort of good as something.” He said.

“I never thought of it that way” I said.

“Well think again. A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what a ship is built for” He said.

“Well, this is as far as I go. Good luck!” He said.

The giant golden statue turned its back and walked away. I was near the peak of the mountain. The clear sky subsided and turned into a dark atmosphere, which describes how near I was to the peak. I kept walking and hiking until finally I was at the peak. I expected to see something, but no there was nothing there. It disappointed me to go all the way here for nothing. Just when I was about to shout in rage, I saw a familiar unnerving sight. It was the dark clouds that were chasing me. The fear and chill went back to my spine. I just stood there and I don’t know what to do. Suddenly I heard a familiar tone.

“Follow me if you need help” Yes, it was the stars.

“How could you help me?” I asked.

“Because I am a representation of your mind. As your wisdom gets higher, I get brighter” said the stars.

Suddenly I saw bright glows of light above the sky, it was the stars. Now, they’re brighter than ever.

“Okay, I will follow you. But where will you lead me?” I asked.

“Into the darkness” it said.

“No I can’t go there, it is too dark and I fear it” I said with a shrivel

“But you have to face your fear in order to know who you are. Don’t worry, just follow me and I will guide you” it said.

I guess I have no choice; I have to follow the stars. The cloud was almost upon me. I just looked up the stars and then suddenly the darkness engulfed me. I was so frightened, but I have trust in the stars, in myself. I just followed where the stars leaded me, until I was at the center of the cloud. I saw so many things there. I saw my worst fears. I saw all of my negative experiences, my nightmares, my worst emotions. When I saw all of this, I started to understand myself and who I am. I understand why I was always so alone and degraded; I understand why I was so depressed. I realized how much this was affecting me, how much I could change it all. I know who I am.

My name is Ardice Milldew. I am 19 years old and I live in Carville, Durham, England. I live with my mum, Violet Milldew and the name of my bestfriend is Leila Chez. I have a very complex mental illness known as the Dissociative Identity Disorder. I acquired this because when I was a child my father, my very “bestfriend”, died in a car crash and ever since then I became Monophobic. Because I was afraid being alone, my mind created a self-defense mechanism of turning my one personality in seven different personality in which I am not aware that I am doing until I was captivated in a mental hospital.

“Miss Milldew, the psychological healing session with your daughter is already finished and successful. It took 7 hours but she can now identify herself and who she is. Her seven other personalities are eliminated” said a very familiar voice.

“Thank you Dr. Maunde, I don’t know how to thank you enough” my mum said

“Oh it was nothing really, just doing my job. You can talk to your daughter in a few minutes” the doctor said.

After a few minutes, I heard my mum step inside were I was confined.

“Ardice, is that you?” My mum said with glee.

“Mum? Yes it is me, I’m Ardice” I said, relieved that it was all over.

Contributed by Evan Nathaniel Gumapac


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