Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mobile Apps Now Rule the Business World

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Are you aware of the fact that mobile apps have completely changed the business scenario today?

With billions of new apps being developed everyday, the future has finally evolved.

Why Businesses are Focusing on Creating Mobile Apps?

1. Smartphones and tablets have surpassed the number of PCs.
2. The average time spent on Mobile Apps is 64%.
3. On an Average, people check their mobile phone every 6 minutes.
4. People use mobile Apps 6 times more than the websites.
5. 79% smart-phones users use their mobile to make purchasing decisions.
6. 50% users make purchase on Mobile within 1 hour as compared to 1 month on Desktops.
7. 73% of Business Owners use Mobile Apps daily.
8. Business owners also use Mobile Apps for Customer Engagement.

Is it the right time to get a Mobile App for your Business?

As a marketer, you definitely have a website, don’t you? Then why should you not have a Mobile App?

The current trends show and forecast that mobile apps would be the most common means of connecting and doing business in the coming years.

So, would you let your competitor steer ahead of you with the advantage of having a mobile app?

In this dynamic business world, it is the high time to develop your app and get a competitive advantage. Apart from this, the ever-increasing complexity of the technologies involved in mobile development, together with the fact that there is an acute shortage of fully qualified custom mobile code developers, the costs for mobile app development are in fact increasing over time, rather than decreasing. It is in best interest of your business to get proactive today to reap benefits later.

Why are Small Business Owners Eagerly Investing in Mobile Apps?

1. 38% business owners want to keep their existing users engaged.
2. 36% want to attract more local customers
3. 34% want to gain competitive advantage

So what it is which is holding you back? Don’t be disheartened if you do not have an idea/concept yet. Get in touch with a creative team today for a brainstorming session. Find the right people who will assist you in devising a wire frame for you.

Do not wait. Get into the action before your competitors make the first move. There will be several mobile app developers and representative whom you can contact who would understand your requirements and what is the best application that can be developed for you.

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