Friday, October 11, 2013

Walker Underwear Philippines Rips off Baybayin Font

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Seems like a trend that people and businesses in the Philippines don't respect intellectual property.

Walker Underwear stole my Baybayin artwork recently. They refused to make a public apology and threatened to take it to court. They took down their FB page with the photos after my supporters and I called them out."- Kristian Kabuay, Filipino Calligraphy Artist

I am reposting the article below to help share the news:

I’ve been ripped off again. This time by Walker Underwear from the Philippines. They used my Baybayin font that’s of my personal handwriting their “Extreme Collection:Baybayin”

I noticed it when some celebrity Teejay Marquez posted it on Instagram. I bust my ass traveling the world for free promoting Baybayin and Philippine culture out of my own pocket. This blatant disregard of my work will not be tolerated. I think it’s a great idea for Baybayin underwear but all they had to do was ask.

I’m sure they’ll come back and say our designer did it or it’s the fault of the freelancer. There was no note, we just downloaded it from the internet so we assume it was free. We never heard of you, etc. All lame excuses. If there’s any doubt of the origin of the art, they should know that they have to make an attempt to investigate.

In my downloads page, I specifically say that all downloads are for personal use only. The zip file has a text file that also states that the font is for personal use only and has my contact info. Sure, someone could’ve deleted the text file and rezipped it but whoever was in-charge of this project should’ve asked the artist where the art was sourced. Those are questions that need to be asked. Any SMART business would do these things.

My action items:
1) After this post, email Walker
2) Bring the attention to Walker Underwear on their FB page
3) Bring the attention to Walker Underwear on Twitter
4) Notify the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines via email and their FB page
5) Consult with my business contacts in Manila
6) Consult with Philippine Government contacts in the San Francisco Philippine Consulate
7) As my friends of influence for assistance
8) Ask worldwide community to assist in bringing attention to this matter

What you can do…

1) Post on their FB page
2) Send them a Tweet

I could’ve emailed them 1st but this has gotten out of hand. I understand a small groups of guys and a tshirt company but for a corporation, there’s NO EXCUSE. It’s embarrassing that their line is stated as Pilipino & Proud+.

So at the end of the day, what am I looking for? Is it money? Recognition? Nope, it’s RESPECT FOR ARTISTS! Art makes the world happy, don’t make the world unhappy by forcing artists to quit making art to get a regular job just to make a living. Companies like these are one reason why artists are poor.

This is a bad move for a Philippine company. It make businesses in the US and around the world NOT WANT to do business with a Philippine company due to issues like this.

I demand 1) A public apology and 2) An immediate cease of sales of the underwear or ALL profits go to Gawad Kalinga. Take your pick

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