Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Camiling, Tarlac : A Summer That's Better Late Than Never

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Everyone deserves a meaningful summer vacation. 

Summer vacation usually starts at the end of March and ends at the first week of June. In this limited period of time, how can we say that we’ve already spent our vacation wisely? What do we really mean in saying “meaningful summer vacation”?

Maybe some of us would answer that meaningful summer vacation means doing things that would make you enjoy life. Some would say it means to experience travelling to unusual places but for me, a meaning vacation simply means having time with important people in your life. And that’s how I spent my vacation.

Last May 13, 2013 I again once visited at Camiling, Tarlac. The most memorable place in my life. It is where I take my first breath, where my first encounter in the world takes place; It is my home town, it is where I was born.

There, a strong family relationship was made. We do eat, sleep and went out together. We altogether explore and appreciate the beauty of nature in Tarlac. There we visited  People’s park at Capas, Tarlac, Beautiful park like Monasteryo de Tarlac located at San Jose, Tarlac and many more. 

Even though there are lots of beautiful places to go still the place that’s the best for me was our house at Camiling, Tarlac, maybe it is not as extravagant as other places  still my soul says it’s the best because when I’m inside the house with my family I could really sa “home sweet home”. 

A vacation worth remembering.

Camiling, Tarlac : A Summer That's Better Late Than Never

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  1. Hi Jimelle :) I appreciate this article of yours because I also had my vacation in Tarlac i really love staying their and I love that place.