Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wazzup Pilipinas Fake Representative : Gatecrashing Events

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Wazzup Pilipinas has events almost everyday. Sometimes, even reaching to four events per day, and many times the events are scheduled all at the same time. We try our best to accommodate the requests by sending representatives or correspondents to these events to please all the PRs and event organizers.

A few hours ago a PR communicated with us thru text message or SMS  to get confirmation if we sent a blogger to his event.

Apparently, this blogger introduced himself as our representative (or from Wazzup Pilipinas). We vehemently deny any involvement with the said blogger. In fact, he has not been a part of the Wazzup Pilipinas group for several months already due to an issue way back before.

Media advisory: (from the PR who sent this thru text or SMS)

"At the CD album launch of ZENDEE over lunch, we were gatecrashed by a 'blogger' who came late. After registering and acknowledging my presence, he hovered around and came back to me and asked for another kit for his co-blogger who is also his mother. I met them over a dinner for bloggers a few months back since they were assigned by a website. Upon checking the site's editor, we were told that he's not assigned. So there you go... Loot bloggers on the loose. This is to warn my other PR associates, event organizers, our media friends... Good evening...- T____ T_______"

I have decided to lay down some guidelines:

1. Wazzup Pilipinas attends events and also organizes its own events which are dubbed as a "bloggers event" to give bloggers a chance to mingle with fellow bloggers (both veteran and newbies), and to give the newbies opportunities to make contact with PRs. Selection to an event is not entirely based on how popular or how high your hits or page views are. Please do not question our selection process.

2. Wazzup Pilipinas send representatives (if available) only if we know we won't make it to an event, or if there is a conflict with another event, just to accommodate the many requests. If time permits, we also ask permission first from the PRs before sending representatives.

3. Wazzup Pilipinas will not tolerate gatecrashers or loot bag bloggers. If you are not invited, communicate with the PR and ask politely if they still have room for more bloggers. If none, please do not force yourself to join the event....Please realize that they have a corresponding budget allocated for their events, and also they have their own selection process in identifying who to invite to their events.

4. Please take note that the Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook group does not constitute the core team of the Wazzup Pilipinas blog site. Bloggers belonging to the Facebook group are not automatically official representatives to events of Wazzup Pilipinas unless delegated or requested to do so.

5. To the Fake Wazzup Pilipinas Representative(s), please do not use my name or Wazzup Pilipinas to masquerade as our representative(s). If you want to attend an event for us, you have to communicate appropriately to ask permission.

To all PRs, event organizers, media friends, fellow bloggers, etc...You may contact us at mobile number 09166459045 for verification.

You may also email us at this email address or or message us at Twitter @pinoytekkie.

Facebook page for Wazzup Pilipinas :

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