Sunday, October 14, 2012

Donate Your Used Tarpaulins

Please help us in our advocacy to help our poor communities in the sectors of livelihood and education - the two most needed in our society to help it rise up from poverty.

The movement aims to deliver a two stage project:

1. Livelihood
To convert old and used tarpaulins into useful items like reusable bags to minimize plastic usage, tents for emergency relief housing to serve as temporary shelters after recent disasters like floods and earthquakes, school bags for school children especially those in the remote provinces, etc.

We will be employing housewives, the unemployed and out of school children to form a cooperative to transform the tarpaulin waste into usable crafts.

2. Donation
We will be visiting the depressed communities both within the metro and in the provinces to donate the outputs of our hardworking countrymen thru the help of NGOs, movements, advocates, and in cooperation with the LGUs.

Communicate with us:

Include your name, organization, address, contact numbers and details of donations
We also accept other types of donations, including cash or kind.

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