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Save the Children Philippines ignites passion and cradles young dreams through disaster recovery response

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Pudpud [not his real name] maybe the youngest and the smallest in his family of nine, but he is definitely the most courageous. When Severe Tropical Storm Nalgae [local name: Paeng] struck the Philippines last year, it caused massive flooding in several regions in the country, most especially in Mindanao, at the south of the Philippines. Pudpud braved the muddy waters and howling winds using a rickety raft to help save his aunt who lived nearby. Pudpud is a 5th grade learner and was one of the 1.9M in the list of children affected by the disaster. It was also in this encounter with Save the Children’s Humanitarian Response Team, who set-up the temporary learning spaces in his school, that his dream to be a soldier was set aflame.
The onslaught of Nalgae devastated the school of Pudpud and his classmates. They were worried because their learning materials have been soaked or washed away by the heavy rains and flooding.

Seeing the destruction of his school and how Save the Children worked with the government and different sectors to help affected families and children recover through humanitarian work and “bayanihan spirit” or communal unity ignited his patriotism and made him realize that he wanted to help when disaster strikes again.

“Because of the typhoon, many children in the community felt troubled because of their problems inside and outside their home. But psychosocial activities in the learning spaces really made us feel better. We lost our books and bags but thanks to Save the Children, we have new school bags and school supplies. I am now excited to go back to school and study. I want to be a soldier someday,” Pudpud expressed.

How was Joao Félix's debut for Chelsea?

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The 2022/2023 season will not be the best for Chelsea. A series of injuries, the head coach

change, and many newcomers to the squad – all harmed the team's performance. By the way,

it is easy to find the football scores today of the games involving the Blues on the sports statistics website.

So, to improve their standings, Chelsea entered the transfer market in January 2023. One of the team's most high-profile transfers was the signing of Joao Félix from Atlético Madrid.

The Portuguese came to Chelsea on loan, but the Blues had to pay 11 million euros even on his temporary move. However, it is still not much compared to that Atlético spent on the player 127 million in 2019. By the way, today, scores of football matches involving the “mattress makers” are easy to watch on a proven platform.

So, Félix made his debut immediately after his transfer. His first match was Chelsea against Fulham. And unfortunately, it did not turn out well for the Portuguese.

He was active in the game, constantly interacting with partners and creating chances for them. It was evident that Félix was motivated and wanted to prove himself in the new club.

However, the episode at the beginning of the second half crossed it out. Then the player fouled roughly, receiving a direct red card. As a result, he seriously let his club down.

Because of this, the team eventually had to change the tactical scheme. As a result, Chelsea conceded in that meeting with a score of 1-2. Naturally, this was a lot of blame on the Portuguese.

Why was the debut relatively unsuccessful?

Félix didn't just let the team down in their first meeting. He received a three-match suspension for his rough foul. Given that he has been at the club for a short time, it's a big blow. By the way, if fans suddenly missed football scores yesterday in confrontations with Chelsea in the EPL or other tournaments, they will find the necessary information on the sports statistics website.

Factors of not the most successful debut of the Portuguese in the "blues" are the following:

1. The need to adapt to the new championship. Joao needs to adapt to the game's speed and dynamics.

2. Lack of interaction with partners. It was the first match, and the player had just joined the team. Obviously, he did not have time to play with his partners.

3. The desire to prove himself. Yes, it played a cruel trick on the Portuguese. And in the episode, with the gross violation, he decided to go all the way, although he could not have rushed into the sling, which would not have led to a suspension in the end.

Following the football scores of Chelsea matches, which are live or have been played yesterday, is easy on the proven platform. The schedule of games is quite tight, but now no meeting will pass fans by.

DepEd underscores inclusive, equitable quality education in IDE 2023

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Ahead of the agency’s Basic Education Report 2023, the Department of Education (DepEd) on Tuesday observed the annual International Day of Education (IDE) by highlighting initiatives to realize Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 4 (Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education).

“This year’s theme ‘To Invest in People, Prioritize Education’ affirms that the new administration is on the right track. At the UN Transforming Education Summit in September last year, President Marcos announced our commitment to recover the learning losses from the pandemic and rebuild our education to be more inclusive, relevant and resilient to future shocks and disruptions,” Vice President and Secretary of Education Sara Z. Duterte said.

“Let us work together to ensure that our education system empowers our young people to navigate lives, challenges with 21st century skills, resilience, leadership, and strength of character as they join us in reshaping and rebuilding a better and stronger Philippines,” VP-Secretary Duterte added.

The said activity is primarily envisioned to generate visibility from local to global level on prioritizing education to reach the SDGs ahead of the SDG Summit, building on the outcomes of the United Nation’s Transforming Education Summit.

2022 Global Student Prize Finalists Ms. Leah Angela Cioco and Mr. Zanti Alfonso Gayares discussed their respective perceptions on “Unmuting the Youth: Seeing Philippine education in the eyes of this generation.”

Meanwhile, grade school learner Mithi Chua, and ALS high school learner Richard A. Roces expressed their hopes for education sector to Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Z., Duterte, and the Department.

The Department’s celebration of IDE was participated by United Nations Secretary-General Mr. António Guterres, Director of UNESCO Office, Jakarta Mr. Mohamed Djelid, and SEAMEO Research, Evaluation, and Assessment Specialist Dr. Kamaleswaran Jayarajah, among others.

DepEd has likewise recognized the Institute of APEC Collaborative Education (IACE), KOICA, Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Global Peace Foundation, World Bank, UNICEF, and JICA for their continuous support to promote quality education.

As proclaimed by United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), IDE is celebrated yearly on January 24 to promote the role of education in peace and development. This year, the UNGA invited all Member States to observe the IDE in support of the efforts of all Member States relevant to the realization of SGD 4.
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