Sunday, May 8, 2022

LIMA Estate partners with PLDT Enterprise for network infra expansion

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LIMA Estate, the top-selling and largest privately-owned industrial park in the Philippines, has tapped PLDT Enterprise to roll out fiber connectivity within its 794-hectare industrial-anchored development in Lipa-Malvar, Batangas.

LIMA Estate is a mixed-use development zone that hosts 130 locators, 167 retail stores and restaurants, a 138-room 4-star hotel, a transportation hub, and holds over 2,000 households. It also employs over 60,000 employees.

PLDT Enterprise will provide solutions and services to support the connectivity requirements in the area. These include Smart postpaid plans, mobile number portability (MNP), and ePLDT services such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), cloud, and cybersecurity services.

Dennis Magbatoc, AVP and Corporate Relationship Management Head of PLDT Enterprise, said that the fiber rollout would provide high-speed internet, both wired and wireless connectivity, inside the industrial estate’s existing offices and Enterprise locators.

“This project will also provide significant benefits to the Estate’s tenants and residents, giving them high capacity for their voice, data and Internet connectivity needs including access to Cloud services,” Magbatoc said.

“We are excited to partner with LIMA Estate as it endeavors to enable fast and reliable Internet connection within their vicinity. We share Aboitiz InfraCapital’s vision to strengthen their network infrastructure to allow efficient and secure telecommunication that is needed to open up new possibilities for LIMA Estate’s future growth,” the PLDT Enterprise executive added.

PLDT Enterprise will also activate a new Smart LTE Site that will be upgraded to 5G in the first quarter of 2022.

Currently a thriving industrial-anchored estate, LIMA Estate’s developer and operator Aboitiz InfraCapital envisions it to be the next leading mixed-use economic center in the CALABARZON region. It targets to accommodate business process outsourcing companies, dormitories, hotels, schools, hospitals, and other establishments in the coming years.

LIMA Land Vice President for Operations Clifford Academia expressed his gratitude to PLDT Enterprise for their support in enabling connectivity solutions and services essential for the growth and expansion of businesses within the economic zone.

“With this fiber rollout, we are assured of high-quality and reliable internet access for businesses, as well as for homes in the area. With the assistance of PLDT Enterprise, we will have an even greater experience at LIMA as we provide network redundancy, keeping communications services constantly up and running in the premises with little to no downtime,” said Academia.

“This will greatly benefit the requirements of our existing industrial locators as well as the future users in both the industrial expansion and fast-growing Central Business District, especially with the anticipated influx of BPO companies in LIMA Tower One,” he added.

PLDT Enterprise has been assisting various companies and institutions in expanding their network infrastructure.

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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Super Moms of the road are awesome!

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Mother’s Day 2022 is widely celebrated by a lot of people around the globe. Here in our country. Today, May 8 we honor the Queen of our homes, sometimes we refer to her as the Best Cook, Best Tutor to kids and many other superwoman titles because she is the only person in the house who can do everything all at the same time. Moms can come in different persona, they maybe the typical ones we normally stereotype or very few are surprisingly different.

There are moms that naturally have a different vibe by choice, yet they still hang on their “SUPER MOM TITLE”. Cherry Saculo Genato (@cherry.saculo), a mother of a grade 9 teen, proves that raising her daughter, being a supportive wife and running multiple businesses are all possible and a great sacrifice has to be made to make way for all these to take place. Most women would like to go shopping, put on makeup, go to a salon, have a spa as their pastime, Cherry is no different with women who enjoy these types of activities, but the interesting part is how can these squeeze in on her daily busy schedule?

She presently manages Manila Preneur Corp. (@manilapreneurcorporation) an Events & Marketing Company for 12 years now. She started the business when she was 28 years old, handling projects from multinational companies. Corporate events are her forte, she is the creative director to her own campaigns. More than a business it is obvious that the reason why she enjoys events industry is because she is a natural “creative” . You can talk to her for hours brainstorming ideas and she doesn’t get exhausted.

“In the early years of Manila Preneur, I did a lot of activation events, I met clients and pitched almost everything…. from concerts, fashion shows, leagues, foreign events, auctions, religious affairs, bazaars, etc…. I can’t count with my fingers anymore. I didn’t sleep during those days and at that time my daughter was less than 7yrs old, she was closer to her dad. Jojo would take her to my events, so we can be together for his/my or my daughter’s birthday or any other special occasion, like mother’s/father’s day or even Christmas. My event calendar is my family’s calendar.” Familied people who work in the event industry can relate to this lifestyle. Cherry is a Serial entrepreneur, she can repeatedly turn creative ideas into successful business strategies.

She founded the Junior Preneur Org. (@JuniorPreneur), the 1st and only children’s bazaar in the country that had kids to participate, was running very well for many years before the pandemic hit, since kids can no longer do events face to face now. Soon the Bazaars will take place, she said.

Coming from a family who has been in the hotel industry for 30 years, she puts up her own hospitality service firm as well. Pico Tours and Condos (@picotoursandcondos) & Sprout Rooms (@SPROUTROOMS), a rental property-management company for leisure resorts in the Philippines.

Work is her best friend. She says, “I have friends everywhere and It’s because of work that I meet different people”. In fact during the peak of the pandemic, she became the President of a local fanclub (@hyunbinofficialphfanpage) of Hyun Bin, a Korean Actor of Crash Landing on you Netflix Original Series. She was featured numerous times for her novel ideas for the fanclub which were not only appreciated by the fans, but even celebrity fans like Ms. Sharon Cuneta and Ms. Charo Santos-Concio. She came out with a proudly brewed Local Craft Beer for the actor, which made news locally & internationally last 2020.

And most recently, she is part of other start-up companies in the industry of IT, Crypto and NFT which piloted this 2022.

It is amazing how her professional life is connected to her personal activities. Cherry is the Managing Partner of MNL Beerfest (@mnlbeerfest), a festival that exclusively mounts the events of the Philippine Craft Beer Community. These are huge happenings and in fact Philippines is running 3rd in southeast Asia when it comes to festival size. It’s ironic to think that a “lady” is representing the Festivals for the Craft Beer Events in the country. There will be a Festival this coming June 12, Independence Day a come-back Event after 2-year rest due to pandemic.

So how did she become a Super Hot Mom? Aside from the fact that she founded Junior Preneur Org for her daughter Tiffany when the kid was only 7yrs old, she is working out a social brand called “Gala” that arranges house parties for her Gen-Z daughter. “I couldn’t slow down the maturity of teens nowadays, they are very ahead of us, but that doesn’t mean we allow them freely to do what they want or we prohibit them from experiencing such, thus, I want to make sure that their parties are monitored by a guardian.” This is the concept behind Gala. Another soon-to-be project or company for Cherry.

“Imagine, I hang out with my teen and her friends! We even share our outfits & accessories. It’s so fun to do this” --- says Cherry

When we put the word “Hot” we would normally refer to sexy, strong & attractive individuals. For Cherry this is part of the package already. Being an ex-model/ host talent in the past, she’s a competitive Tennis Player and a Jetski Racer at Subic, Pampanga.

Now she is a Can-Am Ryker rider of Can-am Moto Club Ph who can speed up at the expressways leaving other riders behind. Women on the road, have a certain appeal to people, their energy of passion. This growing community is paving the way, creating their own traditions and encouraging women from everywhere to experience the open road. It is nice to hear what riding means to them and get inspired by their exhilarating experiences. “I like cars as much as I like to put on make up. I learned to drive when I was 4th grade. The road is my playground. I got interested on motorcycles lately, since I realized I’m almost 40yrs old, let’s start something adventurous for myself this time.

To all the mothers, single mothers, mothers to be, who we look up to, whether we see them at the kitchen, at the church, at the office, at the shopping districts or at the speedway ---- we know that all have amazing stories. Their superwoman skills are innate in them. They never show their exhaustion, they are the source of inspiration. We commend your versatility to change your moods so others may comfortably fit it.

Happy Mother’s day to Super Mom like Cherry and to all the rest of the other mothers who have earned their wonderful titles as the most awesome woman of our homes.

Friday, May 6, 2022

SSS implements additional security measures in My.SSS Portal, reminds stakeholders to protect login credentials

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Social Security System (SSS) President and CEO Michael G. Regino said the pension fund added security measures in its My.SSS Portal to protect the accounts of its members, employers, and pensioners.

Among the new security measures being implemented are the stricter guidelines when enrolling a disbursement account in the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM) which require members to upload a proof of disbursement account, a valid government-issued identification card or document, and chest-level selfie/photo holding the uploaded proof of disbursement account and ID card/document.

Additional internal procedures are also in place to further improve the evaluation and approval process of disbursement accounts.

“We are continuously monitoring our systems to make necessary improvements to protect the accounts of our stakeholders and ensure that benefit and loan proceeds are disbursed to the rightful recipients. Within this month, the Online Member Data Change Request – Updating of Contact Information will also be resumed through the My.SSS Portal with enhanced security features,” Regino said.

“We encourage our stakeholders to refrain from sharing their login credentials and regularly change their passwords so that their accounts will not be compromised. Like we said before, these are like your ATM PIN, anyone with this information could use your account without your authorization,” he added.

Should members, employers, and pensioners encounter any unauthorized transaction in their My.SSS account, or online fraud activity, they are advised to report to the nearest SSS branch or send an e-mail to SSS’ Special Investigation Department at or call (02) 8924-7370. SSS is prepared to file the necessary charges against individuals who defraud its members.

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