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Observing and Dealing with Several Tech Start Ups

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For the past years, I've been observing and dealing with several start up company around the world. I've seen several start up founders talk about its craft in the Tech Summit. And how passionate and excited they are pitching as well as showing its unique masterpiece. Lately was last month, I've encounter great tech talks from several founders and grit tech enthusiast from different parts of the globe. 

As a common observation they wanted the be the next Jack, Mark, Elon or Jeff of the Tech business world. They were hungry in making solution to several problems. Observing and Dealing with Several Tech Start Ups made me realized that each creation will lead to another creation. And they always wanted to be cooler than the current one. 

Travel With Executive Chauffeur Cars

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There was a time when properly aligned chauffeur driven cars outside high-end hotels were associated with a marriage ceremony or some ambassador arrival. Time has changed considerably. The mindset of the common people is no longer confined to the erstwhile approach. The soaring oil prices consequently raised the taxi charges which has made people realize hiring executive chauffeur cars for a group of people is actually the best available alternative today.

The approach is both practical and smart since nowadays hiring a chauffeured car is much affordable. Moreover, you get to experience the chauffeur driven services that comes along with the car. The impressive quality services that you will discover will only make you feel good about your decision all about writing assignments. The elegant services are worth a try.

On a business meeting or some important occasion, you would not have to stress your mind driving the entire distance. Certainly, waiting for a taxi would not help you either when you are running short of time. Now there is somebody to take care of that even if you plan to travel during chilling nights.

With a well-experienced chauffeur in charge, you will not have to worry about the journey from point A to point B. You will reach your destination well on time and with an undisturbed state of mind.
The chauffeur provided is well trained to suit your purpose responsibly. To reach the destination safely and staying punctual will be the foremost priority. The chauffeurs are accustomed to driving under the most demanding conditions. You will feel the service worth every penny of your expense. The chauffeur driven services will help you relax during the whole journey time.

The car will be available at your front door at a pre-arranged time. All you need to do is choose a car from the range of opulent shiny executive chauffeur cars and provide the small important details. The excellent condition of the chosen exquisite car is guaranteed. There are lot of companies with glossy banners offering executive chauffeur cars like limousine and sedans.

While looking for a name, the reputation of a company is the most important aspect that you must pay heed to. Paying up for inefficient services is preposterous. With the right car adding a touch of glamour to your journey, the VIP style treatment is in the store that you will love to relish. Putting aside all the hassle and commotion, you can now travel miles in the most hunky-dory way.

Mindanao Key to Progressive Philippines, More Infra Projects Underway

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BDO Economic Forum in Davao

Mindanao plays key role in gov't infra program. Under the Duterte administration's ambitious “Build, Build, Build” program, the infrastructure masterplan for Mindanao includes a number of expansion and modernization projects, as explained during the recently-held BDO Economic Forum in Davao. Speaking during the event are (left to right) Tomas Lorenzo, president and CEO of Torre Lorenzo Development Corp.; Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade as keynote speaker; Edgar Saavedra, chairman of Megawide Construction Corp.; Vincent Perez, founder and CEO of Alter Energy Partners; and Eduardo Francisco, president of BDO Capital and Investment Corp.

RICH in economic resources, Mindanao is considered a key to a progressive Philippines. If further developed, the island region poses continued if not an unprecedented growth for the country, said Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade at the recently held BDO Economic Forum in Davao.

The forum, which carried the theme “Progressive Philippines”, was attended by nearly 600 Davao-based businessmen who bank with BDO.

Citing a World Bank study, Sec. Tugade said efforts to further grow the economy will be futile unless Mindanao is developed alongside the other regions. And progress, he added, cannot be achieved without first and foremost – infrastructure.

“Every nation, every country, every region that has experienced growth and development is always predicated on the kinds of plans it has on infrastructure. And therefore, we say, unequivocally, you want development, let's have infrastructure. And therefore, we say, you want development in infrastructure, you do it also with Mindanao,” he said during his keynote speech.

Under the Duterte administration's ambitious “Build, Build, Build” program, Sec. Tugade said the infrastructure masterplan for Mindanao include expansion and modernization of various airports, seaports, and maritime facilities, the development of the Mindanao Railway System, and the modernization of the region's public transportation system which will pilot test in Davao. All these are part of the P7-trillion budget the government has allocated for infrastructure spending until 2022.

For instance, he said, airports in Cotabato, Dipolog, Ozamis and Pagadian are underway to be night-rated, which means people and cargo can travel to and from these locations even during the night. Sec. Tugade added another welcome development is the ground-breaking of the Bukidnon airport, which may happen by the end of the year and the near completion of the Cagayan de Oro Port new passenger terminal, which will be the country's biggest with a capacity of 3,000 passengers.

These infrastructure projects were welcomed by the invited panelists, namely, Edgar Saavedra, chairman of the Megawide Construction Corporation, Vince Perez, Founder and CEO of Alter Energy Partners, Ed Francisco, President of BDO Capital and Investment Corporation, the investment banking arm of BDO Unibank, and Tomas Lorenzo, president and CEO of Torre Lorenzo Development Corp.

In lauding the efforts of the government, Lorenzo, a Mindanao native said, future investments in the region should also include education, technical and vocational education in particular to address the growing shortage in skilled workers. Based on experience, he said his company has to import skilled workers from Manila and Cebu, where many have relocated for a higher pay. He added the issue of perception should also be addressed, as Mindanao is “very healthy, wealthy and with Martial Law, safe”.

Meanwhile, Perez, a former secretary of the Department of Energy, said increasing the power capacity in Mindanao is also key to sustaining growth in the region especially now that infrastructure projects are in full swing. He cited the region’s electricity consumption last year already grew 6.9 percent, faster than the national average. Higher consumption is expected as more businesses are expected to be put up with improved infrastructure. Perez added increased power capacity also presents more opportunities to Mindanaoans. “This is the concept of latent demand. The more you bring capacity to a rural community, the more they want to consume.”

Saavedra for his part underscored the importance of having a good working relationship with the government to avoid delays in the implementation of infra projects, thus called for the cooperation and support of the current administration.

Speaking on behalf of BDO, Francisco,meanwhile, committed support to both the government and the private sector. “We're really here to support everyone, the SMEs, as well as the MSME. We intend to be there to assist in their growth. BDO has various subsidiaries to support them because the objective really is the trickledown effect.”
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