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Tokyo Travel Itinerary 3 Days

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If one wants to learn, live, make memories and experience different cultures, then traveling is the answer. Travelling is one pack of all these things leaving you with memories for a lifetime. Traveling to a distant new place can not only rejuvenate a person physically but also mentally. Travelling can heal your mind, soul, and heart. And makes you more creative in your respective field.

Traveling to a far away, outrageous, isolated place can teach to better ways of living life. Tokyo is a lovely place to travel. It is capital of Japan and one of world's most famous conurbation. It consists of various cities, towns, and villages to travel. Today Tokyo has inexhaustible options for shopping, culture, entertainment, and food to explore. Tokyo has a pleasant weather for most of the year.

Overview of the unique culture of Tokyo

The culture of Tokyo raised from ethnic Jomon culture. Now with the mixture of Chinese, Korean, Greek, Indian, European and American, Japan derives its own special distinctive culture. Tokyo's beautiful culture consists of many activities and art forms. Ikebana is a flower arranging activity stands out a Japanese art representing "living flowers".

Also, origami which is paper folding activity. Then crafts like doll making and pottery. Kabuki is a Tokyo's tradition drama and dance performance in complicated costumes. Bunraku is a puppet theatre you can enjoy in Tokyo. Kamishibai is also a beautifully executed storytelling affair with animations, sounds, and music. Tokyo also has cultural games such as Onsen where local people use hot springs as public bathing tubs. Also, don't miss Tokyo's tea festival.

Talking about festivals Tokyo celebrated so many religious festivals and rituals. Starting from the year, Tokyo has its calendar filled with many cultural festivals. April is the best month to visit Tokyo to have experience of their cherry blossom affair. To be accepted by the people of Tokyo it is important for a visitor to know about their culture in advance.

Adventurous affairs in Tokyo
Tokyo has a lot of versatility in adventurous activities. There are any adventurous activities worth a try in Tokyo. Such activities are bicycling, skiing, tennis, golf, and hiking. Tennis is really famous among youngsters of Tokyo. Tokyo has a large number of tennis courts about hundred in Roppongi only. Tokyo has bike side path along all the rivers in the city and bicycles are usually found on them.

If you are one of those who loves swimming and surfing then there are many beaches around Tokyo. And other aquatic activities can be done at Sumida River. Skiing can also be done around Tokyo. During warm weathers rides on a cruise can also be enjoyed in Sumida River and Tokyo Bay. Cruise ride passes through beautiful bridges which gives romantic vibes due to lights in the night. Also, during March-April when cherry blossom is happening the sight is must watch.

Other things like Disneyland tour, Mount Fuji, relaxing in sento should also be considered. This is for sure that a visitor in Tokyo can never be bored because there is a lot to be experienced.

Cuisine not to miss

While traveling to a new place cuisine is one thing you can't miss. Especially a place like Tokyo which serves so many options of authentic Japanese food. You can have them anywhere either street food or at some fine-dine fancy restaurant. Foods like Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Sashimi, Sukiyaki, Suba, Udon, Miso soup all add up to the traditional food of Tokyo. Some Tokyo specialties have come international famous and favorites.

Tokyo is a hub of many international communities and these specialties reflect in their food. Shin Okubo-Korean Town, Kagurazaka- France Town, Ikebukuro- China Town all as these names suggest a variety of food from different regions Tokyo serves.

Tokyo for Shopaholics! 

If you are Shopaholic then you are going to love Tokyo. This is because Tokyo has so many varieties to shop from. From high-end fashion to quirky styling, vintage wares and so many to shop in Tokyo. Ginza is the place you must visit. It has fancy boutiques, malls, departmental stores. You can find cultural crafts also here. Asakusa is a place with small, crowdy lanes but will surprise you with a wide variety of home décor stuff. 

This place also offers a wide variety of famous Japanese culinary with small shops. If you are looking for a watch to shop in Tokyo then The Watch Company has so many elegant and classy watches to shop from. For more to explore you can check Kuramae, Kōenji and Kichijōji, Shibuya, Akihabara and many other places. 

But keep in mind that there are many places in Tokyo which offer tax-free shopping over some particular decided price so carry your passport for proof. Also, while shopping in small lanes do carry cash instead of credit card. Unlike other Asian countries, you can't bargain in Tokyo. Tokyo is a place which will give you memories and experiences forever and worth your time and money.

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7 Mistakes To Avoid Making If You Are A First-Time Visitor On Philippines

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Philippines is a relatively easy destination to visit and enjoy, even by South East Asian Standards. Most of the people there speak English and it is a beautiful country full of happy people with a relaxing vibe.
However, there are some mistakes that are easy to make, especially for someone who has never visited Philippines before. Fickle weather and a large number of islands can mess up any plans in a second. This is why more than knowing what to do, it's also good to know what not to do if you are first time visitor on Philippines.

1. Planning too much
This can apply to any destination but Philippines especially. As stated already, the weather is fickle and you can't really know for sure at what time you'll be able to see what. Vesta Trantham, a Travel Blogger at UK Writings explains: “Boats and busses don't have a steady schedule that you are used to, and they can change their direction pretty quickly. Maybe the hotel will not be to your taste or the beach will not suit you – the point is, don't make stead-fast plans. Leave plenty of room to go somewhere else if your arrangements fail”.

2. Not bringing any cash
Philippines may be one of the most popular tourist location, but it certainly doesn't accommodate to all of their needs. Payment options being one of those needs. You'll likely be unable to find a working ATM even on some of the most popular islands and cities. That's why you need to come prepared and bring enough money in cash to last you until you are sure that what you see is a fully functioning ATM.

3. Not studying the weather
Before deciding to go on this trip, take a good look at what the weather might be like in that particular month and what some predictions are. “Otherwise you'll just end up disappointed that it's always raining and you haven't seen any of the beautiful beaches that you've dreamed of. Some parts of the country are dry while it's raining in Manila so, chose your destinations accordingly. Typhoons are not so easy to deal with, but keep checking on relevant websites”, - comments Alexandra Phaneuf, a Travel advisor at Essay Roo.

4. Not acting like a local
The best way to see this wonderful location is by becoming one of the locals. Eat the food that they eat and do the things they do. Ride on their busses and boats, walk on the same streets and immerse yourself in their culture.

5. Not going to a hotel because you think private accommodation is cheaper
Getting a AirBnB apartment may seem like a good idea but you'll just spend more money than you need to. That apartment is probably more expensive than any decent, mid-range hotel in Manila or Cebu. For a lot less money, you can get a good service, a concierge and a quality accommodation while at AirBnB you would spend a lot of money and end up with no guidance or help which is a bad way to start your trip  in a big city like Manila.

6. Getting annoyed just because you spent some extra money
Philippines is probably a lot less expensive than most of European and American destinations. So, when it happens that you have to pay a few extra pesos for something, it's not a good idea to make a big fuss out of it. “You probably spend a lot more where you live and you don't pay much attention to it. This can only run your vacation and confuse the locals It's common knowledge that people in Asia don't like to raise their voice or being yelled at”, - says Martin Davis, a Travel writer at Boom Essays and Stateofwriting

7. Not joining tours
With so many beautiful places to visit and all the islands that you can see, it could be a terrible mistake not to take tours. Those guides can take you to some of the most amazing places on earth and you wouldn't be able to find them on your own.

There are many mistakes that a first-time visitor in Philippines can make. Most of them are easy to fix but the biggest one would be not enjoying your time there. Have fun and embrace the peaceful vibes of these wonderful islands.

Written by:

Freddie Tubbs is a travel writer and editor at Paper Fellows. He also works as a blog content writer at Academized and contributes expert posts to Australian help blogs.

Bell Films Launches Big Comeback Movie Kontradiksyon

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BELL FILMS, the film production arm of Universal Records Philippines, has relaunched its operations, featuring their big comeback film “KONTRADIKSYON,” during THE NEXT ATTRACTION concert held on June 30, 2018 (Saturday) at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

After over 23 years, Bell Films is proud to make its comeback into the realm of film production as it strives to enter the digital age of quality and relevant Filipino films. Bell Films was one of the early independent film production outfits that brought international quality films to the Filipino audience way back in the 1960s. The company has also produced films such as Twin Fists for Justice (1974) starring Ms. Vilma Santos and Hong Kong Martial Arts Superstar/Actor Meng Fei, and two movies featuring the Universal Motion Dancers: Sige… Ihataw Mo! (1994) with Claudine Barretto and Wowie De Guzman, and its sequel Ibigay Mo Ng Todong-todo (1995).

The Next Attraction concert aimed to showcase world-class Filipino musical talent, while exploring the different worlds and genres that can be featured on film. Big name OPM Icons and artists such as Freddie Aguilar, Vina Morales, Christian Bautista, Gloc-9, Julie Anne San Jose, and Shanti Dope performed at the event.

The event also served as the media presentation for Bell Films’ 2018 debut production, Kontradiksyon starring Jake Cuenca, Kris Bernal, John Estrada, Paolo Paraiso, and Elizabeth Oropesa, among many other stars featured on the film. The action film, which is directed by multi-Palanca award-winning Writer Njel De Mesa, is set to be an intense ground-breaking, in-depth, critical, and edge-of-your-seat look on the Philippines' current drug war. which will have the audiences see the various aspects and opposing views of the big issues in the country. The film is expected to premiere later this year.
Follow Bell Films on social media: Bell Films ( on Facebook, YouTube, and @bellfilmsph on Twitter and Instagram.
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