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Duterte Pledged to Slaughter 3 Million Addicts Just as Hitler Massacred the Jews

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President Rodrigo Duterte pledged to slaughter 3 million drug addicts in the same way Adolf Hitler massacred the Jews during the Holocaust.

Isn't it time to put an end to this madness?

Remember that only 16 million people voted for Duterte. The Philippines has a population of 100 million. Do the math. That's a lot of people who are right in the middle of this stupidity.

What is his Communications team doing? or is the president really so stubborn that he does not just reads the speeches prepared for him?

Everything that comes out of his mouth is pure shit!...and Duterte supporters steps on these shits every time they defend his evil thoughts.

Yeah, he is just being himself. He is truly a shit-making machine!

Hail the next Hitler!? God save our country!

"Don't be a blind follower, or see no wrong in Duterte, because that is so wrong."

When you believe he means something else with all the foul-mouthed statements he has been saying, you should believe others also deserve the same treatment so you should offer your own "interpretation" as well.

When you still see hope for him to change after a few more months or years in the presidency, you should also offer the same compassion for the drug abusers who could possibly be cured after some time in rehab.

When you believe he is the only one who has taken real action where all other presidents have failed, you should also consider that his persistent detractors might also be among the few who are ready to face the consequences just to see real change.

When Anti-Duterte criticize the president for his wrong ways, it doesn't mean they are not supportive of the president. Remember that real friends are those that would not hesitate to be truthful when they see fault in you. Real supporters would be honest enough to point out his mistakes in order to achieve real change for the better.

Like Duterte, real friends may also use inappropriate and demeaning words just to get your attention. If you believe the president is just being himself, so why limit that belief to him. Unlike Duterte, do not wish them death just because they are being true to you.

Just like Duterte, we are not purely 100% evil-proof. We can make mistakes. We cannot correct these mistakes if we ignore or let them be just because we believe there is an ultimate goal that needs to be accomplished. We should not condone the wrong acts done along the way just to continue with our quest for change.

In traveling, remember that reaching the destination is not the only thing important. Our journey - what we do along the way - should be the most meaningful for all of us.

If we keep on looking only at our preferred way, we may miss the better path.

Duterte should be reminded that he should stop comparing himself to others, and show his real self instead. He will continue making mistakes if he deliberately patterns himself with others that may have been wrong as well.

The problem with Duterte supporters is they purposely blind themselves from the evil that their president is doing just because the guns are not pointed at them.

Duterte's good intentions are useless if he is seen as a madman by many, especially by our foreign neighbors, and consequently, the entire country is seen as no place for any sane person, or tourist, or investor, to ever visit or do business in.

Whatever good this madman has done are worth nothing if he continues tolook at people like pests that needs to be eradicated.

Unlike Duterte supporters, the rest of us also look at the long-term effect of his insanity. No sane person would want to kill his fellowmen just because he thinks they are hopeless cases.

I wouldn't want to be friends with someone who believes killing is the only solution to cure the sickness that has plagued us for a long time. You should not kill! You cure!

When we start slaughtering our fellowmen, or even have thoughts that is the only right thing to do just to save the rest of us, then we become worst than them..

But I won't give up on these misguided individuals. Unlike them, I believe there is still hope for these fanatics, and I wouldn't want them to get murdered just because I feel that they are blind followers of the madman.

There has never been any real change since Duterte became president. It doesn't matter how long he has been president, or how long he will stay as president. We should not wait for many to be murdered before we put a stop to this madman. If he continues to act and think like a madman, he will bring nothing but madness to our country.

Don't expect anything good from a man who believes all his detractors are better off dead.

Madam Secretary’s New Season Promises More Surprising Mysteries This October

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There’s no telling what happens next in the latest installment of the highly charged political drama, Madam Secretary, when it premieres on October 6 on Sony Channel.

The stakes get higher in the new season as office and home politics collide, making U.S. Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord’s (Tea Leoni) life more difficult. Despite her apolitical leanings, she contemplates in accepting the role of Vice President which was offered to her by President Conrad Dalton (Keith Carradine). Will she give up her current position to hold the second highest office in the White House?

Season 3 will find Elizabeth pushing for Dalton’s reelection as she and her husband Henry (Tim Daly) struggle to save their marriage while their youngest son. Jason (Evan Roe), faces a major personal dilemma.

As she faces one crisis after another, Elizabeth realizes that ultimately, her most important duty will take its toll on her personal life: to prioritize her family and to protect her country at all costs.

Madam Secretary Season 3 premieres the same week as the U.S. telecast on October 6, every Thursday at 8:50 pm. First & Exclusive on Sony Channel

Sony Channel is seen on SKYCable Channel 35, Cignal Digital TV Channel 60, GSat Channel 48 Global Destiny Cable Channel 62, and Cable Link Channel 39.

Theater in Alternative Platforms Presents 1st Anniversary of Amapalaya Monologues on October 15 at Peta Theater

Wazzup Pilipinas!

To celebrate one year of ‘hugot’ artistry, the Theater in Alternative Platforms shall present a one-night only anniversary show of the very popular “Ampalaya Monologues” on October 15 – Saturday from 6 pm – 10 pm at the PETA Theater Center located at Eymard Road, E. Rodriguez Q.C.

“Ampalaya Monologues” shall showcase 15 of their best monologues and 5 new ones. There will be a combination of Dance, Live Music, and other exciting surprise twists. As a prelude, some of today’s best Spoken Word artists in the country will be featured as special guests.

“Ampalaya Monologues” is an episodic play that features a collection of short monologues about love, heartaches and bitterness, as written by Mark Ghosn. Inspired from Eve Ensler’s play Vagina Monologues, the show is set in an actual bar and tells the inspiring stories of diverse individuals who’ve tasted the different flavors of bitterness that love has to offer.

The story of the character on each monologue varies --- there’s the bitter queen who got dumped for her own bestfriend, the boy next door who’s trying to get out of the friendzone, the single lady who is a forever third wheel, the NBSB and her almost-lover, the LDR couple, the womanizer who got cheated on, the guy experiencing his first moved-on moment, and many more. No matter what your heart’s story is, there’s an Ampalaya Monologue ready to pull its string.
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