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SMX Culinaire and its Gastronomically Delightful Dishes from Top Caterers of the Country

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All events that become successful are those that were well-planned and critically thought of. The nitty gritty details all sum up to a glamorous experience if all aspects of an event were carefully selected among the best or most worthy choices. Thus, even the venue where the event is to be held needs to be equally top caliber. The venue is one of the most important considerations when planning for your next event so that it will be truly perfect.

Thus many of us are highly particular of where we hold our events. There may be several choices, but not all could be well appropriate for our needs. Choosing the right venue is a very important decision for us who value the success of our events.

SMX recently hosted its first Culinaire event for the year and shined the spotlight on 11 of its top accredited caterers who featured the best of their menu selections. The festive event happened on May 19, 2016 at the Function Room 5 of the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex in Pasay city.

When they say the best, they really meant it. We do not often get the chance to dine with so many choices and peril at the thought we won't be able to try everything they served beautifully presented all around the venue. It was a fabulous feast night to remember and we wished that we had a bigger belly to put all of those gastronomically delightful dishes in.

Miss Global Philippines 2016 Cultural Costume Competition

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Congratulations to the winners of Miss Global Philippines 2016 cultural costume competition.

#14 April Soliven - Province of Ilocos Sur
#21 Janelle Olafson - Mandaluyong
#4 Danica Ebrada - San Juan Batangas

These lovely ladies stood out among the other candidates not only because their Filipiniana outfits were creatively stunning, it is also because they wore their cultural costumes well.

We all know that even though our clothes can help attract attention, it is also important how we carry our clothing to be equally appropriate to the time and occasion where we need to wear it. Thus, many can wear the simplest style of clothes but could look very beautiful depending on how she flaunts them.

I've seen so many equally awesome designs that night but of course, the beauty and other physical attributes like height and body shape, of the candidates adds to the overall appearance. However, the designs of the costume accentuates the physical features of a candidate especially if the designer is well-experienced in matching the colors, textures, and shapes of their designs.

Truly, Philippine culture-inspired gowns and dresses are finely crafted with meaningful details and rich in influence from our spectacular heritage.

The event was held at the Metrotent located at Metrowalk in Ortigas Center on May 21, 2016.

Partner Photographer: Collin Sarthou Yap

Tickle Your Senses with 2 New Anime on Animax this May!

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Animax, Asia’s leading 24 hour anime channel is rolling out two compelling new anime series that will satisfy anime fans of all ages. From crime fiction to comedy-romance, Animax has got it all covered.

Monday and Tuesday,8pm, 2 Episodes back-to-back

The File of Young Kindaichiis a Japanese mystery anime television series produced by Toei Animation, the same studio that produced other famous anime hits such as Slam Dunk, Sailor Moon, and Dragon Ball.The File of Young Kindaichi R is the anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name. The R in the title stands for ‘returns’ as The File of Young Kindaichi has already been shown in Japan in 1997-2000 also as an anime series.The story is like a Japanese Sherlock Holmes where the main character, Hajime Kindaichi, solves numerous complex crimes and identifies the culprit by careful investigation and sheer talent. The usual crimes are committed within a confined “locked-out” space where culpability of the characters would deem impossible to recognize.

The File of Young Kindaichi R was shown in Japan by Nippon Television and is being aired in Asia through Animax. It is directedby Daisuke Nishio and written by Michiru Shimada.
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