Monday, May 25, 2015

UP Cinema Presents Kontra: The Alternative Film Project

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Established in 2010 by UP Cinema, Kontra: The Alternative Film Project is a mini film competition that aims to provide alternative means of the study of film outside the standard classroom experience, to develop the creativity of aspiring filmmakers, and to develop and to learn from a relationship with other film enthusiasts from other colleges and universities. 

On its 6th year, Kontra continues to challenge student filmmakers to shoot outside the box. This year, Kontra seeks to defy stories, deflect norms, and defy boundaries in filmmaking. Competing for Best Film, Most Creative Use of Ingredients, and Audience Choice Award, ten finalists will screened and critiqued by a set of refined practitioners in the industry on May 30, 2015, 6PM onwards, at Dito: Bahay ng Sining, J. Molina St, Marikina City. The entrance fee is 100 php. For inquiries, contact Daniel at 09067062611.

Kontra 2015 is presented by UP Cinema, Pretzel Crips, Big Bang, Puff Corn, and Tostillas. This event is also brought to you by Comfort Sole Philippines and Timezone. Special thanks to DealSPOT, Dito: Bahay ng Sining and La Claire Spa. Our official media partners: Magic 89.9, Choose Philippines, ClickTheCity, Circuit Magazine, and Wazzup Pilipinas.

San Andreas Hollywood Movie: First Impressions

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Am I the only one who thought it was about GTA? Who else thought that the upcoming San Andreas movie was a GTA movie? You know, the GTA San Andreas game with CJ as the main character?

Kidding aside, I thought this was just going to be another 2012 movie, but of course they'll be boasting of better special effect "exclamationally" punctuated with action and drama brought by the lead characters like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

You can never enjoy films when you're a scientist because you can't help but pick apart all of the inaccuracies

LMAO, anyone who knows anything about seismicity will tell you the San Andreas is a strike slip fault. Meaning the two plates grind against one another not split apart like this shows. Also in order to have a tsunami of that size you really need an undersea earthquake specifically a deep thrust or mega thrust earthquake.  The San Andreas runs mainly inland in California . This movie looks like typical Hollywood dramatic interpretation . Not likely in real life, but as all Hollywood disaster flicks go it is based on sensationalism not actual facts..

The giant tsunami at the end of the trailer is not possible due to the gradual progression of our continental shelf. As opposed to a place like Japan, where tsunamis happen because of the energy from a quake displaces water on the sea floor, and that energy hits their nearly vertical continental shelf cause immense tsunamis, though no where near what is shown in the trailer here. Typical Hollywood BS.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mga Pusang Gogora: TOMCAT Seniors' Tribute

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As TOMCAT bids goodbye to its graduating kittens, it will hold the annual seniors' tribute titled "Mga Pusang Gogora: TOMCAT Seniors' Tribute" at The Lounge, Tomas Morato, on June 4, 2015. This event will be a night filled with exciting surprises, touching farewells—the ultimate throwback for its dear seniors. This is a night of a trip down memory lane while commemorating the journey and celebrating the exceptional hard work and dedication they have displayed during their stay in TOMCAT. All these, of course, while giving thanks for their service to the Thomasian community.

With Tomasian Cable Television (TOMCAT) being the official broadcasting arm of the University of Santo Tomas, it has been disseminating news inside and outside the university, providing quality entertainment by producing television and radio shows and covering and staging events through partnerships with other college-based and university-wide organizations. From the kittens’ humble beginnings as volunteers to members of an official media organization in the campus, the organization has evolved and taken it up a notch by gaining partnerships and bagging awards within and beyond the walls of the university, inspiring them to attract and gain strong partnerships with sponsors and media partners.

As TOMCAT continues to work to maintain the post for being the top source of premium entertainment and information, in and out of the university, its doors remain open for new partnerships and long term sponsorships from companies and other organizations. For inquiries, you are always free and encouraged to say hello at Do not forget to visit for latest trends and updates.
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