Saturday, May 16, 2015

TalentBin by Monster Allows Social Media-Fuelled Job Matches

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I was reading an article early this morning about an online recruitment company and their newest feature which allows them to scan relevant sites such as GitHub, Twitter, StackOverflow, Meetup, Google+ and other forums where candidates are active online. The information they get from these sites helps them find candidates that are more likely inactive job seekers that do not regularly upload their resume.

The region-wide launch of TalentBin by Monster, which provides recruiters access to previously ‘unfindable’ candidate profiles through aggregated social sources across the Web, aims to use a storehouse of actionable information and web-based recruiting tools to help locate hard-to-find talent. By aggregating public candidate social activity into a rich professional profile, recruiters now can find many previously undiscoverable candidates.

These is the same premise on how one of the lead characters of  a sci-fi movie is able to "mold" the traits and looks of his AI (Artificial Intelligence) robot. The story relates how the inventor and master developer/programmer was able to gather information from the Internet based on the activities of the user (one of his employees he wanted to use as a test subject), even his private porn-viewing activities were not spared, and thus able to "craft" a robot that the user will definitely like.

This ability to harvest information from social media or forums where we interact with other online users could be very useful as well for recruiters who can categorize us based on what sites we often go to, what movies we watch, what items we order, and a lot of other information vital to identifying which job we are most likely be qualified for.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Pinoy Life Hacks: Real Life Inspirational Stories From Real People

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I believe that the best lessons we can learn are those come from and have actually been experienced by real people. Story-telling becomes really natural and effortless, and likewise believable, when it really came from real-life experiences of the actual book authors.

Life becomes so appealing when we have the courage to share our stories, admit our mistakes, and realize the life lessons from the favorable or disappointing experience. Usually we encounter a lot of tragedies during our younger years because we are at a stage in our lives when we are prone to several mistakes brought about by hasty decisions.

We therefore welcome all kinds of support and encouragement to motivate us to move on despite the challenges. Reading about inspirational stories lifts our spirits and becomes sort of wind beneath our wings.

I recently got invited to a gathering where we were able to listen to four authors from Kerygma publications as they share their life experiences and answer inquiries for the benefit of the members of the media so we could also share to our readers the values we can learn from their motivational books.

HotelQuickly Consolidates Its Dominant Position as Leading Last-Minute Hotel Booking App

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HotelQuickly, Asia Pacific’s leading last-minute hotel booking app, has reached a remarkable milestone by recording more than 1,000,000 downloads of its last-minute app since its launch two years ago. The app delivers superior user experience by providing a curated selection of top hotels in 200+ destinations across Asia Pacific and making them available at lower prices than online. To date, more than 6,000 three to five star hotels have teamed up with the start-up, making the app the by far largest provider of last-minute rooms also in terms of bookable hotel inventory.  

The 1,000,000 downloads milestone will be celebrated with double reward value of a friend-redeemed voucher. Meanwhile, the top 50 inviters all win a free night in HotelQuickly’s partner hotels. The grand prize, including a spontaneous weekend trip for two, including flight and lodging will be awarded to the number one inviter.

“Over the past few years we’ve witnessed a drastic shift from online to mobile, the vast majority of smartphone users wouldn’t go out of home leaving their devices behind, which was one of the key reasons why we’ve decided to focus on mobile. We strive to make travelling easier, more convenient and life more spontaneous,” said Tomas Laboutka, HotelQuickly’s Singapore based Co-Founder and CEO. “We are in a massive ramp-up mode. We have recently launched an app for Apple Watch and we are working on a number of exciting new product features, which we will be able to announce soon,” he continued.   

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