Saturday, April 18, 2015

PNoy Says to the Youth: Books First Before Facebook and Clash of Clans

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Political matters muna bago celebrity weddings and TV guestings. Inuna muna sana ang mga SAF44 Fallen Heroes instead of going to a car plant visit.

Tama naman po ang payo mo Mr. President pero sana din may mga books na mabubuklat ang mga estudyante para basahin..pero sad to say. ...kulang-kulang po ang mga books sa public schools kasi yung budget ay nasa bulsa ng tiwaling pulitiko.

Excuse Me! Hindi na po uso ang pagbabasa ng libro dahil may Google na po. It knows (has) almost everything! Madali at mas maraming makukuhang information from different sources at less time consuming and work dahil we don't need to spend hours in the library or to photocopy certain portions of the book just to do research.

We also use Facebook to keep in touch and for group efforts. Since everyone has a Facebook account, it is easier to organize and keep ourselves updated and informed instead of SMS, email, call or actual meet-ups.

Ang library din ngayon ay parang museum na. It now exist just to preserve our culture. Once in a while we get to visit and open some new books.

You Will Never Become Better If You Are Always Bitter

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There's been some photos circulating on social media regarding two uncanny lovers of the same gender. Though many are remarking it was unfair since the guy was surprisingly good-looking and his partner was shockingly a member of the LGBT community.

Many are asking where is the justice in this world? The so-called Asian-European gay couple was so lovey-dovey sweetly holding hands and some photos even portray them kissing each other. The too much display of affection didn't made others jealous but the mere fact that a couple like this could exist.

It is very rare that you see such a tandem. People judge, people become bitter, people keep on questioning how was it possible.

Some would not accept the reality that a guy or gay can be lucky. Who knows? Maybe the tall guy is also a fag! Not to undermine the LGBT community but people who fall in love with the same sex usually have questionable sexualities as well.

Digital Technology World 2015 Gathers the Biggest Names in the Industry

Wazzup Pilipinas!

On its second year, Digital Technology World (DTW) 2015 is set at the SMX Convention Center Manila, MOA Complex, Pasay City from April 23-25.

The expo is living up to its title as the “Biggest Digital Platform in the Philippines” with over 150 participating companies and a total of 300 booths with over 5,500 sq.m of exhibition space occupied.

The expo gathers the leading manufacturers, distributors and service providers in DIGI PRINT (Printing, Labeling & Graphic Arts), DIGI PROAVL (Audio, Video and Lighting), DIGI SIGNS (Outdoor, Out-of-Home Advertising, Interactive Displays and Event Staging), DIGI ELECTRONICS (Gadgets & Accessories, Lifestyle IT & Personal Electronics), and DIGI SOLUTIONS (Hardware-Software, Programs, Consumables and Devices).

Pre-register to access your free entrance at

For more info., contact the event organizers, Global-Link MP Events International Inc. at (T) 893-7973 (F) 550-1148, email: or website  
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