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Let's Take It Offline: A Much Needed Break from the Online World

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A PR approached me yesterday and shared his deep concern of what some bloggers are doing. He said a lot are doing rants against each other, backstabbing, spreading rumors, cursing, etc. He emphasized that these are the reasons why some organizations are still hesitant to invite or partner with bloggers because of the ill behavior some bloggers are showing towards each other in the blogging community. Lack of respect and courtesy. Iisa ang mundong ginagalawan natin pero tayo-tayo rin ang nagsisiraan. Ipinapakita natin sa public ang isang parte ng ating komunidad na hindi kaaya-aya at lubhang makakasira sa ating lahat.

Let me reiterate. He did not mention any wrongdoing of individual bloggers but what bloggers as a whole are doing against each other - spreading negativity about the blogging community specifically through online and social media rants. May pinariringgan, may pinatatamaan at walang humpay na pagrereklamo. Ang impression tuloy ng iba ay tayo ay nagiging sobrang antipatiko, kunsintidor, mayabang, materialistiko, walang utang na loob, makapal ang mukha, inggitero, at kung ano-ano pang malalaswang kaugalian na dapat sana ay maiiwasan kung hindi tayo mismo ang nagkakalat.

Mas nakakairita ang mga taong lalo pang pinaiigting ang galit ng threadstarter. OK lang magbigay ng simpatiya pero kapag ikaw ay kumampi, naniwala ng agad-agad, at ang mas masahol ay nagalit rin sa taong pinatatamaan ng iyong kaibigan, ay higit ka pang nagdulot ng mas matinding yurak para lalong maging magulo ang inyong mundo. Bakit kamo? Dahil imbes na iilan lang ang nag-aaway ay dumagdag ka pa.

This does not apply only to the blogging community but for every group or organization.

National Geographic Explorer E3 Pedagogy in Learning

Wazzup Pilipinas!

National Geographic Explorer extended its program to the young minds by bringing the world inside the classroom. The organization developed a holistic and integrative environmental education program to further encourage learners and educators to engage in purposive learning. The aim of this organization is not just to inform the public about the what's, the how's and why's of things, but also to inspire them to move and do something about the world around them. Informative, entertaining and interactive activities were developed as well to motivate young learners to explore within the safety of the classroom.

The E3 Pedagogy in Learning: Interactive Approaches Improving Classroom Instructions and Methodologies for Millenial Learners was held at the 3rd Flr. Auditorium, Kaban ng Hiyas Building City of Mandaluyong. The event shared tips and techniques to K12 teachers to become innovative leaders to the students in order to make them life-long learners. They give both prestige and a remarkable experience to the educators of this country.

The honorable Mayor Benjamin Abalos was there to give the Welcome Remarks. Ms. Arlene Padua Martinez, President and Managing Director of National Geographic Explorer Philippines gave the Opening and Closing Remarks, while Ms. Jeanne Danielle Martinez, Program Manager of National Geographic Explorer Philippines, launched the program.

Nurture Wellness Village: Going Back to the Basics to Promote Health and Wellness Tourism (Part 2)

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Aside from the Gabriela experience that we talked about from our previous blog article, there are a lot of things to do in and around Nurture Wellness Village of Tagaytay. Our one and half hour ride from Metro Manila was all worth the travel time as the beauty and healing properties of the place was extremely rewarding.

Our visit at the enchanting and strikingly soothing place formerly called Nurture Spa, allowed us to experience a more profound self-discovery. It made us look more intimately on our personal totality. There are only a few spots near Manila where you can find a vast array of relaxing eco-friendly amenities located within nature itself.

The esteemed health and wellness destination can be found at Pulong Sagingan at Barangay Maitim II West Tagaytay City and was built by Dr. Mike Turvill, a british national who holds a PhD in Chemistry, and his wife Cathy Turvill, a certified Worksite Wellness Specialist, Health and Wellness Coach and internationally licensed therapist.

Nurture Wellness Village has been widely known for its amazing and high quality spa and wellness services highlighted by their skillful therapists trained by internationally certified trainers and the Amu'in massage oils made from pure therapeutic essential oils formulated by Dr. Mike himself, plus the "ulogs" guest accommodations that are authentic Ifugao heritage huts originally sourced from Banaue built by Igorot natives.

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