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Government should do the right thing with MRT3

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The government is now working to take over the MRT which is the train that runs along EDSA.  There are a lot of people that ride this train every day of the week and there are a lot of problems they need to address.  One problem they need to address is the lack of security in the train stations during rush hour.  There are a lot of shoving, pushing and mangling going on usually during 8 AM in the morning and 5 PM in the afternoon. Those are the times where it would be difficult to ride the train due to the fact that there are a lot of people there.  More security guards should be put there in order to prevent everyone from riding the train.  The government surely has enough budget to hire more people with low salaries. 

Of course, it won’t hurt to add more trains but all of them don’t necessarily need to be used all the time.  They just need to be on the move during rush hour in order to accommodate all the people who want to go to their destination right away.  The lines on each door should be fixed before the train arrives so each guard should make sure that nobody would suddenly barge in to the door and assert himself even if there is a line.  That is very rude and it would be unfair to the other passengers who fell in line for a long time.  Only time will tell if the government buying the MRT3 is a good thing or not.  Since the government has a lot of budget then it is expected to be a good thing.  However, they might not use it for the right purpose so they better be careful where they spend their money on.

SONA 2014 – P-Noy forgets to mention Binay?

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The President’s latest SONA came and went but he forgot to mention one person and that’s Vice President Jojomar Binay.  It is no surprise he did that since Binay is expected to be the main competitor on the next elections against the election’s presidential candidate Mar Roxas.  Binay uplifted the plight of the OFWs since he is the presidential assistant for Overseas Worker’s Affairs.  However, that did not happen but that does not mean the president and the vice president of the country are at odds against each other.  It just means the president had a lot of other people he thought that he should mention instead of his second in command.  Whether they deserve to be mentioned on top of the vice president is another issue.  Aquino obviously wants his best friend Mar Roxas to win the 2016 elections so the current projects of the government would be continued.  However, he is not really sure if the public wants the same since his trust rate has gone down recently.

Nobody knows if Binay and Aquino really got along with each other during the President’s term.  Now that there are only two years left on the current term of Aquino, that won’t really matter as it would be time to pass the torch in just a couple of years.  If the elections would happen now, he would be touring Binay at the Malacanang palace.  Some say the only way Binay loses is if massive cheating happens.  That already happened in the past so it won’t be a surprised if it happens again.  It won’t be fair though since the people should get who they want as the leader of the country.  At least some lesser known cabinet members got mentions in the speech of the President.  However, the person voted to be his second in command did not.

Escudero – “Step up Waste Management Campaign”

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Senator Chiz Escudero has applauded President Aquino’s mission to build a 100 km dike in Laguna de Bay as a solution to flooding there.  A lot of people are now living in basketball courts due to recent monsoon rains that wiped out their homes.  Chiz knew that this project of the President would take a long time as it could possibly carry over to the term of the next president which could be him if Chiz decides to run for the highest position in the country.  If he does then he does have a good chance of winning no matter who he decides to run with.  He suggest that ta chunk of the government’s budget should be used on the waste management campaign so the garbage on the streets should go to the proper places.  There are a lot of irresponsible people who just throw them wherever they wish. 

He pointed that there are still 27 percent of wastes that are everywhere and only 73 percent have been collected.  He is not really pointing the finger at anybody but he knows that every Filipino should do his or her job in keeping the country clean.  He pointed out that solid waste procedures should have been done a long time ago.  He knows it is long overdue and each Filipino should recognize that.  However, nothing can be done to those people who throw their trash anywhere they wish.  It just means they don’t care about the effects of their misdoings.  There are 5000 metric tons of wastes generated every single day in Metro Manila alone which means we are not really doing a good job of maintaining our environment clean.  It is a good thing the chairman of the senate committee on Environment and Natural Resources voiced out his opinion.  I wonder if the president heard him though.
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