Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Best of Anime 2013 : Cosplayers Here, There and Everywhere!!!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Cosplay , a portmanteau of the English words costume and play, is an activity in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea from a work of fiction or sources that include manga, anime, comic books, video games, and films. Any entity from the real or virtual world that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject. Inanimate objects are given anthropomorphic forms and it is not unusual to see genders switched, with women playing male roles and vice versa. There is also a subset of cosplay culture centered on sex appeal, with cosplayers specifically choosing characters that are known for their attractiveness and/or revealing costumes." -Wikipedia excerpt
The gang was all there! They were all so eager and excited to dress up as their favorite anime characters... complete with the moves, the pose, and the attitude!

All male, female and everyone else in between (lol) were flaunting their fabulous outfits depicting popular anime characters that have obviously made an impression on them. Many outfits were customized to fit the cosplayers perfectly and a lot of accessories like weapons, jewelries and other props were amazingly crafted just for events like these.

There were a lot who really spent a fortune in their outfits all for the sake of their love for anime!

The Best of Anime 2013 : A Celebration of All Things Anime-zing!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It's one of the much-awaited anime event of the year where you'll see a lot of anime-inspired and creatively colorful and ingenious outfits and costumes donned by various otakus of all ages.

It's one of those times of the year when otakus get to bring out their fascination with their favorite anime characters and idols. The imagination breaks lose in all directions and magnitude. Some went all the way to create very expensive outfits and props, while many tried to be resourceful in the materials hey used.

The Best of Anime 2013 held last September 14 and 15 at the SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia Complex also featured popular Japanese personalities that wowed the huge crowd.

The Best of Anime 2013 was one of the co-located events held in simultaneous run with other events like the 34th Manila International Book Fair (September 11-15), National Conference on Language and Literature  (September 10-12) and EduCare: A Young Child Conference (September 13-14) of which Wazzup Pilipinas was the proud online media partner.

Dutdutan : A Celebration of Art and Ink

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We are all so excited for the 13th offering of Dutdutan to be held at the World Trade Center on September 27 and 28. We are all ready to get inked by world famous tattoo artists that will be joining the event as guests and/or competing individuals.

Add to the excitement sub-events like the FHM Bikini contest, POD Live, Drum Duel competition, Bobby Ruiz of Tribal Gear, Big Tiny of Unauthorized Ink, Steve Soto of Goodfellas Tattoo, and a lot more other surprises!!!

Dutdutan is currently the nation’s biggest and grandest annual tattoo exposition, presented by Tribal Gear Philippines.

A venue for the finest of skin arts, this is the one event where acclaimed tattoo artists, enthusiasts, supporters, and even curious first-timers gather to marvel, get inked, compete, and experience skin artistry at its best. Dutdutan is also the one place and time when age and social status cross boundaries to take pleasure in a very personal and intimate brand of self expression.

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