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Philippines Online Gambling Trends in 2021

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The first half of 2021 is (sadly) over and the announced trends of the year are well on their way to becoming reality. Digital possibilities, online gaming and games for mobile devices are making their way onto the market and will provide surprises in the coming months. But what can users really expect?

Exciting times are ahead for the digital world. The focus on the diversity of the digital world has received increased attention in recent months, which functions as a booster for new developments. The gaming industry in particular benefited from the unexpected attention.

Sony and Microsoft created a miracle in the industry with their launch of next-gen consoles, while Nintendo dominated the summer with sales of its Switch console. Intermittent sellouts and delays in reorders showed just how coveted the gaming craze is.

However, the gaming and entertainment industry is not resting on this success. New trends and directions of march have long since been set, which are also particularly evident in online casinos.

Mobile Gaming and Gambling is Growing

Cell phones are part of our everyday lives. Whether it's a shopping tool, a ticket voucher or a reference book, it's hard to imagine life without cell phones. They skilfully combine utility with gamification approaches and form the handy entry into digital worlds. The use of cell phones is constantly fueled by numerous apps that are released daily in the stores.

Along with WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, mobile-enabled games are among the most used functions. Back in the distant 2019, over half of all cell phone owners already used their devices for gaming. Online casinos and especially slot games enjoyed great popularity. Why games of this type are compelling? Well, they are turn-based, quickly understood, and require hardly any time investment. Whether in the waiting room, on the train or on the way to work, anyone who feels like a quick game of slot games can jump right in. Sites like the top rated casino online in Philippines, also entice with a high payout rate and focus on the variety of games. It doesn’t matter if romantic, exciting, or based on movies: slot games appeal to a large target group, who can try their big luck with a spin.

However, online casinos offer much more. Video poker, roulette, or blackjack rounds are also on offer and can be participated in regardless of location. This freedom is the main reason why mobile gaming will continue to gain traction in 2021. The ability to join in at any time and in any place makes it so easy to experience gaming fun.

Crypto as an Alternative Payment Method

Bitcoins and co. have already established themselves as a means of payment in various online shops. Delivery services such have been offering customers the option of relying on digital thalers at checkout since 2018. EC card, credit cards, or cash payment remain in place, but are supplemented by the cryptocurrency. The reason is to convince more gamers to place an order. The fact is: the value of Bitcoins and Co. has increased in recent years - despite interim losses. Knowing that the money is lying unused on the servers, many companies and sites now wants to pave a way to bring the currency into circulation and primarily addresses gamers with the new payment method.

A step that online casinos are also taking. Here, the argument of the low fees that accrue for the user is valid. Up to 4% of the paid amount can accrue and inevitably drive the costs up. Besides, payment via cryptocurrency allows for greater anonymity when registering. Only a valid email is required to complete the deposit and make transfers.

For users who decide to go completely digital, this option is a welcome alternative. No mixing between offline products or merchandise! Everything works exclusively through digital channels, which is frighteningly close to a vision of the future.

eSports Betting is Trendier than Ever Before

Sports betting is not officially part of an online casino's offer, but the fun of betting makes it impossible to exclude this area from 2021 trends. eSports have long since made the step from niche sports into the mainstream and are gaining more and more fans. Whether League of Legends or DOTA 2, the hype surrounding open-world games in tournament mode is great. It is all the more disappointing that the recognized sport is not currently classified as eligible for funding by the governments. A questionable attitude, which seems unfair despite the fulfillment of the non-profit status - especially with regard to smaller clubs.

For bettors who bet on eSports tournaments, this should not be an obstacle. The belief in the favorite teams and the increasing number of events make betting on the games lucrative. Plus, the clocking and regularity of the events taking place internationally are high enough that there is a permanent chance of betting. In 2021, the frequency has only gotten up.

Virtual Reality IS a Reality

The debate about whether or not virtual reality has a future is ongoing. While the development side grumbles that there are no games, game developers blame the big manufacturers who hardly supply suitable equipment. A joint cooperation would be the chance to take games and online casinos to a new level.

It's only a matter of time before online casinos open their doors in virtual reality and live dealers deal the cards. The big breakthrough is not expected this year; time is too short to adapt the hardware to the necessary requirements. Nevertheless, further developments and small advances cannot be ruled out. Companies like Vodafone are making a start by launching a pair of glasses that combines VR and AR (augmented reality). The project should set a precedent and, in the best case scenario, could also be the ticket to the future for use in online casinos.

Numerous trends that await users are thus in the pipeline and on the rise. But which opportunities will really be placed in online casinos remains to be seen.

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