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Liza Soberano and Shay Mitchell to voice Alexandra Trese on Philippines' first-ever Netflix anime series

Wazzup Pilipinas!

You'll son be hearing the voices of Liza Soberano and “Pretty Little Liars” star Shay Mitchell in the Philippines' first-ever Netflix anime series, “Trese.” 

Soberano and Mitchell will voice the Tagalog and English versions respectively.

"It’s an honor to be the voice of an iconic character such as Alexandra Trese. I’m a huge fan of Budjette and KaJO’s award-winning 'Trese' comics. Maraming salamat! Excited na ako!” Liza Soberano said. 

The producer, Jay Olivia, is also the director of Justice League War, the Dark Knight Returns pt 1-2, and Flashpoint. He also worked on Deadpool, Thor Ragnarok, Wonder Woman, Young Justice and Legend of Korra. 

Oliva said that he’s a Liza’s fan.

Oliva, a renowned director & a money maker, will not risk his career for choosing Liza. Having been in this business for years, he knows a talent when he sees one. I’m sure before he made the final choice, he had watched her films and saw that LIZA SOBERANO for TRESE is lit!

Liza, you’re destined to take the world by storm. 

Although there’s no release date other than the year 2021, I’m expecting a full trailer by September if they want this to come out in time for November Halloween spooky season.

It’s basically about a detective hunting down aswang (monsters) and it looks like it’s going to be great hehe.

May strong women always lend a voice to one another, especially when there’s an aswang or two around. Happy International Women’s Day too!

What is trese?

A horror/crime comic book series. Trese is also the name of the heroine who manages to fight the bad demons and solve these mysteries together with her able bodyguards. 

Just finished reading Trese Volume One. You can buy it on Amazon with a Kindle format. Ngayon pa lang excited na ako para kay Liza. This is a really good one. Highly recommended! At may cameo pa sa last case! 

Liza deserves all the opportunities. She has not been an enabler and is very deserving of the role. Sweet but tough on the inside. Filipino woman of substance!

Ang importante, hindi enabler ang maririnig nating boses ni Alexandra, unlike a previous animation with DDS Robin Padilla.

Who can be more deserving than someone who can speak Ilocano, Ilonggo, Tagalog, and foreign languages fluently, and with a courageous stand on social issues. A perfect representation of Alexandra Trese.

Yeah no one can fit the character but Liza. She has been an advocate and now she will be the voice of Alexandra Trese. 

"With the recent casting of Shay Mitchell and Liza Soberano for Netflix's Trese, fans have been in a fervor, eagerly awaiting the animated adaptation of the breakout Filipino komiks."

Mike Defensor pushes for Ivermectin to treat Covid

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Tests using Ivermectin, a veterinary drug used to treat parasites in animals, have shown no significant effect in treating COVID-19, a virus that affects the lungs of humans.

Despite evidence, a congressmen with no medical background is supporting its use on humans.

Anakalusugan Partylist Rep Mike Defensor claims his Ivermectin is made by licensed pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription. Defensor insists it is safe and covered under ‘essential medicines.’

Neither a doctor or a scientist, Defensor in recent weeks has publicly declared support for the drug, saying it helped him when he contracted COVID-19.

Defensor is capitalizing this pandemic for political gains and is putting the people’s lives to danger with this Ivermectin fiasco. Even used Tulfo and other conspiracy theory propagandists on Facebook and Youtube to advance his interests.

This is evil act in a nutshell.

Is Defensor is the new medical representative and Guinea pig for Ivermectin?

I don't know why Defensor and some other people are pushing for Ivermectin which is an antiparasitic drug as a drug of choice for COVID. Ginagamit yan namin to treat mange or "galis" in rabbits due to unsanitary surroundings or cages. Parasite na pala yung COVID?

Ivermectin is a safe drug for treating parasites... but Brazilians using the drug for COVID-19 without a prescription is already having consequences... "We are seeing people getting liver disease... "It's dangerous.""

IDK why he distributed ivermectin despite of the tests results....and why is he so proud bragging it as if he will save the universe? 

You’d think this didn’t have to be said ONE WHOLE YEAR INTO A PANDEMIC but here we still are:

Please listen to doctors and scientists, not shady websites and Viber groups. Also, not Defensor.

How much ivermectin do you guess Defensor has imported and are planning to sell that he’s peddling this animal drug this hard to Filipinos?

Bakit binibigyan nyo pa yan ng interview? You’re just giving him media mileage. Technically what he’s really pushing is mass deworming.

RA 3720, as amended by RA 9711 (FDA Act of 2009), prohibits manufacture, importation, exportation, sale, offering for sale, distribution, transfer, non-consumer use, promotion, advertising, or sponsorship of any health product that is adulterated, unregistered or misbranded.

FDA Act also prohibits manufacture, importation, exportation, sale, offering for sale, distribution, transfer, non-consumer use, promotion, advertisement, or sponsorship of any health product which, although requiring registration, is not registered with the FDA.

1. When a drug does not have FDA approval, it is illegal.

2. When a person is an unauthorized distributor, he or she is a Trafficker.

Therefore Defensor is an Illegal Drug Trafficker. 

Mike Defensor, MD nga ang initials mo pero hindi ka MEDICAL DOCTOR.

Wag mag magmagaling!

Wag umepal!

Distributing unregistered products especially without a doctor’s prescription goes against the law, FDA said.

FDA Act imposes jailtime on violators of between 1 year to 10 years and fines ranging from P50k to P5M, depending on the level of involvement.

You’d think a lawmaker would understand that regulation applies to the parties, to the transaction and to the object of the prestation.

Is he going to endanger more people!?

Is it time to purge the government of incompetent leaders and those who spread false information?

Not doing anything illegal is not a defense against putting people's lives in danger!

DOH should proactively monitor and sanction doctors being complicit to the dispensing of veterinary Ivermectin for COVID patients and of course, hold Defensor accountable for this gross misinformation of the public!

The World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Health (DOH), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) DO NOT RECOMMEND the use of Ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment.

Please be careful with politicians taking advantage of the public's desperation for affordable COVID-19 treatment.

The correct inquiry should be, why DOH only peddled vaccines that could injure more people? 

DOH is so myopic!

Merck, the manufacturer has already stated that there is no scientific basis that Ivermectin is effective against covid. Merck would be the first one to gain if it is! Is Defensor just making noise to become relevant again?

But then again, a friend has this information that the Ivermectin that the thousands of Pinoys have already taken and now swear by was not made by Merck but personally compounded by Dr Alan Landrito, a Pinoy based here, who practices alternative medicine.

Read the following appeal below to learn more about Ivermectin:

"An Appeal to Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte, Senate President Vicente Sotto III, Speaker Lord Allan Velasco

We respectfully appeal to our Hon. President Rodrigo R. Duterte, Senate President Vicente Sotto III, and Speaker Lord Allan Velasco to give serious, urgent and immediate attention to Ivermectin as an inexpensive drug to prevent and treat Covid-19 during this public health crisis.

Concretely, we respectfully request the President to direct the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Health (DOH), and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to:

1) Pro-actively look into the credible testimonials of a substantial number of Filipinos, including well-known members of Philippine society, and on the studies of several local and foreign medical researchers on the efficacy and safety of Ivermectin in preventing and treating covid-19 cases; and

2) Issue the appropriate permit or authority to persons, natural or artificial, to manufacture, compound, import, distribute and sell Ivermectin.

Likewise, we respectfully ask Congress to pass the appropriate legislation or resolution to expedite the availability of and easy access to Ivermectin by the masses of our people.


We are in a severe public health emergency. Our people are dying in big numbers on a daily basis and our hospitals can no longer accommodate those who are getting sick of the virus. The number of cases is growing bigger and bigger. Our people are desperate for a preventive and curative drug against covid-19.

Safety and Efficacy

There are well-founded reasons to believe that Ivermectin, repurposed as a human- grade drug to prevent and treat Covid-19 cases, will do much good based on widespread testimonials and studies made on Ivermectin.

22% of the world is already using Ivermectin to successfully fight Covid-19, according to the Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines (CDC Philippines), an advocate for the use of Ivermectin as a preventive and curative drug against Covid-19.

"Multiple studies and meta-analyses confirm the effectiveness of Ivermectin, a safe oral drug used for over 40 years for other illnesses in humans, " CDC Philippines said in a statement.

In India, South Africa and many Latin American countries, Ivermectin is widely used as a Covid-19 drug.

Low Cost

Remdesivir, the current drug being used to treat COVID-19- infected patients, costs around P28,000 per vial and must be administered twice daily until the patient is discharged. This drug is beyond the means of the average Filipino, most especially the poor.

Ivermectin, on the other hand, costs only around P35, has been sold over-the-counter for 40 years, and is generally administered daily for three days, which means a person only needs to spend a little over P100 for the entire treatment. The preventive dose is only once every two weeks.

Legal Basis

We make this appeal anchored on the following constitutional policies declared in the 1987 Constitution:

1) Protection and promotion of the right to health of the people (Sec.15, Article II);

2) Respect for the role of independent people's organizations to enable the people to pursue and protect their legitimate and collective interests and aspirations (Sec.15, Article XIII); and

3) The right of the people and their organizations to effective and reasonable participation at all levels of social, political and economic decision-making.

Emergency Action Needed

With the sufficient vaccine supply against Covid-19 still forthcoming, the present health crisis calls for urgent and decisive action by government to provide a low-cost preventive and curative drug easily accessible to our people.

We strongly believe that many more Filipinos, especially the poor, can be saved from Covid-19 infection and death if Ivermectin is made immediately available to our people as prescribed by medical doctors without further delay and threats of administrative and criminal sanctions.

While FDA has declared that it can issue compassionate special permit for the use of human grade repurposed Ivermectin, the procedures are cumbersome and not conducive to a wider use of the drug, not to mention the fee that has to be paid by patient or institution which is more than the cost of the drug itself.

With the immediate availability of Ivermectin in the country, the health of the Filipinos will be protected and promoted, and the economy of the country will be restored and enhanced.

Dear leaders of our country, we appeal to you, please act on our request.

SIGNED March 31, 2021

Mr. Sergio R. Ortiz-Luis Jr.

President, Employers Confederation of the Philippines

Mr. Jose Luis U. Yulo Jr.

President, Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines 

Atty. Rico V. Domingo

President, Philippine Bar Association

Atty. Ferdinand A. Nague

President, Maritime Law Association of the Philippines Inc.

Atty. Joey Lina

Former Senator

President, Sagot Kita Bayan

Amb. Benedicto V. Yujuico

President, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Dr. Jesus Lim Arranza

Chairman, Federation of Philippine Industries Inc.

Mr. Alberto D. Lina

President, Federation of Philippine Industries Inc.

Fernando L. Martinez, Phd

President, PCCI Pasig City

Cory Quirino

Chairman, Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption


Nelson Celis

President, Philippine Computer Society Fellow, Center for People Empowerment in Governance

Dr. Benigno A. Agbayani Jr. MD, FPOA

President, Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines

Greg Atienza

Executive Director, SOULPh

Ofelia Odilao-Bisnar

SVP, ICMA UP Chapter

Trustee, Food for Hungry Minds Inc. Treasurer (past Chair) AAAIM

Leonardo Q. Montemayor Jr.

Board Chairman, Federation of Free Farmers

Antonio Sarmiento Jr.

President, Philippine Federation of Pest Management Operators Associations Inc.

Luis Marcos Laurel

President, Class 1986 Ateneo Law School

Simon Cowell and the music industry scandal

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Omg! Cher Lloyd, Rebecca Ferguson, Jedward, 1D and Little Mix have literally all decided to simultaneously drag Simon Cowell, X Factor and the music industry all at once and I'm living for the exposé.

Let’s start off with the obvious. Cher's latest TikTok stated how she was being pressured into a relationship with a star, rumoured to be Austin Mahone. She also says how if her record took of they’d just take the money, referring to her hit, Want U Back.

“the sold me the dream” also shows that Cher feels she was being sold the dream of being this big main pop girl but instead it was a lure for Simon Cowell and LA Reid to make big bucks out of Cher's talent.

In this interview in 2012 on This Morning, Cher says “the first single wasn't the way I wanted it to be” (first single meaning Swagger Jagger). This shows how Cher at the time didn’t even have control over what songs were going to be singles... which isn’t okay and is over controlling on Simons half as Cher should’ve had the final say on what her debut single is. she doesn’t have to “earn her place” for this. it’s her music. Simon can have an opinion and tell Cher what he’d rather the single to be but not getting the final decision shows the authority he thought he had over Cher.

Cher did an interview with The Sun last year. Here she confirms more so how she was pressurized into a fake celebrity relationship to boost her music and social status to make music bosses happy and gain from her.

In another interview Cher stated how being controlled and used in the industry over the years took away her “sparkle” due to ongoing pressure. She wasn’t allowed to be her organic self creatively or style wise.

On this day Cher was performing her single With Ur Love on the today show and later reveals in 2020 that she didn’t want to be in that tutu and the outfit was chosen for her. Cher was 19 here and she was being forced into tutus by older men trying to keep up this image of her being this child friendly big pop girl. which she didn’t necessarily ever want to be. she wants to be herself and not someone somebody else wants her to be.

On an instagram live on the release night of Cher's song ‘Lost’. Cher confirms yet again that decisions about what she was wearing was being made for her without her having any sort of say in the decisions of her outfits.

Also notice how Cher would dress casually in 2010.... and all of a sudden she’s wearing tutus and big fancy dresses the second other people got too much control over her.

I hope you’ve learnt something from this thread on how you might not be hearing Cher's name much anymore. She told them music bosses fuck you and she’s doing what she wants to. As she should.

Looking back on Simon Cowell saying "Britney couldn't talk", hits differently now, doesn't it?..

This is the downfall on Simon Cowell. We have all been waiting a long time for this. I knew there was something about Simon that rubbed me the wrong way!!

Simon Cowell is what happens when capitalism takes human form. As a 17-year-old when I read the stuff that was on Tumblr, I prayed that none of that was true. But now seeing all of this, I genuinely hope that Simon Cowell pays for every fucking thing.

Simon Cowell thinks he’s the Mafia leader of the music industry when in reality he’s nothing but a bad facelift.

This isn’t just about One Direction, it’s the way people like Simon Cowell, Syco and Modest got away with making millions off the blood sweat and tears of their artists, while the artists themselves are severely over worked and legally can’t speak out about their mistreatment. ITS FUCKED!

There are probably other artists who we don't even know of that are being exploited by the music industry.

The smaller artists come out and speak up about it because it’s like “look if I’m saying I was treated so badly by them, what makes you think their huge acts aren’t being mistreated too"

I genuinely believe that we don't even know half of the things that happens. It’s probably not ‘half’at all but it’s everything. We don’t know anything that happens between managers and their clients. No ideas what happens between record label bosses and their artists. It’s a fucked up industry and always has been. It’s not just Syco and Modest either. It could be every single management and record company.

It literally makes me so mad but sad at the same time to know that these people were used for making money from the age of what? 16?

It’s happened to so many artists. It’s happened to Britney Spears. It’s happened to George Michael. Little Mix. One Direction. The Jackson Family, etc. MJ was 6 when he got in the industry and spoke up when he was a adult about Sony and how they mistreat their acts. it happens 24/7.

It’s completely heartbreaking. there is no need to mistreat your artists like WHAT does that get them??? pleasure of being in control?? making your artists scared??? It’s so fucked up.

I want to watch simon cowell’s career fall apart while drinking champagne & screaming the words to copy of a copy of a copy is that really too much to ask for???

I hope artists continue to speak out against Simon Cowell and Syco even though it must be incredibly scary, because they deserve freedom! We need to listen now more than ever.

Justice for all the artists that were Simon Cowell's, Syco's and Modest's marionettes.
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