Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Ostrich Freedom Run: Big Birds on the Loose with No Quarantine Pass

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The ostriches are back to safety.

The unusual sight of two escaped ostriches running wildly around Mapayapa 3 subdivision in Quezon City on a Tuesday morning drove the people in the area and netizens crazy. Fortunately, they were brought back to their owner shortly after.

One of the ostriches were rescued by some concerned individuals, including a security guard and an electric company personnel who were nearby the area.

According to some residents, the ostriches are owned by one of the residents in the village.

Ostriches running wild in the city just when the whole Manila is on lockdown is a welcome respite.

The humans need a townhall pass to be able to go out of their house, while this bird is running as it pleases.

It was sort of an ostrich freedom run.

Two ostriches, one can be seen on videos, got loose from its owner and started a freedom run around Mapayapa Village 3 subdivision in Quezon chased a car.

At the gate, the ostrich turned around when told she didn't have a gate pass. Already 1000% times better than most politicians.

The ostrich thing was funny until you realize that it probably escaped from some rich guy's house, keeping it (illegally?) as a pet. Lol

Video uploaders Dino Rivera, Mark Lawrence Umipig, and Thomas Jarlego had the rare opportunity to get shots of these giant birds.

Video link:

The Pop Stage Anomaly: Did CJ Villavicencio Plagiarize the Ang Huling El.Bimbo Musical?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

So someone from "The Pop Stage" online talent contest did an eraserheads medley, but his arrangements are straight out of a musical?

There were no credits nor permission to use these arrangements. due to its commercial use, it's under the jurisdiction of copyright laws.

Did CJ Villavicencio unashamedly rip off Ang aHuling El Bimbo (AHEB)’s musical arrangements! How could he even sleep at night knowing that he stole someone else’s hard work without asking for a single permission or even providing any actual credits to the artists?

If this was true, shame on @CjVillavicencio, @VivaArtists and the contest producers who tolerate this. You can’t call someone an ARTIST when he rips-off others’ work and make money out of it. So wrong.

Abutin mo ang pangarap mo—but not this way.

CJ Villavicencio was accused of plagiarizing musical arrangements and concepts from Ang Huling El Bimbo, the jukebox musical based on the music of OPM rock icons The Eraserheads.

The overused "bad publicity is still publicity" enters the picture. Yes, CJ and his team will have this image that plagiarized the arrangement of AHEB musical but maybe months or years, it will be forgotten. He still got his 1M pesos and a contract with Viva Agency.

Philhealth Mafia is More Fatal than All the Viruses Combined

Wazzup Pilipinas!

From the Senate hearing:

“Ang masasabi ko lang, there is a special place in hell for people who take advantage of the misery of others” - Miguel Zubiri

Resigned anti-fraud officer Thorrsson Montes Keith on Tuesday alleged that PhilHealth chief Ricardo Morales tried to use him to iron out the supposed overpriced COVID-19 test kits of the state health insurer.

Keith filed his resignation on July 23 citing anomalies in the agency.

PhilHealth 'mafia', composed mostly of Philhealth's execom members, stole P15B says resigned anti-fraud officer.

Learn to pronounce
willingness to secretly allow or be involved in wrongdoing, especially an immoral or illegal act.

"this infringement of the law had taken place with the connivance of officials"

What a shame, PHILHEALTH. I suspect that said malpractice is organizationwide, and those who may have known about it simply looked the other way and stayed silent. No way this can happen in a private enterprise under the watchful eyes of committed employees and sharp Internal Audit... ;)

The COA should resort to pre-audit from time to time using its discretion. This could have been prevented in a pre-audit.


Now it takes eternity to recover the overpriced amount in a court litigation.

"Our health care system is on the brink of collapse. Our healthcare workers are burned out, physically and mentally. We are at war yet it seems that the plague of PhilHealth corruption could be more fatal than all the viruses combined" says Drilon.

'Laptops worth P100-M were also repeatedly approved by Philhealth's President Ricardo Morales, another appointed retired general.

Among the questionable items under the proposed P2.1-billion IT project of PhilHealth include the purchase of two sets of laptops worth a total of P4.1 million and P115 million.

“There will be no more reserve fund by 2021 so deficit na po tayo (we will run into deficit) in terms of collection and benefit payouts in 2021.”

PhilHealth could collapse in 2022 without additional subsidy from the government.

Want to hear the most unbelievable news? Apparently, records will show that there are 5K PhilHealth members that are 130 years old. Wow! Call in the Guiness World Records.

Unbelievable! What a shame, and they have the audacity to impose mandatory contribution for all OFWs.

OFWs “the Milking Cow” not heroes to them. Somehow I thank God to have this Covid and all suddenly surfaced. As these Corrupt people are the real Virus that needs to be annihilated.

Based on the percentage of overpricing,  would it be safe to say that many people were in on the whole scheme as all of them had to get a piece of the pie?
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