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8 Tips to Prevent Impulsive Buying this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is fast approaching. Sales are popping up left and right, gatherings abound, and parties all around. Your schedule’s packed for the next couple of weeks, and before you know it, you’re already in the new year wondering where all the time and money went.

Certainly, Christmas is a joyous occasion. Giving in to a little indulgence is inevitable—of course, after a year of hard work, you deserve a treat! But because everyone knows the unpleasant experience of finding a bank statement the next month all too well, as a precaution, it could help to be just a little more mindful of what you splurge on for just a couple of weeks.

Here are some handy tips to help you steer clear of impulse buys this holiday season so that you can save yourself from the rush, traffic, and unwanted debt.

1. Make a list; check it twice.

Prioritize and do as Santa would—make a list! If you’re trying to get ahead of the holiday rush, narrow down what there is to purchase. This keeps you in check to avoid spending unnecessarily.

It helps to ask questions such as:

  • What are the things you need to buy?
  • Are they absolute necessities for the season or are they things you could maybe do without?
  • What about gifts, who are you buying for?
  • Are there alternative items I can get?

A pro tip for the holiday shopping list: organize your list in a way that works for you. For example, you can separate the gift list from the necessities list so that you can focus on one set at a time. You might also want to group the items by where you’ll be buying them.

2. Set a budget with the intention of sticking to it.

Be realistic about the number you set so that it’s not too low that you know you aren’t going to be overspending. Make sure it isn’t so high too so that there’s money left to save yourself from accumulating debt. It’s important to manage expectations to keep from shelling out way more than what you should.

Also, consider how much you can afford to spend, taking into account your monthly dues and personal savings. The best approach to setting a budget is to round off what you’ll be spending. Whether you’re just out to have a good time or go ahead with your holiday shopping, give yourself a ceiling price for what you pay.

Canvas first, don’t buy right away.

Maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special. Perhaps you’re in the mood to splurge on a treat for yourself. Whichever it is, if you’ve found the item, don’t sprint for the cashier just yet! If it’s something pricey, you may want to hold off on buying right away.

Chances are, there’s another store—physical or online—that sells it for a lower price. If you know of an online store, you can check on the spot to see if you can get a better deal.

Spend in cash; leave the card behind.

While it can be a little scary to carry around a big amount of money for what you’ll be buying for the holidays, it’s much easier to be mindful of what you spend and how you spend it if you have it on-hand as cash.

You’ll see your cash visually depleting, and you’ll be forced to make wiser decisions when choosing what to purchase. This also significantly minimizes the likelihood of you making any big purchases that you won’t want to see in your next bank statement.

Unsubscribe from retail newsletters.

Malls and restaurants aren’t your only temptation. Online shopping is bigger than ever and way more convenient than braving the holiday traffic. It may only take a short message telling you that an online store is going on sale to break you. Avoid seeing the promos by unsubscribing from email newsletters. Out of sight out of mind, right?

Make some healthier food choices.

Let’s be real: the holiday season is notorious for all the group get-togethers, spontaneous nights out, and family reunions that pretty much mean eating out or drinking. Take every chance you can get to eat healthy and on a budget.

Save what you can by doing a couple of meal preps for your workdays. Not only will you be cutting out additional expense on your lunches, but you’ll also be cutting out excess carbs so you can fully enjoy your Christmas parties.

Don’t let fancy phrasing and holiday deals fool you.

Think twice about an item that’s put on sale or a “Christmas pack” that’s only offered during the holiday season. It could just as easily be the same price or marked down by a tiny fraction of the full price. Don’t hesitate to be clear with the salespeople, asking questions like “What’s the exact amount I’ll be saving?” or “How much am I spending for the final price?”

A pro tip is to compute your savings and compare it to the original price. Ask yourself if the product is really worth buying. Could you be spending that same amount of money on something more meaningful like catching up with friends you haven’t seen in ages or a non-holiday expense that’s equally important? Bank on the experiences rather than just material things.

Keep a contingency fund.

It’s always better safe than sorry! Yes, you’ve set a budget and are hellbent on sticking to it. But what about emergencies, like forgetting to get someone important a present or needing more supplies for the Christmas party you’re hosting in a few hours?

Set aside a right amount of money that can cover emergency cases like that, but make sure to keep it in a place you can’t easily reach so you won’t be tempted to use it on an impulse buy.

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. From holiday shopping and parties to nostalgic get-togethers and family reunions, it’s inevitable to spend a little more than necessary. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just remember to be mindful of these tips and what you splurge on with a budget to keep yourself happy and on track this season!

Importance of Sleep for Babies

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Normal development

For a new parent, the "normal" sleep issue of your baby is important. Especially given the exhaustion often felt by a parent because of nocturnal feedings and interrupted rest. Infant sleep problems can affect the health of mothers.

During the first year of your baby's life, it's quite understandable to wonder the importance of sleep for babies. Newborns are born without their day and night rhythm being established, and questions about sleep, the amount of sleep your baby needs, and strategies or techniques to help your baby sleep often dominate the thoughts of new parents. Newborns often need 16 hours of sleep, but the pace of sleep changes in the first 12 months of life.

What is the importance of sleep for babies for your newborn and throughout the first year of your baby's life? Parents often ask:

How much should my baby sleep?

What is the normal rest cycle for my baby?

How much should my baby sleep during the day and at night?

When will my baby sleep all night?

What are the secrets of a good sleeper

Snooze News: 7 Ways Sleep Loss Is Tied To Overeating

No, it's not the latest "fashionable" diet. Scientific research has been done on the effects of sleep and how it can affect your weight.

The researchers said that the amount of sleep - or the quality of your sleep - can actually affect a hormonal response directly related to your appetite.

Doctors talk about two specific hormones that can affect appetite: leptin and ghrelin. Their names may seem a bit odd, but if you treat them correctly, they may just be your two new best friends, because studies have shown that they can be influenced by the amount of sleep a person has.

When you are not sleeping enough, leptin levels plummet, and even if you eat well, you’re feeling of satisfaction is almost imperceptible - or totally absent.

Working diabolically with leptin in your private sleep body, your ghrelin levels increase and stimulate your appetite. So you want to eat - and you can actually sit and eat a full meal - but you never feel full.

Talk about Snooze News: 7 Ways Sleep Loss Is Tied To Overeating

Reduce caffeine consumption. If you always have a latte at your fingertips, caffeine can keep you from resting. Change to decaffeinated after 4 pm

Get enough exercise each day. If you are sitting at a desk or hanging on the couch, your body will not get tired enough to want to sleep, and a loss of sleep may result.

Do not do hard cardio too close to bedtime. You will be too stalled to fall asleep. Instead, if you want to train at night, do some relaxing stretching exercises.

Remove the electronics from your bedroom. Laptops, cell phones, and tablets often have glow buttons that can keep us from getting the total darkness we need for quality sleep. Banish your gadgets in another room or at least in a dark drawer.

Try to fall asleep and get up in the morning at the same hours each day. Consistency eases sleep and reduces sleep loss

Do not exceed the schedule. If you lose sleep because you have too many, look at what can be reduced to make sure you get your Zs.

Limit nap during the day to no more than 30 minutes a day

A test showed that women who changed their sleep habits lost five to fifteen pounds over a ten-week period without changing their eating or exercise habits!

Pets In Our Favorite Sleeping Positions

There is something to watch your pet sleep that is comforting and sometimes even comical. Do you know that many of your pet sleep behaviors are similar to ours, and others are inherent?

The average pets sleep 12 to 13 hours a day. It may not seem like this, but puppies sleep even longer! It's almost half of their life! Pets In Our Favorite Sleeping Positions are able to catch a few winks whenever they can. This form of nap is similar to stage 1 sleep, where they sleep, but barely.

Sleep is an essential part of the health, the physical and emotional well-being of your pets life.

Pets kept indoors, sleep longer and deeper than kept outdoors and working dogs. Dogs kept outdoors, and working dogs try to take an extra nap here or there, but rarely relax enough to achieve a healthy, deep, and restful sleep.

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Emperor Set Experience in Busy Tomas Morato @ Yaki Kai


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Hoddai Examiner, a Japanese Restaurant located in Quezon City, opened another restaurant at Dr Lozcano St in Tomas Morato featuring a Yakiniku Buffet and Grill called Yaki Kai.

A hole in the wall restuarant the Yaki Kai Menu offers the visitors who crave the best grilling experience and at P699 per person you get to enjoy a set of mixed pork, beef and shrimp on the grill served with lettuce, kimchi, potatoes, cheese, veggies, sauces and more plus you get to feast on the buffet area while seeing thd chefs prepare the dishes for you.

In our experience of Yaki Kai the serving of the emperor set is a feast serving so I suggest that if you order this on your visit, make sure you have an empty stomach or atleast bring 2 or 3 friends with you.

Other than the Emporor set. Yaki Kai also offers 2 other sets for their guests. The Master set at P399 and premium set at P499 and yes! Buffet table access is inclusive of the 3.

Address is located at 122 Sct Dr Lozcano St Quezon City. The nearest landmark is Alfredos Steak. Just across on the opposite side of the road and go straight.

Contributed by Chesca Abando

Below is the official press release from the event:

Yakikai Brings a Whole New Fusion Cuisine Experience in Tomas Morato

As more and more Filipinos enjoy different cuisines in the metro, a new kind of fusion cuisine has just opened up in Tomas Morato, Quezon City - Yakikai Buffet Restaurant.

From the Japanese words Yaki that means to grill and Kai which means together, This Japanese fusion restaurant has got you covered with your cravings all year around with your friends and family.

This Japanese concept along with a Korean flair with its variety of flavors that will satisfy your hunger just like kings and queens at court.

They have three sets available for your cravings: Master Set (399php) Premium Set (499php) and the Emperor set (599php) but since they are on their soft opening, you can enjoy these sets for only 299php, 399php and 499php.

The Master Set

The Master Set is composed of six variety of pork and poultry along with the buffet of Japanese and Korean dishes you can pick from. The six flavors are: Chicken Teriyaki, Spicy Chicken Teriyaki, Samgyupsal, Spicy Samgyupsal, Galbi Sauce Pork, and the Peppered Shoulder Pork.

The Premium Set

The Premium set is an upgraded version since there is an additional meat selection from beef and shrimp along with a cheese dip. The additional varieties are: Sliced Beef, Beef Tare Yakiniku, Spicy Beef and Fresh Shrimp.

Emperor Set

Dine like an Emperor with this set with your friends and family as this set not just contains poultry, beef, pork, shrimp but also fish in its dish lineup that will surely fill your stomachs like a true king and queen.

Along with the meat selection provided above here are the added meat and dishes for the Emperor set:

Beef Steak
Jjampong Nabe
Salmon Sashimi
Ebi Tempura

The Buffet is included on all sets so if you have a craving for some California Maki or would like to have your favorite Korean side dishes they are readily available and also at your control to get how many you would like.

Yakikai is currently open from 4PM to 2AM and they are located at 122 Sct. Dr. Lazcano St. Sacred Heart, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City.

Contact #
+63 9271383980
+63 9298235452
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