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Ergo & Wellness Conference Asia 2019

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Amazing fact: The happier your employees, the more successful your company becomes. The more companies succeed, the faster the economy grows.

This year’s theme “For healthier workforce and a more productive Philippines” will emphasize on educating the private companies on how they can successfully apply various wellness and ergonomic programs to increase the productivity of their employees. Please come join us on 17 May at SMX Convention Center, SM Auru.

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Health Screening by Biomark (Random Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Check)
Blood Pressure Check
Body Mass Index
The Bio Med Scan (valued at Php 5,000++)
Lifestyle Medicine Consultation
Ergonomic Office Furniture Showcase
Posture Screening + Basic Chiropractic Consultation
Osteopathy Session
Heart Health Screening
Therapeutic Art


Overnight stay for 2 at The Farm
Smart Wristband
Ergonomics chairs and table
Vouchers from participating brands
Essential oils

Event: Ergo & Wellness Conference Asia 2019
Date: 17 May 2019
Venue: SMX Convention Centre, SM Aura, Taguig, Philippines

For more information, please contact us at +65 6506 0964 or

UP MedChoir Proudly Presents “Cantiamo Tutti”

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Music has always brought us together in the midst of our bustling med school lives. It has been an avenue to pour out our hearts after long hours of classes and duties. Singing together has always been our comfort and our home.

As we celebrate 30 years of healing through music, we share with you music that transcends generations.

Join us for a night of melodies as the UP MedChoir presents “Cantiamo Tutti” this May 11, 2019, 6:30 PM, at the Sto. Cristo del Tesoro Auditorium, Santa Isabel College, Taft Avenue, Manila. This year-end concert will double as a celebration of our 30th anniversary. Proceeds will go to the PGH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. For ticket inquiries, kindly contact Liza Laroco at 0916 770 8681. You may also visit our Facebook page,, for more information. See you there!

This event is made possible in cooperation with the UPCD Dental Health
Brigade and the UP Medical Students' Society.

Also brought to you by the UP Manila Chorale.

Special thanks to: UP Medical Students for Social Responsibility, the UP
Medicine Student Council, UP Medics, Gardenia, and Oh So Healthy!
We’d also like to thank our media partners: DZUP, Magic 89.9, Wazzup
Pilipinas and When In Manila, and our printing partner: Orange Segment
Print and Design Studio.

Tips On How To Keep Etiquette On The Internet In A Corporate Email

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Most e-mail accounts registered in the world are for end users, but the number of corporate accounts is very high and everyone working in the second sector has coexistence with their use. Corporate email is a subject that shares opinions, so Email Etiquette Training selected a number of tips for you that send and receive this type of email daily.

Be polite in regards to greeting and farewell

So you avoid looking rude and demanding. Most of the time you do not even know the person to whom you sent the message yourself, so do not think of email as a simple SMS, but rather as a letter.

Keep  the tone casual

You are sending an email to humans, not to robots. However, do not be too casual. Always calibrate the level of formality; sending an email to the president of a company against an email to your best friend has a big difference in the degree of formality, both for the content they share and for the recipient. In both cases, rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation still apply. If you do not have time to use the spell checker, people will not take you seriously.

Do not write a bible

E-mail should be a quick and effective way to communicate, so be sure to write exactly as you write. No one wants to read a giant e-mail when they could receive the message in a short, gentle paragraph.

Avoid writing under pressure or other emotion

If you feel shaken by something, move away from the computer, take the time to relax before writing, because if you use CAPS LOCK, people will think you're screaming. DO NOT WANT TO APPEAR TO BE SCREAMING, EITHER? Also, you should not use all lowercase letters because that sounds kind of silly. If you have to emphasize something, use bold or italic .

Do not use colored background images
If you want your message to be readable, do not decorate your email. Also, do not use more extravagant fonts, stay in standard fonts to keep it simple, clean and easy to read.

Do not send anything that is compromising

Email is not private. People are fired all the time for sending out unsuitable e-mail as corporate e-mail is considered the property of the company. Remember that what is published on the Internet is on the Internet, and the same applies with electronic mail

Do not send large files without asking first

People have different preferences on how to receive files - some want an attached file, some want it to be copied and pasted into the body of the message. If one wants the attached files, it is better to separate the files into several emails instead of inserting them into a single message because it will take a long time to be sent.

Do not assume a tone that people can misinterpret

People can not hear the sound of your voice while reading what is written, unfortunately. If you try to be sarcastic, a lot of people will take it the wrong way. This is also not to use emoticons - use them very rarely, remember you want to maintain a professional look.

If you are sending emails through your computer or a smartphone, follow these rules and everything you write will look professional and polite.
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