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Newspapers are Dead Just Like the "Tuyo" or "Tinapa" Wrapped in Them

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The reality of traditional print media is that nowadays, when we open our newspapers or magazines, it usually means we are about to cook "tuyo" or "tinapa”

Sarcastically “We would like to specifically mention the thousands of tuyo and tinapa vendors who have continued to subscribe to the paper to boost their retail business."

But many have failed to realize that newspapers and magazines are mostly dirty and a health hazard if used to pack food because of the ink used on them.

"Printing ink contains harmful pigments, chemical binders, and various harmful additives which pose risks to human health if ingested. This is precisely why companies cannot use newsprint as packaging material. However, street vendors are not bound by the same rules, which is why newspaper is so commonly used to parcel food."

"It also warned people that children, seniors, those with compromised organ function, and people with weakened immune systems were at the greatest risk of cancer-related health complications, if they are exposed to food packed in newspaper."

“It has been observed that vendors have been using newspapers in packing and serving food, which is harmful. I urge the public to dissuade the vendors from doing so.” It is important that we sit up and take notice of this advice and we urge people to create awareness and to request different packaging material when purchasing food from roadside vendors.

So if we are to heed the health warning, then newspapers are really soon to belong in a museum (or not .... as paper would also eventually decompose and turn into nothing but dust). 

Why are there still print media? 

Most of the surviving print media entities are just relying on funds provided by the owners and investors who have other businesses. Many are still using the "influence" posed by print media as there are still some who thinks there is still a considerable amount of readers.

We have to admit that old and even new copies of print media are being given away for free at many events or occasions. The reality is that advertisers are now more inclined to go online since the numbers are bigger there as compared to print which is harder to measure. In fact, those who work for newspaper or magazine companies could not even give you a realistic figure.

True enough, print is dead. They are now just there for show, and making efforts to deceive people that they are still significant source of information. 

Why keeps bringing down trees, or recycling paper, when majority of us are now connected online and getting our news directly from social media, with many possibilities of even immediate direct feedback and interaction.

There have even been many cases when traditional media are getting many of their news, and potential special features, from social media. 

Should trad media continue to deny they have gone digital as well because they are now almost like dinosaurs?

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

DOTr Works Double-Time to Deliver Cavite Gateway Terminal, First Barge Terminal in PH

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Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade, along with other DOTr officials, conducted earlier today, 26 May 2018, a site visit to inspect progress at the Cavite Gateway Terminal Phase 1 Project in Tanza, Cavite.

The Cavite Gateway Terminal Phase 1 will accommodate barges, which will ferry 20 and 30-footer container trucks now plying the routes of Metro Manila from Subic Port in the North and Batangas Port from the South.

Dubbed as the first barge terminal of its kind in the Philippines, the project will have 550 ground slots for containers.

An estimated two to three hours of ferry time, with initial multiple pick-up locations from Cavite-Manila, Cavite-Batangas, and other future routes such as Cavite-Subic, this facility will have empty depot.

This original concept of Secretary Tugade, under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte, was silently constructed, aimed at decongesting Metro Manila traffic by reducing the number of cargo trucks plying its roads by 50%.

"Malaking tulong ang proyektong ito para maibsan ang parating dinaraing na traffic ng mga motorista sa Metro Manila, lalo na ng mga working class. Kahit papaano ‘pag nawala iyong mga mahahabang truck na katumbas ng hanggang tatlong sasakyan, mararamdaman natin ang kaunting ginhawa,” Sec. Tugade said.

Also present in the inspection were DOTr Usec. for Finance Garry De Guzman, Usec. for Aviation and Airports Manuel Antonio Tamayo, Officer-in-charge Usec. for Administration Artemio Tuazon, Jr., Asec. for Maritime Fernando Juan Perez, and CAAP Director General Jim Sydiongco.

Now at over 90% completion, and with over 300 manpower working 24/7, the Cavite Gateway Terminal project is slated for launch before the end of June 2018.

What You Should Know Before Making a Written Essay

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Many of us get entangled when it comes to an essay but in reality it is very simple. It is defined as a literary composition in which we give our point of view or interpretation on a certain theme humorous, philosophical, and social, research and so on. 

Despite its simplicity at its core, some students continue to encounter some difficulties in pouring their ideas into structured writing. If you are one of them, we recommend you to read the whole of this post. 

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Are you still curious about how to start essay writing properly and correctly? Just keep reading on!

When starting to do an essay, we have to remember everything we know about a certain topic and start giving our point of view. It is good to read in a work attitude, that is, we must do a deep study reading to support what is going to be written.

Underlining is done by locating the main ideas of the authors; is what is commonly called summary, which will serve to substantiate the essay with texts or phrases at the bottom of the letter, in quotation marks.

The analysis: it consists in the classification of the information, in ordering it, understanding it and interpreting it.

The synthesis: it is the most important step, since it consists of knowing how to express the ideas of the authors with the words of one. Having the concept as well as the idea is the objective of this moment and knowing how to express it orally or in writing using your author’s style.

The comment: This is a personal opinion accommodated by a person's reflection on an object. According to its structure, the test must be presented in a certain order. Without a clear structure, you will find it difficult to assemble your ideas into a structured writing. The structure of the essay is the key that enables its readers to understand the ideas. 

 To be clear, let’s check out the followings:

Introduction: it is the one that expresses the theme and the objective of the essay; it explains the content and the subtopics or chapters it covers, as well as the criteria that are applied in the text, is 10% of the essay and covers more or less half a page.

Development of the topic: It contains the exposition and analysis of the same, the own ideas are raised and they are sustained with information of the necessary sources: books, magazines, internet, interviews and others. It constitutes 80% of the trial and covers more or less than 4 to 5 pages. In it goes the whole theme developed, using the internal structure: 60% synthesis, 20% summary and 20% comment.

Conclusions: In this section the author expresses his own ideas on the subject. It is allowed to give some suggestions of solution, to close the ideas that were worked on in the development of the topic and to propose lines of analysis for later writings.

Bibliography: It consists of the references of the consulted sources that were used to gather information and to sustain the written ideas or criticisms. These sources can be books, magazines, internet, interviews, television programs, videos, etc.

With regard to the points of discussion then you can minimize the mistakes you may make in making the essay. Remember that essay writing is about studying the essay itself.
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