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Ringstar Boxing: Filipino Boxer Michael Dasmarinas Wins IBO Bantamweight World Title

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Ringstar Boxing, Asia’s fastest growing sports media property, which has now reached an overwhelming broadcast footprint of over a potential billion viewers across the globe, just had its very successful ‘Roar of Singapore IV - The Night of Champions’, held last weekend at the 10,000-seater Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The fight was also aired live in different parts of the world, via Fight Sports and Fox Sports Asia.

Filipino boxer Michael “Gloves on Fire” Dasmarinas, won the IBO Bantamweight world title, after stunning Frenchman Karim Guerfi with a knock out, 40 seconds into the 4th round of what was supposed to be a 12-round bout.

The 25-year old Camarines Sur native, had a month-long training in Japan to prepare him for the world title fight.

According to boxing analyst Mike Ochosa, “They say that a big puncher will always have an advantage in a boxing match, and in every round, that’s what Mike approved. Karim did the right thing and engaged Mike from the beginning. The Frenchman showed that his hands were ready to be thrown. He was throwing a lot of punches and trying to outbox and smother Dasmarinas. But that also is a very big risk for Karim. And in the fourth round he found out just how dangerous his plan was. He kept on engaging the Filipino and put himself at risk. Mike on the other hand, at the start of round two, started to focus on body shots which forced the Frenchman to bring down his defense. And at the most opportune time in the fourth round Mike unleashed a straight left which dropped the Frenchman.”

Dasmarinas says, “Talagang thankful ako sa mga taong tumulong sa akin, lalo na ang Ringstar at si Scott Farrell, na nagtiwala sa kakayahan ko, kahit sinabing underdog ako. Pero mas gusto ko yun na underdog ako para di ako ma-pressure masyado. Yun pagkapanalo ko na knock out, di ko ine-expect na tatamaan siya na ganoon. In-expect ko mananalo ako ng knock-out pero di ko inakala na ganon kaaga.”

(I am thankful to everyone who has helped me, specially Ringstar and Scott Farrell, who trusted in my capabilities, even though I’ve been called an underdog. But I prefer being called an underdog, so I wouldn’t feel that pressured. With regard the knock out, I didn’t expect that I hit him that hard. I expected that I will win by knock out, but didn’t think that I will knock him out that early.”

Ringstar Founder and CEO Scott Farrell says, “Ringstar, now has its first world champion with Michael Dasmarinas. We will now build on this victory with more exciting fights and you will see him with more world title belts, being added to his collection very soon.”

Singaporean boxer Muhamad “The Chosen Wan” Ridhwan, on the other hand, stayed undefeated, now 10-0, and took home the IBO Intercontinental Featherweight Title that night. He faced Filipino boxer Jeson Umbal, in a 12-round bout, which the audience saw as a close fight. The scorecard went in favour of Ridhwan, which saw these numbers, 112-116, 114-115, and 111-117.

Boxing analyst Mike Ochosa says, “It was very clear that the Filipino was going to go for the knockout particularly at the beginning of the fight. Ridhwan had to take all the power punches thrown by the Filipino in the beginning. At the same time the Singaporean kept on boxing and moving, and jabbing Jeson. Jeson from the beginning of the fight to the end was only banking on one thing, his power. He was connecting with left treats and right hooks but unfortunately was not able to follow up any opportunity that he created for himself. On the other hand, Ridhwan continued his strategy of mixing it up with Jeson, with jab hooks. The fight was simply about a boxer with a plan he implemented well, versus a boxer who just wanted to engage in and the fight with one power shot.”

Ringstar Founder and CEO Scott Farrell says, “Ridhwan has proven to the world that he is legitimate and a true world title contender. He is everything, I have been telling you he is, and now the doubters are silenced…. A World title fight is next!”

Ringstar Boxing, Asia’s fastest growing sports media property has now reached an overwhelming broadcast footprint of over a potential billion viewers across the globe, and is currently gearing up for its April 20 show, ‘The Roar of Singapore IV – ‘ The Night of Champions’, to be held at the 10,000-seater Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

Sponsors and Partners of ‘The Night of Champions’ include Roomaif International, Marina Bay Sands, and Alexandre Christie.

Ringstar has a global live broadcast footprint of 1 billion viewers, plus broadcast partners that include FIGHT SPORTS Channel and Fox Sports Asia.  Please visit and for more information.

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Cover Photo Caption: Michael “Gloves on Fire” Dasmarinas is declared the new IBO Bantamweight world champion at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

UP ABM Proudly Presents a Block Screening of Avengers: Infinity War

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“The entire time I knew him, he only ever had one goal… To wipe out the universe.”
In anticipation of the most epic crossover in the history of the Marvel Universe, the University of the Philippines Association of Biology Majors (UP ABM) proudly presents a block screening of “Avengers: Infinity War” on April 27, 2018, 6:30 p.m., at the U.P. Town Center in Cinema 3.

The University of the Philippines Association of Biology Majors (UP ABM) is a socio-academic student organization of Biology students and enthusiasts who aim to pursue academic, social, and moral development. UP ABM was founded in June 1975 and has been recognized as one of the “Outstanding Student Organizations” of the College of Science in the past years. UP ABM is also one of the founding members of the Biology Majors Alliance of the Philippines (BMAP).

Members of UP ABM are determined to not just study life, but live it as well. The “Avengers: Infinity War” is the nineteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is set two years after the “Captain America: Civil War” and is said to be the sequel to “The Avengers” (2012) and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015). The movie was initially planned to be released on May 4, 2018 but just this March, Marvel Studios announced that it will be released, worldwide, an entire week earlier.

This block screening is open to all! Tickets are sold at Php 400 each, inclusive of food and drinks.

Attendees also get a chance to take home 2018 planners from Witty Will Save the World Co., discount vouchers from Amazing Trampoline Park, and more!

If you are interested, you may order from Theresa Tengco (09330284774) or Mark Lim (09282159547). For more information, you may visit UP ABM’s official facebook page at or contact either of the following numbers: 0917 456 4583 or 0995 877 2009. We hope to see you there!

The University of the Philippines Association of Biology Majors (UP ABM)
Together with Maione Philippines | Witty Will Save the World Co.| Great Taste| Nissin Yakisoba Proudly present
A Block Screening of the

Avengers: Infinity War

April 27, 2018 | 6:30 PM | Cinema 3, U.P. Town Center

In Partnership With
Amazing Trampoline Park | Nail It! | Nestle Fitnesse

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Orange Segment

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Simple Decorating Tricks for Your Bedroom

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Renting a room, instead of a whole apartment, is an approach many young people use today to save on accommodation expenses. Imagine looking through tons of hdb room rental adverts and managing to find the perfect room that first your price range.

However, the only downside is the interior is not to your taste and personal style. You spend most of your time in your bedroom, so by all means you should be living in a space that you actually like.

Here, we have compiled some simple decorating tricks that can give any bedroom a makeover.

1. Pile on the pillows

Pillows are an inexpensive way of adding interest to your room. Pile them on! The more the merrier. Piling on the pillows is an artform in and of itself. Mix and match patterns. Combine large prints with small ones. Play around with colors that may or may not match. Not only do the pillows serve a decorative purpose, they are for comfort as well!

2. DIY artwork

Tired of the blank walls in your rented bedroom? There are many ways for you to DIY artwork. If you have the skill, make a large painting on your own. It adds a personal touch to an otherwise bare space. If you’re not as artsy as you would like to be, look for a tapestry or graphic quilt. This is an easy and inexpensive solution to blank walls. And if you want to personalize the decor in your room, you may find a reliable brand of sewing machine to make that happen.

3. Put pattern to work

Play around with patterns, such as in a printed bedsheet or quilt cover. This helps add some visual interest to attract the eye and disrupt the monotony that can come from monochrome color schemes.

4. Incorporate prints on accessories

Patterns and prints are not only reserved for bedding. They are just as eye catching when you incorporate them in your décor as accent pieces. Think about a table lab with a damask lamp shade, or even an alarm clock shaped like a bright red tomato!

5. Work the walls

If space is your major dilemma, think about adding foldable and adjustable pieces affixed to the walls. Add some foldable night stands, or adjustable lamps. You could even add some wall shelves for the extra storage space. Of course, do take note that you have to fill in any patches after you move out.

6. Decorate with consistency

Do remember that while you have a free hand to decorate your room as you’d like, make sure you tie them all together to give consistency to your space. A look that is tied together brings serenity and peace, allowing your bedroom to be the epitome of comfort.

7. Comfort is key

Make your bedroom comfy. Of course, this is a no-brainer since you rest and relax in it. Consider adding a touch extra comfort, such as a down comforter. Make your bed indulgent but that also says “come here, come here to me”.

8. Choose a focal point

This is an age-old design concept. Choose a piece of furniture to act as the focal point in your room. Whether you want to center your bed with the walls, or angle it at a corner, make sure the eye is focused on the main piece of furniture, and let the rest add on to it.

9. Keep scale in mind

Do recall one of the key concepts of design: scale! Be sure every piece of furniture and décor in your bedroom is proportionate to each other. You wouldn’t pair a large king size bed with tiny bedside tables. Neither would you add a large dresser beside a small desk. Play around with the proportions and scale of your room to come up with the perfect fit.

10. Introduce pops of color

If you want color, and you’re not allowed to paint the walls, think about injecting it through your art and accessories. These accent pieces are a good way to give a good visual pop in your room.

11. Pay attention to the floor

Just because your bed is the center of comfort in your room, doesn’t meant that you should neglect the floors. Look out for a nice big rug for your bedroom floor. Add a burst of sunshine to your low-key room with a cheery yellow rug. You never know, with the addition of a few throw pillows, this could be your answer to more sitting space in your room.

12. Layer with color

If color is your thing, you can play around with color in your room. Layer different complementary colors over each other. Or even go for a one-color scheme but adding different layers of saturation.

13. Add warmth with neutrals

If color is not your thing, no worries. You can add some unexpected warmth to your room with some soft lighting and neutral color tones. They add a sense of comfort to your otherwise plain looking bedroom.

14. Reinvent your safe haven

Add a zest of reinvention to your room to make things as unexpected as possible. Tuck a plush armchair into a corner to create a small resting nook or reading spot. Add in some lush draperies to turn your room from bright in the morning to a warm cocoon at night.

15. Make rest a priority

Your bedroom is your retreat; your safe haven. It is a sanctuary for you to enjoy your peace and quiet as much as it is a place for resting and recuperating. While décor is an essential part of any space, make sure that the priority of your space and décor should be on your rest and your health.
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