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Moving Forward: Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Operations of MRT-3

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The 3rd aspect of DOTr’s Four-Point Strategy for MRT-3 is contracting a qualified and experienced maintenance and rehabilitation service provider with an indicative term of 3 years.

Scope of Work

The service provider is intended to do not just maintenance, they are also intended to rehabilitate and restore the system to its original performance condition. Due to underinvestment in preventive maintenance and renewal works in recent years, the condition of MRT-3 has degraded to a state where maintenance works alone are no longer sufficient. The indicative term of 3 years is needed for the service provider’s rehabilitation and restoration works.

Who Will Do the Work

Part of DOTr’s preparations for the termination of BURI and takeover of MRT-3 is pursuing options for the system’s replacement maintenance service provider. In the last few months, the DOTr has been discussing options with development partners (e.g., Japan, Singapore, France).

Pursuant to the Philippines-Japan infrastructure development cooperation framework, discussions with the Government of Japan (GOJ) has progressed and an agreement is already scheduled to be signed before year-end. After the Government-to-Government (G2G) agreement for an Official Development Assistance (ODA) is signed, the maintenance and rehabilitation service contractor will be contracted pursuant to GOJ and JICA rules.

The joint venture of Sumitomo Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is being closely considered due to their background and experience with the MRT-3 – they designed and built the system from 1998 to 2000, and maintained the system from 2000 to 2012.

Link with O&M Provider

The 4th aspect of DOTr’s Four-Point Strategy for MRT-3 is getting a long-term (30 yrs.), single-point-of-responsibility, O&M provider for MRT-3.

DOTr has already granted original proponent status to the proponent of an unsolicited proposal, which will soon be endorsed to NEDA for approval.

The maintenance and rehabilitation service provider will be contracted ahead of the O&M provider to allow for the NEDA approval and Swiss Challenge process. When the O&M provider assumes the operation of MRT-3, they will also take in the maintenance and rehabilitation service provider that will be contracted earlier by DOTr.


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Martir pa rin? Kailan ba ang feast day mo nang mapag-alayan ka namin ng itlog? Tigilan na ‘yang mga pa-fall at pa-asa! Sakit sa ulo n’yan, besh!

‘Pag masakit ang ulo, ‘wag matigas ang ulo. Mag-move on, mag Saridon.

Ang Saridon, hindi pa-fall, hindi pa-asa! May triple-action formula ng Paracetamol, Propyphenazone, at Caffeine, kaya mas mabilis[1] sa paracetamol[2] lang. ‘Sing bilis nung pinagpalit ka ng ex mo!

At para makapag-move on ka agad-agad, dalawang online films ang hatid ng Saridon para sa mga sawing tulad mo – mula sa award-winning director na si Chris Martinez, at sa natatanging pagganap ng premyadong aktres, host, at comedian na si Eugene “Besh Uge” Domingo.

Sa tulong ni “Besh Uge”, ang konsensya mong gigising sa’yo sa katotohanan, makikita mo ang masakit ng realidad ng paghihintay sa mga paasa at pa-fall… at sa sakit ng ulo. Bilang iyong “voice of reason”, handang ituwid ni “Besh Uge” ang iyong mga pagkakamali! At, hindi ka niya tatantanan! Dahil gusto niya, may ending na ang drama mo!

Kaya para magising ka na at ma-Uge ang umaasa mong puso, Besh-ahin mo ang message ni Besh Uge para sa’yo!

5 Reasons Why Outsourcing and ITIL Should Go Together

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Although outsourcing is a powerful growth hacking method, there are still some issues with its flow which can be compensated with the implementation of ITIL.

ITIL - A Growing Trend in the Outsourcing Market

The demand for IT is continuously growing – this insatiable market is spreading day after day. If your business is one of the many in this sea, you must be aware of the fact that the competition is very tough and, sometimes, just staying in the niche can be challenging.

Your success comes down to one thing really – the quality of your products or services, and if you capitalize here, there’s no reason why your clientele would ever have to stop being loyal to you and go to another brand. We’re all familiar with outsourcing and its power for growth hacking, but perhaps that power can be enhanced. To remain ahead of your competition, you need to be in continuous search for tools which will enable you exactly that, which is why it’s necessary to consider ITIL.

A Solid Structure

ITIL, which is short for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, provides its users with a very clever system which contains the finest practices and methodologies. It’s an operating standard for IT businesses which offers a system that can regulate all activities happening in a complex business that supplies the market with various services. When implemented, ITIL can regulate IT operations of companies working together and create a solid structure for their cooperation. Specifically for telecom, you can build a solid structure by….

A Strong Connection

A learning curve and an adaptation process are necessary when ITIL is implemented into a business, and although it may seem like it slows you down at first, you’ll be able to see its benefits quickly. Some of the benefits are… Project managers in different companies can communicate via its systems and thus be able to distribute clear tasks to different departments within their business. Telecom is the strength behind communications

Safety Net

Although a management team is responsible for regulating work within a company and they are responsible for its outcome, they too use project management tools to function. Because management software can only do so much, ITIL would become a safety net for two different businesses that are partnering up. It can help with… in the telecom world.

Communication Tool

The biggest problem with outsourcing is a lack of transparent communication, and many factors are contributing to this – different time zones and cultural differences are the most important ones. A system like this provides the means for clear communication between parties, which contributes to increasing the quality of their results and the efficiency when it comes to time and staying within the deadline. It helps by… Naturally, a lot depends on finding a reliable business when outsourcing, but transparent communication plays a very important role here.

Possibilities for Expansion

We already mentioned how a set of these practices and methodologies provides a solid structure for the functioning of two businesses that are distant, geographically speaking. However, another great benefit comes with the appliance of ITIL, and that’s room for expansion. When implemented, this set of systems establishes routines and frames the procedures necessary for completing tasks and thus, it takes off a load of work from the whole business, leaving room for employees in different departments to refocus and invest their time and creativity towards growth.

With these benefits, ITIL is obviously a tool which can make the workflow of a business a lot smoother if used properly. Although there are changes that need to be introduced to the way you do business, and your employees will need some getting used to, it’s definitely worth your while.
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