Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hontiveros: Supreme Court has Failed the Test of History

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The Supreme Court has miserably failed the test of history and broken our hearts. By allowing the remains of the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, the high tribunal has failed to protect the truth from the Marcoses' fictional universe.

The decision intends to effectively wipe the Marcos slate clean and negate the sacrifices of the thousands of brave souls who fought and suffered under the brutal Marcos dictatorship.

It also aims to contravene the core policy and historical basis of our 1987 constitution, which was drafted to reject martial law. This decision undermined existing laws such as the Human Rights Victims and Reparation Act of 2013 aimed to provide full and effective reparation to the victims of Martial Law and recognition of the abuses that took place.

However, I believe that the SC decision is not executory. The decision to give the late dictator a hero's burial is still in the hands of President Rodrigo Duterte.

I call on the President to respond to the challenge of history and reject with finality all plans to give Marcos a hero's burial. I ask him to rise above his indebtedness and loyalty to the Marcos family. If at all that he received money from the Marcoses for his Presidential bid, President Duterte has no right to return such favors with the history and the dignity of the Filipino people.

President Duterte is at a critical juncture in history. He could either stand up for truth and justice or submit himself as an instrument to the dictator family's desperate attempt to rewrite history and clear their name. I urge the President to choose well.

I also call on my colleagues in the Senate to sign Senate Resolution No. 86, which I filed, expressing the sense that Marcos should not be allowed to be given a hero's burial. At a time when truth and history are threatened, the Senate must make a brave stand.

Lastly, I call on the people -- especially our millennials -- to fight to make sure their own history is not rewritten for them. Let us not forget George Santayana's warning: "those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."No tombstone, no grandiose cemetery can change the fact that Marcos was not a hero. He was a plunderer, torturer and a thief with a family seeking to rewrite history to serve their interests. It is our duty to stand against this travesty and say--never again. Only then can we look back to the past with pride, and to the future with hope. Let us not fail the test of history.

Hillary Clinton wins “Pandesal Survey” at Kamuning Bakery Cafe

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Pandesal sandwich survey results: Hillary Clinton 37%, Pan de Nada (None of the above) 36%, Donald Trump 26%

Former New York senator and former U.S. First Lady Hillary Clinton has already won on November 7, 2016 as the first woman president in USA history with 37.138% or 475 votes out of the total 1,279 votes cast in the unique “Pandesal Survey” of the 77-year-old, artisanal, pugon-style Kamuning Bakery Cafe of Quezon City, Metro Manila, the Philippines. Pandesal Survey used different pandesal sandwiches for each of the U.S. presidential candidates.

Coming in second in the Pandesal Survey was “Pan de Nada” or none of the above at 36.4347% or 466 votes, while coming in No. 3 was realty tycoon & reality TV star Donald Trump at 26.426% or 338 votes.

The “pandesal” is the versatile and popular national bread of the Philippines, and Kamuning Bakery Cafe celebrates “World Pandesal Day” every October 16---also globally marked as “World Bread Day”---since 2015. The Philippines is America’s only former colony in Asia and has copied much of its presidential system of elections since the 1930s Commonwealth election won by President Manuel L. Quezon while still under U.S. colonial rule.

From August 2016 up to November 7, 2016 to measure the popularity of the 2 USA presidential candidates and to encourage discussions of USA politics, the unique “Presidential Pandesal Survey” was conducted by Quezon City’s pioneer artisanal Kamuning Bakery Cafe which is also venue of the newsmakers’ “Pandesal Forum” with media and intellectuals.

Included in its all-day breakfast menu, customers can vote for their favorite USA presidentiable by buying the pugon-bakedpandesal sandwich and drink assigned to each bet at No. 43 Judge Jimenez St. corner K-1st Street, Kamuning, Quezon City. The first edition of Kamuning Bakery Cafe’s Presidential “Pandesal Survey” was held from late 2015 to May 2016, which was won by former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte. 

St. Luke’s Medical Center in the Philippines Joins the Mayo Clinic Care Network

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St. Luke’s Medical Center in the Philippines is the newest member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a network of independent health care providers committed to working together to benefit patients and their families.

This formal agreement gives St. Luke’s access to the latest Mayo Clinic knowledge and promotes collaboration among physicians. As a result of these shared resources, more St. Luke’s patients can get answers to complex medical questions close to home and at no additional charge.

“Our membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network brings us closer to realizing our vision of becoming an internationally recognized academic medical center,” says Edgardo R. Cortez, M.D., president and CEO, St. Luke’s Medical Center.“The services that we offer our patients, especially those with complex conditions, will be further enhanced to produce good clinical outcomes. All of these come at no additional cost to our patients.” 
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