Monday, May 16, 2016

Casa Italia Cafe Food Tasting Event with Zomato Foodies

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I admire food establishments, such as restaurants or cafes, when they make efforts to include the public in guiding them towards the best decisions in finding the right taste, texture, color, combination, etc., of their newly concocted dishes.

Normally, most would just trust their own team and keep it within the kitchen and the chefs, plus the owners hands-on running the restaurant, and a few higher management, to decide on what new dishes to promote or introduce.

Zomato, the online food and restaurant portal containing a wide database of establishments for foodies, invited us to join their food tasting event at Casa Italia Cafe BGC branch.

Upon entering the restaurant, the first things that you would notice is their various selection of gelatos and the huge number 8 at one portion of their wall. It gives you an impression that it's most likely an ice cream (for those who do not know the difference between an ice cream and a gelato). If you did not take a look at their menu, you would miss the fact that they also offer other culinary delights.

Aside from their superb gelatos (that frozen delight that's a lot better than ice cream), Casa Italia Cafe also serve hot dishes. It is very evident from their giant menu displayed at the front of their restaurant which could be a clever idea since customers would already have an idea of the food and prices of the dishes. They won't also get intimidated when they enter the restaurant and browsed the menu containing the name of the dishes and their corresponding costs.

Slimmers World International Presents Miss Bikini Philippines 2016 Candidates to Media

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Miss Bikini Philippines 2016 has succeeded in getting my interest again when it presented to media the 30 candidates all vying for the highest title possible. My becoming a media partner of the event was an opportunity to once again see bikini-clad sexy and alluring ladies in action on the runway. There is so much to see, but so little power (for both the camera or smartphone) left to do a more complex and elaborate presentation.

Since I arrived early at the Diamond Hotel in Manila on May 15, 2016 for the media presentation, I was able to catch them practicing their walk on the runway. I really thought they nailed it on the last practice, but when the actual event took place, the mistake was almost a disaster. 

I also took the liberty of taking some photos and videos using my smartphone and immediately uploaded them on my social media accounts as BTS or Behind The Scene updates. 

If a company wants to reach a greater number of people, the best way is to find a blog or social media account that could definitely help them on your way. You might find yourself among the many who would understand that most people nowadays use their smartphones to research or find a specific destination or establishment.

Below are the photos of every candidate wearing their swimsuit attire. Fesh from the phtod aken using the:

Miss Bikini Philippines 2016 Special Awards at the Media Presentation

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Congratulations to Miss Bikini Philippines 2016 candidates #3 (Clarise Perez), #24 (Christine Opiaz), #25 (Ivy Tapic)  and #16 (Gregelhi Pahilga) for the special awards they received at the media presentation of the Slimmers World International beauty pageant celebrating the beauty of the Filipina at a higher level as it continues to set trends in the search of the lady who will represent Asia's leader in slimming, fitness, health and beauty.

Now on its 9th year, Slimmers World International takes a turn to high fashion with Miss Bikini Philippines 2016. The beauty pageant continues to take the country by storm as it brings out the best bikini figures in the nation. After months of screening, 30 candidates have been chosen to heat up the ramp as the competition takes on high fashion for this year’s theme.

On May 15, Ms. Bikini Philippines opened the competition with a press launch and the pre-pageant at the Diamond Hotel Manila. As expected, it was attended by many members of the media including some who participated as judges to rate every contestant so the organizers can determine who the people think really stands out.

There are two parts of the media presentation - a swimsuit presentation with creative posing and Q&A in the morning, and a long or evening gown competition in the afternoon. The hosts were both vibrant enough to keep the mood of the audience alive and at awe even after a hard fall by one of the candidates who quickly stood up and continued her catwalk.
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