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Palawan: Discovering Huma Island Resort & Spa

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Contemporary over-water villas is primarily what makes Huma Island Resort & Spa really attractive. It's something different from the usual beachfront villas situated in startling white sand beaches which the resort also has within the enclave that also has a lush rainforest landscape.

The best thing there is for peeps like me was the fact that there is a huge telco tower that allows us the convenience of Internet access to stay connected even while on the island. Though some would prefer not to be interrupted by these distractions of the busy business world. It's quite different for me who prefers to manage my other obligations even while having a great time away from Manila. Who says you cannot effectively manage both work and leisure together at the same time. But I guess being a freelancer does have its advantage over a traditional employee. I am the boss of myself so I get to chose when to be serious and busy, or when to take it calm and easy.

Palawan has been a dream destination and it sure feels great to stay at one of the most luxurious resorts. Getting pampered by its lavish accommodation, sumptuous buffet meals, enticing pools and beaches, and other spectacular water sports and activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping, kayaking, etc., aside from the wonderful amenities like the gym, spa, archery range, and wall climbing area, makes Huma Island Resort & Spa an idyllic premium hideaway ideal for honeymooners and couples who want the most memorable weekend of their lives.

But why stay only during the weekend? Spend more than just a couple of days. Make the most of it and stay for an entire week. Believe me, you'll never get bored bumming around the pool or beaches. This is a great place to relax and refresh so when we go back to Manila, or any other location around the world, we will feel rejuvenated and filled with renewed vigor.

Cebu: Lapu-Lapu Shrine of Mactan Island

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Don't you dare miss out on the popular tourist spots whenever you're in Cebu. It should always be a part of your itinerary especially when visiting for the first time. The excitement of finally seeing the famous landmarks that we usually see in photos and travel blog sites are totally splendid. We would see ourselves taking lots of photos from different angles repeatedly so we could properly capture the beauty of the sites. It's never everyday we get to hang around these locations so we might as well make the most of it.

This is why your friendly neighborhood Pambansang Blogger specifically requested for an extension of my stay after attending a particular event in Cebu. Instead of joining the early flight back home to Manila, I requested to take the last flight back home so I would have plenty of time for a day tour even if it means I need to rent a private car to tour me around the city to visit the most popular but conveniently along the way back to the airport before boarding the plane back to Manila.

Cebu has always been a favorite destination in the Philippines. "The name Cebu came from the word “SEBU” meaning animal fat. Long before the coming of the Spaniards, it was a fishing village ruled by Rajah Humabon. Being the first and oldest city in the country antedating Manila by 7 years, having University of San Carlos, as the oldest school, and being the cradle of Christianity in the Far East (i.e. Magellan’s cross planted in Cebu as a symbol of natives embracing the Christian faith), Cebu is replete with historical firsts."

I believe it was worth every peso. The Php 1,500 payment for a travel agency's private car with my own driver to take me to the nearest tourist spots around was reasonable enough for me. The driver was courteous and respectful and would always take the initiative to take my photos at every location except those that would require him to park the car from somewhere far. I had to ask other people around to take my photo instead.

Bohol: Introducing the Diving Resort Travel Post-Event Familiarization Tour

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Five days exploring the diving sites of Bohol seems like a long time already. But with a few unavoidable limitations for both body and equipment (plus the fact that there's a lot more equally popular places to see within Bohol), we can only go underwater at a particular length of time.

Both the local and foreign dive experts/photojournalists from different countries explained that the oxygen tank being used in our diving tour can last roughly an hour depending on the diver. They say men consume more air since they have bigger lungs than women. Also, professional divers who are already familiar in breathing properly underwater would be able to conserve their air to last them longer. Newbies usually breathe in air faster since they would sometimes panic.

The depth of the dive site and the movement of water current are also considerations since you will tend to consume more air if any of the situations are present. Basically, the more you move around underwater and the more effort you exert in swimming will determine how long your air last.

This is why you have to regularly check on your equipment to see if you still have enough air with you. The problem with underwater photography, we tend to be enthralled with the awesome beauty of the marine life that we would sometimes be tempted to go further down under or stay underwater longer.

Thus, dive buddies like divemasters are recommended to be there to keep you safe and reminded of the limitations. You will understand what I mean once you go down under and experience the beauty surrounding you. The marine life is so stunning that you'll be amazed of how diverse the creatures we can find under the depths of the sea.
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