Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mayweather Versus Pacquiao Live Streaming

Wazzup Pilipinas!
Do you want to watch the ultimate fight of the decade via free online live streaming. Watching the fight over national TV would be such a drag since you'll only get to see the fight unfold several rounds delayed. Everyone else would have been celebrating already the triumph, or defeat, of their boxing hero while you're still watching the 5th round.

This dilemma happens when you don't get access to live streaming channels over the Internet. You get to see who won after several hours because of the numerous advertisement being flashed on screen.  A long list of TVCs are bound to conquer majority of the airtime and will be squeezed in-between the fight rounds. The commercials will be longer than the fight itself. A terrible waste of time. We can't rejoice, or sob, in real time.

Thus we would appreciate so much every time we get an opportunity to watch via live streaming, especially when you got the link for free. Thanks to a friend or colleague, or someone over the social media networks who wants to share, or brag, his discovery.

I've been always Manny Pacquiao's fights thru different live streaming sites, and I never fail to feel proud of myself because I would always get it for free. No fees, nothing in exchange, thanks to some generous peeps online who are generous enough to share their finds. Thank you also to some site administrators for opening these opportunities for free.

Below is a working live streaming link of the big fight. If ever, it may need some media player upgrades or requirements. Anyway, there's bound to be undercard fights before the main event so we'll have plenty of time to set everything up before the big one.

Wazzup Pilipinas TV Pilot Episode Rescheduled

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Due to unforeseen requirements of MTRCB to review first the initial four (4) episodes of the show before airing on TV, we would have to reschedule the showing of the pilot episode to a later date until MTRCB comes back to us with the go signal.

Sorry for the delay as we were unaware of that particular process (Nah! We just wanted to give all the limelight to the fight of the century - Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. Lol!). Kidding aside, this requirement will force us to finish all four initial episodes so we could submit it to MTRCB for checking. When MTRCB gets back to us with the GO signal, that's the only time we can finalize a date for the pilot episode. We will update you when the final date will be as soon as we hear from MTRCB who is also requiring us to pay some fees for the process.

As for now, we proudly present to you our Wazzup Pilipinas TV teaser video.

Please see link to the teaser video of Wazzup Pilipinas. To all organizations where we serve as media partners kindly have this played during your event and also share the YouTube link on your respective Facebook pages and online sites acknowledging us as your media partner.

To all our sponsors, supporters, colleagues, followers, families and friends, you may also share the links below on your respective social media pages. Thanks!

FEU iTAM Night 2015: A Successful Tamaraw Concert

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Students, alumni , special guests were treated to a night of spectacle and band concert at the FERN realty ground beside FEU Tech  located in Sampaloc, Manila. The event marks the culmination of the 3-day activities called FEU Techno Fest which started on April 28 and now ended with a big concert dubbed as FEU iTAM Night.

Some of the spectators arrived at the venue at around 4:00pm and the concert started with the performance of popular OPM group Gracenote and FEU student performers .The event is not just for fun and excitement but also the camaraderie among the students and neighborhood community around FEU Tech. 
The event was hosted by Pinoy Big Brother 2008 housemate and co-host Mr. Robi Domingo and Radio Host personality Ms. Kristine Dera.
The list of performers included Moonstar 88, Giniling Festival, Maude, Chicosci, Itchyworm and FEU students.
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