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Epson Latest Environmental Ideas From Highlighted At Eco-Products 2012

Visitors to Eco-Products 2012, Japan's largest environmental exhibition, had the chance to observe Epson's latest environmental ideas at the company's booth. The exhibition was held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 13 to 15, 2012.

1. Epson booth

Epson's booth was designed around the simple idea of showing how using Epson products can reduce environmental burden and contribute to a sustainable society.

The booth aimed to illustrate the unique nature of Epson's products, and included banners printed using the Epson SurePress label printer and images projected using the latest Epson wall-mounted projectors.

2. Reducing environmental burden using Epson products

Epson's latest products were explained from various environmental points of view including being more compact and lighter, saving energy, having a long lifespan and offering "something new." Each product was explained in terms of its environmental performance, the value it offers to customers and its technological background.

For example, Epson’s Expression series inkjet printers, which are approximately 40% smaller than their predecessor models, were cited as examples of products that were more compact and lighter. In addition to learning how these products reduce the environmental burden in terms of using fewer materials and easier transportation, visitors could see how Epson made its printer components and internal mechanism smaller.

Epson's GPS running monitor, known in Japan as Wristable GPS and containing Epson's original GPS module, was introduced as an example of how the company's products save energy. The product can be used by runners and other athletes for as long as 14 hours on a single charge.

For "something new," booth visitors were given the opportunity to have their pictures taken against an image shown from one of Epson's latest interactive projectors. These photos were then printed out wirelessly from a smartphone to illustrate how easy it was to share pictures regardless of time or location.

3. Contributing to the recycling of resources

In the recycling corner, visitors learned about the ink cartridge recycling process while watching projected images of Epson employees conducting the actual work. Each stage of the process was explained from collection of the cartridges to their rebirth as recycled products. Through this explanation, Epson hoped that visitors would gain a deeper understanding of its efforts to efficiently use the Earth's precious resources.

4. Ink cartridge homecoming project

Away from the main Epson booth, exhibition visitors could also learn about the ink cartridge homecoming project that Epson is conducting in Japan with other printer manufacturers. Visitors were given the opportunity to participate in a workshop that expressed the importance of resources recycling and the ink cartridge collection and recycling process.

As with the previous exhibitions in 2010 and 2011, Epson conducted a survey of booth visitors to understand how they sought to conserve the environment and their expectations for future Epson products. The company plans to carefully analyze the responses and wherever possible use them when it plans future products.

The Next Stage in Printing Evolution: Amazing High Quality Prints With Unbelievably Low Running Cost

With the introduction of the new Epson L-series genuine ink tank system printers, customers can enjoy a huge advantage on low-cost, high quality printing without the unnecessary cost of converting printers into continuous ink supply systems (CISS).

Converting printers may void the manufacturer’s warranty – as in the case with Epson products.  By tampering with the printer mechanism and using third party consumables (inks), consumers end up with inferior quality prints, or worse, malfunctioning printers

The new Epson L-series provides very low printing costs, while ensuring that customers keep the manufacturer’s warranty, and provides high quality prints with its genuine Epson ink. The new Epson L-series, the world’s first and only genuine ink tank system printers, is a result of recognizing the customer’s need to create a new product line that gives customers everything they are looking for in an inkjet printer: fast printing, unbelievably low running cost, ease of use, high quality prints, and peace of mind brought by Epson’s warranty coverage.

“While there may have been a time when there was a clamor to convert printers due to their relative low cost of printing, that time is now past with the entry of Epson’s new L-Series genuine ink tank system printers” said Ed Bonoan, Senior GM for Sales of Epson Philippines.

Epson’s first-in-the-world product has changed the landscape of high-volume printing in the Philippines by ensuring the highest quality prints at the lowest possible running cost to the end-user.  The new L-Series printers offer an incredible value at PhP295 per bottle with a yield of 4,000 pages (black).

Moreover, the L-Series printers use Epson’s proprietary Micro Piezo™ print head technology, ensuring that customers get the best quality prints when they use genuine Epson ink. By using only Epson genuine ink customers are guaranteed to get better, long-lasting results while prolonging their printer’s life. 

“This is, without a doubt, the next stage of evolution in printing technology,” said Bonoan.  “Customers will get what they asked for with Epson’s L-Series – ultra low running cost, high speed, high quality prints, and warranty for their printers.”

Daniel Padilla : The King of Mall Shows

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Who doesn't love Daniel Padilla? I'm sure Valentines Day its the best topic to discuss on a Valentines Day because almost every female teenager out there adores the young lad, and would surely want him to be their Valentines date.

Best love team with Kathryn Bernardo, and the most "kilig" moments with the couple in Philippine history so far...or would many like to contest that statement?

The most notable success of Padilla's showbiz career are the stampeding crowd of people in his mall shows. This earned him the title of the "King of Mall Shows". His fans ranges as young as 4 and as old as 80 years old.

He is usually a trending topic on the social networking site, Twitter. He is also one of the endorsers of BUM (a clothing line in the Philippines), KFC Philippines, Myphone , Whisper and Grips among others. Boy Abunda, a Filipino talk show host and TV personality, has been quoted into saying that "In 5 years, Daniel Padilla is going to be one of the biggest stars of Philippine showbiz".

Padilla has a blockbuster movie in titled Must Be... Love (2013) with Kathryn Bernardo and Liza Soberano.

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