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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Are We Content Creators or Garbage Creators?

Our thinking nowadays could be a reflection of the crappy teleseryes and shows that the masses watch. Those reality shows and talent searches that add emotional backstories of each contestant to their performance as a factor to raise interest thus tainting the judges, and the viewers, decision in choosing a winner. Those hugot commercials wanting our teary-eyed reactions instead of gaining knowledge on how good are the brands' products.

For those of us who watched Netflix or YouTube and the likes, is there an elevated status of appreciation and longing for similar content to be available on local TV? Once we get a taste of the high-end, there seems to be no going back to local entertainment. Hooked forever online. Never again to free TV. I for instance only watch the news but still plenty more of the same information, in greater detail, are available online.

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I understand why a TV, or movie, production prefers to invest mostly on those that the majority of the public demands, because it is what sells to the majority. I guess we just have to figure out how to make it viable minus all the    sex and curses. But we are failing to contribute to raising productive members of society by feeding them with "pabebe" low-budget, pwede na iyan, entertainment. While the top-notch intellectually-challenging content are mostly appreciated by those outside the country, we Filipinos rarely patronize these type of content.

Ano ba mga nagiging viral or trending? yung mga scandalous, mga pranks, may violence, mga kalibugan at kita mga cleavages, yung may mga pabebe celebrities na pinakikilig ka, mga katatawanan sa kabobohan at kapalpakan ng mga tao, mga memes to downgrade the reputation of personalities, at paminsan-minsan ay mga excessive reactions sa mga ito.

Rarely do Filipinos appreciate content that is not controversial, exaggerated or sensationalized.

Whose Side Are You With? ABS-CBN or the Government?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Ang Pilipinas kong mahal, Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao, suffering not just because of the Covid-19 pandemic but several other divisive reasons. Nagkakawatak-watak dahil sa magkakaibang paniniwala. Bawat salita at galaw ay binibigyan ng kulay, ibang kahulugan, pinag-iisipan ng kabuktutan, kasakiman, at kung ano-anong dahilan.

Huwag na rin ninyo ipasara mga shabu laboratories, logging, dynamite fishing, endangered animals poaching, online scamming, cybersex dens, carnapping, pirated products manufacturers, and other syndicates,, kasi kawawa naman mga libo-libong mawawalan ng trabaho, at least kahit during this pandemic...

Seriously, where do we set the line to allow our conscience to ignore the discrepancies and irregularities in favor of the welfare of others?

Politically motivated maybe, but 70 congressmen couldn't be all wrong and evil to purposely bring down a TV network and let thousands of people suffer the consequence without weighing the pros and cons.

May utos ba galing sa itaas? Si Presidente Duterte ba who was very transparent in showing his disgust and determination in assuring the non-renewal of ABS-CBN's franchise, ang may pasimuno ng lahat?

Ganyan ba kalakas ang impluwensiya ni Digong sa mga kongresista? Ano ang kapalit? Would you believe that this 70 are too immoral to think for themselves. Ganoon ba kalaki ang takot nila sa dating mayor ng Davao, o sadyang  may pansariling interest lamang sila kaya kinalimutan na nila ang ikabubuti ng nakakarami?

Ang mga pagkakamali ba ng ABS-CBN ay sapat na dahilan para ipasara sila, o pwede naman idaan na lang sa mabuting usapan? if so, ano ang kapalit? Libreng air time o infomercial for the administration's minions o under the table na lagayan disguised as donations for government projects? Pwede bang mskipagsabwatan ang dalawang grupo para magkalimutan na lang, apology to the max kay Digong, pasensiya na lang, we will do better next time?

Singled out ba ang Kapamilya channel? Bakit yung ibang media outfits, except for Rappler, wala namang problema from the administration. Sadya bang ABS-CBN lang ang sumasalungat sa Malacanang, and the rest are tameme, sunod-sunuran, bahag ang buntot?

But we still see every mefia outfit posying whatever they want on their respective presence. They could still report the entirety of their opinions, columnists are free to lambast every political figure out there. So where is the attack.on press freedom? Is it all in the paranoid minds of ABS-CBN and Rappler? Do they really think they are too special that the government will do everything to cause harm to them.

Their employees could be collateral damages necessary to instill the necessary laws in this land, selective or double-standard it may be. But is it that precise reason why this TV network is calling out to the public to help them fight this circus government filled with clowns?

However, are the Lopezes without any fault themselves? How come they've been closed down before during the time of Marcos? Sila lang ba talaga ang matapang na lumalaban at critical against the erring governments?

We will never really know the real score since we cannot dig deep within the minds of the personalities involved. Though I do believe everything cannot be kept in the dark forever. The truth will somehow come out, and karma  will eventually balance out the inequalities. We cannot keep what we do not really deserve.

Who Truly Represents the Filipino People?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Everyone is claiming representation of the "Filipino people"

The management, employees, fans, and supporters of ABS-CBN do not represent the Filipino people

The members of Congress who voted for or against the franchise also do not represent the Filipino people

Sadly, our country should not be represented by the majority of the Filipino people because we are not fully equipped and capable to determine what is good for the Philippines

We have been failing with our choices. Every election result always want to make me puke because of the minimal success we get in putting into position the rightful leaders and lawmakers

There would always be a bigger failure, and we keep on repeating the same mistakes. Always becoming victims of the wrong choices

This country will forever be molested if we do not learn how to be critical with our choices. The decisions we make today will forever haunt us.
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