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Top 5 Payments Methods in The Philippines Online Casinos

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

You will definitely need an online banking method to deposit and cash out your winnings while gambling. This review will introduce you to the top 5 payment methods to use at any Philippine online casino.


The rate of online gambling has increased to a massive number, with more and more Filipinos making the best use of this digital upgrade. This is because of the conveniences of playing casino games they can never get from a land-based casino. And truly, these online services make gambling comfortable by allowing bettors to play different games and use various payment methods to pay and withdraw.

However, the rate of cyber scams is also on the rise, leaving many bettors with the fear of getting scammed at an online casino. Seeing real money banking as a means for cyber threats, it is now very important for online gamblers to stay careful. Luckily, you will still find a good number of legit online casino Philippines GCash and other payment options that are safe and reliable.

Thanks to the advancing world of technology, online casinos can now implement scam-proof banking measures. To help you remain more vigilant, this review will expose you to the top 5 payment methods you can always try at any Philippines casino. Let's go!

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a reliable banking option, many online casinos provide for their customers to make deposits effortlessly. From the casino's server, you can simply use this method by entering your card details, specifying the amount, and then confirming payments. In addition, credit card options have a compound anti-scam security that expels and protects its users from fraudulent online activities.

Regardless, you still need to be vigilant when using your credit card. First, check the site's URL. Make sure it starts with HTTPS and opens with a padlock icon on the address bar. Also, it would be best not to use public Wi-Fi to make these payments, as it can risk exposing your banking details to scammers. If you don't have one, you can apply for a credit card and get one almost instantly.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are another prolific banking method that allows every gambler to make safe deposits and withdrawals. It is similar to the credit card option, only with a few more directions. Even more interesting, the debit card allows you to spend only what you have in your account. So, if a scammer steals your details, they won't be able to do much if there is nothing in the account.

Apart from the safer solution with debit cards, it also provides online casino gamblers with the wonderful benefit of playing free games. Many gambling services have bonus schemes specific to debit card deposit options. This provides certain benefits for gamblers using this payment method to top up and cash out.


E-wallets are also known as digital wallets. It is another reliable online banking method for every Filipino bettor. There are a variety of these services available on the internet today. It will be easy to pick from this multitude and make the best of it.

After you sign up, top it up with an online banking method like a credit or debit card. Once the account is stuffed, you can then use it to top up your casino account according to your wish. Like debit cards, you only get to spend what is in the wallet. Here again, you are safe from cybercriminals stealing your information if the account is empty.

Third-Party Payment Options

There are now a lot of third-party banking services serving as an intermediary between an online casino and payments. Being the best of these services, PayPal has made online banking possible. Although other services, including Payoneer, G-cash, Skrill, and many more, all make banking easier.

The best of using a third party is its safer processes that direct you to only one entity. Moreover, it follows very easy steps to deposit and withdraw without stress. For instance, you get to cancel PayPal payments before it's too late. While trying to process a payment, you make a mistake. The likes of PayPal make it easy for you to cancel the order before it's too late.

Online Banking Services

Several utility services and online merchants also intermediate online banking for Filipinos to make payments. Making these payments is also very easy. You just need to enter the correct account number into the banking server (app or website). Then, specify the amount you would like to pay, and that's all.

As a security measure, these banks will tell you to enter a 4 or 6-digit one-time password (OTP). The bank will send this password to the mobile phone number you used to register with them. If you mistakenly input the wrong password, the platform will cancel the full payment.


If you want to gamble online, you will definitely need to make real money transactions. And sadly, the internet space is not as safe as it looks: cybercriminals are on the watch to scam anyone surfing the net with leniency.

You will need to use the best online banking casino methods that allow Filipinos to make safe deposits and withdrawals. Thankfully, we have exposed you to 5 of the best methods to make payments in any online Philippine casino. Good luck!

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